Saturday, November 06, 2010


News Links, November 7, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Gold, oil ignore dollar's rise
Ireland Leads Surge in Sovereign Risk to Record on Budget Woes
Let them eat cheese: Irish government hands out block of cheddar to every family
China turns down Geithner proposal
French protests fail to stop pension reform
Enter the era of dollar devaluation
Oil price rise not threat to global recovery - IMF
China, India, Brazil become 'major players' at IMF
Japan's pension program (a humorous but realistic look at Japan's foundering pension system)

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Saudis warned U.S. 3 weeks before cargo bomb attempt
Yemen Orders US-Born Cleric Found 'Dead Or Alive'
Gunmen block roads after Mexican drug lord killed
Germany minister now warns of terror attack threat
The Real Reason For Obama's Trip To India: The Sixth Biggest Arms Deal In U.S. History
Thousands of Japanese stage anti-China protest in Tokyo
Chinese, Russian finance chiefs snub APEC meeting in Kyoto
Australia has agreed to a major escalation of military co-operation with the US, will share bases
Commanders: Taliban 'Rallying' Despite Petraeus' Claims

-- Energy/resources --
U.S., Australia to Discuss Supplies of Rare Earth Minerals, Clinton Says
Can the U.S. Rare-Earth Industry Rebound?
"Getting from rocks to the pure metals and alloys required for manufacturing requires several steps that U.S. companies no longer have the infrastructure or the intellectual property to perform."
Two blackouts at Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport
"[The] main cause of the outage was likely Taipower's unstable power supply."
BHP Rebuff Is Latest in Protectionist Wave
Soaring Natural Gas Use, Astronomical Energy Growth
Black Market Power and Phantom Blackouts: Smart Grid's Real Security Problems

-- Got food? --
U.S. food unregulated, illness unreported
Six casualties of the world food crisis

-- Environment/health --
Coral, Marine-Life Devastation Near BP Oil Spill Indicates Much Worse Long-Term Damage Than Feds Had Admitted
Dead, dying coral found near BP spill called 'smoking gun'
Alabama's Gulf Spill Post-Mortem: Up To $3.3 Billion And 49,000 Jobs Were Destroyed
Rivers run dry as drought hits Amazon
"Droughts are growing more severe. Has the world's largest rain forest reached its tipping point?"
The Doomsday Machine and the Race to Save the World: Geoengineering Emerges as Plan B at the 11th Hour

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Thousands of servers affected by iWeb data center outage
Sweden joins Norway in alleging US embassies spied on citizens

-- UK --
Benefit reforms could 'push thousands into poverty'
People throw out less in age of austerity
Channel Tunnel rail link sale begins UK's big sell off

-- US --
Pace of U.S. bank failures not seen in 2 decades
Bank of America Edges Closer to Tipping Point
New Ways Bankers Are Spying on You
UN Review of United States Reveals Severe Shortage in Affordable Housing
Preparing Kids for the Unknown (NYT on preparing our children for collapse)
Here's What No One Told You About The Supposedly Great Jobs Report
Private Security Continues to Invade American Towns
U.S. regulators close 4 more banks, total for year is 143

And finally... World's tallest Jesus looms over Poland

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