Monday, November 08, 2010


News Links, November 9, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
World Bank chief calls for new gold standard
Canadian mortgage debt tops $1-trillion for first time
G20 pursues protectionism, poor states hurt: study
G20 Finds Common Ground Opposing US
G20 Could Be "Final Nail in Coffin" for Obama's Economic Agenda
APEC Ponders Free Trade Area as Frictions Loom
Irish Debt Woes Revive Concern About Europe
Euro Suffers After Renewed Focus On Euro-Zone Debt
Why Zimbabweans aren't the world's richest and most prosperous citizens
Not just inflation fears boosting gold
China Says Fed Easing May Flood World With `Hot Money'
BOJ's ¥2.12 trillion intervention in September reset single-day record
Peter Schiff Explains What Currency War Will Mean For Gold
Jeff Rubin: Oil and the End of Globalization - ASPO-USA

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
20 killed over weekend in Mexican border city
Yemen needs aid to fight al Qaeda: foreign minister
Iraqi PM's New Alliance With Cleric Prompts Concerns
Georgia foils bid to smuggle weapons-grade uranium
U.S. intel failed to connect American to Mumbai attacks
Wanted Yemeni preacher calls for jihad against U.S.
Obama, Singh pledge strong ties
Japan PM to tell Medvedev that Russian-held islands belong to Japan
Turkey Orders Extra Attack Helicopters
Rand Paul: Military cuts should be on the table

-- Energy/resources --
Honda Looks to Grass to Resolve Its Power Needs (Good luck!)
Siemens Forecasts 40 Billion Euros of Renewable Energy Sales in 2014
UAE has world's 4th largest oilfield (offshore)

-- Got food? --
Corn prepares for its battle for land
'Staff of life' wavers under weight of humanity
Climate change hurting China's grain crop: report
A loaf of wheat bread may soon cost $23 due to skyrocketing food price inflation
New Zealand Confirms Bacterial Disease That Threatens Kiwifruit Industry

-- Environment/health --
BP blamed for toxification (another shocking Al Jazeera exposé)
"Fishermen, cleanup workers and residents of Gulf Coast believe they are being sickened by toxic chemicals from BP spill."
Where's the Gulf oil? In the food web, study says
Coral reefs under siege from acidic oceans

-- UK --
Housing benefit cuts will 'push poor out of south', experts warn
Online guidance on squatters launched for homeowners
New aircraft carriers will make us 'laughing stock'
Roads and ferries hit by early snowfall

-- US --
Filling in the Void Left Behind By Sprawl and Abandonment
GOP to Use Debt Cap to Push Spending Cuts
Stocks Have Collapsed In 2010 -- When Priced In Wheat
TSA official slipped white powder into fliers' bags, told them they'd been caught with coke and were under arrest
One of America's economies is recovering. The other isn't. Which are you in?
Barack Obama warns of unemployment being 'new normal' in US
Ron Paul Comments On QE2, Says Fed Will Self Destruct, Shocked That Krugman Has "Any Credibility Whatsoever"
In A Tough Economy, Old Stigmas Fall Away
Easier Lending Standards Don't Lure Small Firms
QE2 Will Not Fix the Housing Crisis
California Borrows $40 Million Per Day To Pay For Unemployment Insurance
Is An ATM Cash Shortage Coming?
Americans' debt slashing nears $1 trillion
Bankruptcy filings jump 14% in 2010

And finally... Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds

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