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News Links, December 11, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Ireland Planning a 90% Tax on Banker Bonuses
Bankers' bonuses to face strict limits in Europe
IMF Will Postpone Irish Loan Release Pending Irish Parliament December 15 Bailout Decision
China's GDP tops Japan in Q3
China tightens policy as trade soars
China raises bank reserves 3rd time in a month
If China blows up, so will every other market
China Overbuilding to 'Hit a Wall': Chanos
Chinese students missing their loan payments
No Safe Assets In 'Soft & Fluffy' Europe: Janjuah
More Warnings About Physical Gold
*This is a must-read for everyone investing in gold and silver.
All that glitters is silver
"There is demand for 871 million ounces versus supply of only 684 million ounces."
Eight years after repudiating Embry, Royal Bank loves gold
*Eventually, everyone gets religion.
Spain acts tough on debt, but investors say 'situation could still get ugly'
EU wastes millions of euros on lavish anti-poverty meeting
India Executive Sees Hurdles to Infrastructure
More adults live with parents as they marry later, lose jobs (Japan)
Real estate speculator alert! Singapore is hot.

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
German troops sent to France in symbolic defence of the euro
Japan to deploy missile interceptors nationwide on N Korea threat
China criticizes 2 Japanese assemblymen for landing on disputed island

-- Energy/resources --
IEA Says OPEC Oil Capacity to Dip in 2011, Rise After
Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Al-Naimi Says No Need for OPEC Output Increase
IEA, OPEC differ on need for more oil supply
As Prices Rise, Questions on Opening OPEC Spigots
Fast growth threatens China's water supply
China's crude imports jumped 22.1% last month from a year earlier to 5.09 mpd, the fourth highest on record
Iran raises Jan Light crude prices to Asia
Sinopec Group to Buy Occidental Argentina Unit for $2.45 Billion
Niobium: The Critical Strategic Metal That's Only Mined Two Places On Earth
Why oil shortages may make nuclear a less viable option

-- Got food? --
One million Petition EU To Halt GM Crop Approvals
Why you should eat insects instead of meat [VIDEO]
Official: China May Not Sustain Grain Self-Sufficiency
China's Corn Imports to Be World's Largest by 2015
Is Agriculture Depleting Our Water Supply on Purpose?
*Contains some interesting factoids on water consumption by modern agriculture.
Wild seeds seen as world crop 'insurance'
Middle East wheat faces drought threat

-- Environment/health --
Beijing Eyes New Car Fees To Ease Congestion: Paper
*And they want to sell more cars?
New report shows dirty coal doing even more damage than you thought

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Wikileaks: Brazil President Lula backs Julian Assange
*Which tells us more about Latin American attitudes toward the US than about WikiLeaks.
'Anonymous': How dangerous is hacker network defending WikiLeaks?
*Here again, this is a bigger story than WikiLeaks itself. Today "Anonymous" avenges WikiLeaks. And tomorrow?
UN Human Rights Commissioner: 'This is truly' a 'cyber war'
11 Reasons Why The Threat From Al-Qaeda is Not Real

-- UK --
Petrol price soars to record high
Npower to raise gas and electricity prices by 5%
School building cash gap expected for councils

-- US --
El Paso Pipeline Ruptures West Of Houston
In Colorado, 12.6% in poverty in 2009; 18.8% in Denver
Government Posts $150 Billion November Budget Gap
U.S. Cities May Consider Defaulting as Revenue Falls, CBO Says
Number Of Adult Americans Living With Their Parents Has Exploded (CHART)
Social Security Payback Option Eliminated
Good Graph Friday: The food wealth gap
Obama's tax deal is an abomination (Robert Reich)
Washington Orders Another Free Lunch (Peter Schiff)
Want to sell your gold, silver jewelry? Research first.
Bank of America Begins Refiling Foreclosures
Laundering real estate
"There are many pressing issues that remain with the housing market but one that stuck out to me was how modified loans are being laundered into the system as 're-performing loans' even if borrowers haven't made a payment on the loan or deeply examining their debt-to-loan ratios."
U.S. Military Spending Is Out Of Control: 12 Facts That Show That We Cannot Afford To Be The Police Of The World
Halliburton may pay $500 million to keep Cheney out of prison: report
Why We're Headed For A Collapse
Record Social Inequality And Its Violent Aftermath, Explained By A Three Minute Cartoon
Cities, States Rush to Sell Bonds Before `Build America' Ends
A&P Said to Consider Filing for Bankruptcy Protection
The American civil war re-enactment society

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