Wednesday, December 15, 2010


News Links, December 16, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Moody's Cuts Rating Outlook for Spain, Downgrade Possible
Germany Stiffens Opposition to Aid Boost in Face-Off With ECB
Germany in a Lose-Lose Situation: El-Erian
Europe in Crisis: "There's a Lot of Potential Dominoes Over There," Mauldin Says
Toshiba Power Outage May Drive Up NAND Chip Prices 10%, Dramexchange Says
Look at the damage caused by a power outage. This should be a wake-up call. -- RF
Airline Profits to Drop 40% on Taxes, Oil, Group Says
China Again Big Buyer of Treasurys
China May Lift Rates 6 Times Next Year on Inflation, Mizuho's Suzuki Says
Analysts gloomy on Asian shipping stocks, BDI at multi-month low

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Greek anti-austerity strike to paralyze transport
Clashes erupt amid Greek protest
Former Greek minister attacked by mob as riots break out in Greece
Analysis: Europe faces rising austerity protests in 2011
Libya's Gaddafi proposes 1 million-strong African army
Bomb attack in Iran city of Chabahar 'kills dozens'
With murders of 475 Mexican cops this year, rule of law dies, too
U.S. Border Agent Killed In Gunbattle With Bandits
Ginormous Drone Will Have First Flight 'Next Spring'
Afghanistan conflict: Reports paint bleak picture
South Korea Steps Up Civil-Defense Drill
U.S. Senate Proposes $10B Defense Budget Cut
Land battles most dire rural issue (China)
People's satisfaction with prices hits 11-year low (China)

-- Energy/resources --
German Opposition Backs New Cuts For Solar Power Aid
US at Risk of Rare Earths Supply Disruptions
G.E. to hitch ride on Saudi Arabia's $90 billion oil expansion
Jevons paradox: If efficiency hasn't cut energy use, then what?
China could face peak coal
Peak energy, climate change, and the collapse of global civilization: the current peak oil crisis (free ebook)

-- Got food? --
Early cold snap leaves Florida farmers worried about crops

-- Environment/health --
Over 400 vehicles stranded by snow in north China
Last-ditch method at fighting intestinal superbug
Heavy Burden of Foodborne Illness

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Controversial PatriotApp lets citizens alert feds
FBI accused of decade-old cryptography code conspiracy
Bomb Blasts Pave Way for Surveillance as Swedes React to Terror
"It may mean restrictions for us all regarding where we can move around, how many people can attend meetings or gatherings and more police presence at meetings."
Stuxnet 'virus' could be altered to attack US facilities, report warns

-- UK --
Brace yourself! The second Big Chill set to last a month
UK braced for more heavy snow in next 48 hours
Unemployment rises unexpectedly
Tougher penalties demanded on 'weapon dogs'
Police may ban future marches to prevent disorder

-- US --
Federal Reserve Is a 'Cartel': Ron Paul
Never surrender: Fed fights failure with more of the same
"The definition of insanity is..." But you know the rest. -- RF
Kids write Santa this year for basic needs instead of toys
This is heartbreaking. -- RF
Munis Crushed... Again
Bloodbath in Muni Bond Funds; Reasons for the Muni Selloff; Will it Continue?
Yields In Build America Bond Complex Go Vertical
Retail Investors Celebrate 32 Consecutive Weeks Of Equity Outflows By Pulling Money Out Of Taxable Bond Funds As Well
Will Oil Inflation Destroy America?
2,500 Homeowners Put In Foreclosure While Awaiting Mortgage Modifications: Attorneys
Negative Home Equity Is Worse Than You Think
BofA To Extend Discussions With Pimco, New York Fed, Seeking Settlement Over $47 Billion In Putback Claims
With The End Of Today's $6.8 Billion POMO, Total Fed Treasury Holdings Now Pass Hits $972 Billion
Wall St bonuses may top last year as profits soar
Nigeria to drop Dick Cheney charges after plea bargain
Insiders betting that rally will soon reverse course

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