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News Links, December 17, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Eurozone crisis meeting in Brussels
ECB boosts capital; EU leaders set crisis fund
Germany defiant as Europe suffers
IMF agrees 22.5bn euro loan for the Irish Republic
Europe's Leaders Face a New Crisis in Spain
S&P Raises China's Long-Term Sovereign Rating
Peter Schiff: Rising Rates Do Not Signal US Recovery
EU Faces `Gridlock' on Debt Crisis, Sees Deal on Post-2013 Tool
Special Report: Is America the sick man of the globe?
US will lose AAA credit rating, says M&G's Jim Leaviss
Yuan trades against the ruble
How JP Morgan, Bear Stearns hammered silver prices
Chris Martenson talks with Zero Hedge's Tyler Durden
India Central Bank Acts on Cash Crunch
Moody's Puts Greek Ba1, 24 German Banks' Debt Rating On Downgrade Review
Portugal May Get Frozen Out by Bond-Sale `Avalanche' in 2011: Euro Credit

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
South Korea to hold live fire drill on disputed island
Police tear-gas Athens protesters
US: Afghan war 'on track'
Yearly Price Tab for Afghan Forces: $6 Billion, Indefinitely
Mexico's drug war: Number of dead passes 30,000
India, China shake hands on trade, but border disputes prove intractable

-- Energy/resources --
Oil Trades Near One-Week High After U.S. Stockpiles Drop Most Since 2002
Cold Snap May Affect Tokyo, Parts of Japan, Boosting Demand for Power, Gas
The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline Looks Set to go Ahead
US port to send coal to China hits snag
Indonesian Parliament Approves Subsidized-Fuel Rationing Lawmaker
Chinese coal transport capacity to reach 2 billion tonnes by 2015
BP, Shell Sell Assets at Record $49 Billion Pace as China Inflates Prices
Canadian Gas Megaproject Gets Nod But Future Cloudy

-- Got food? --
Corn Imports by China May Rise to Record Next Year, U.S. Trade Group Says
Whole-Milk Powder Surges to Three-Month High as N.Z. Drought Curbs Output
What happens to NZ when the market for milk powder collapses? -- RF
Fertilizer prices putting manure in the limelight
Here's something I've been warning about for a long time. Farmers will be turning back to manure, but that's not all. "Crop residue," which biofuel buffs now target for feedstock, will also need to be left on the land. -- RF

-- Environment/health --
Severe cold sweeps across much of Japan
Movie theater in Japan closes for two months to economize on heating expense (link in Japanese)

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
US Army sees smartphones as important for soldiers
Israeli Jet Downs Flying Object Near Nuclear Plant
DC subway to begin random searches
Paper Declares TSA Scanners Don't Work

-- UK --
Millions facing fuel rationing over Christmas as heating oil runs low
Coalition wields axe over Christmas as 100,000 jobs to go by spring
Cuts mean 600 police officers forced to retire
UK fears worst winter weather since 1963
Plans to close three Scottish coastguard stations
Poor flood defences 'threaten England's food supplies'
U.K. Consumer Confidence Falls to 20-Month Low, Nationwide Says

-- US --
Oregon's Death Spiral
The Fed's Final Days: The Temple of Paper Money Is Under Siege.
"Ron Paul's appointment to oversee the Federal Reserve is tantamount to King George III appointing George Washington to oversee England's colonial affairs in 1775."
Treasurys having one of worst months since 1990
Fed Sitting on $3.6 Billion Monetary Easing Loss
L.A. dry run shows urban nuke attack 'a survivable event'
Sheer madness. -- RF
Money creation betrays Fed insanity (Bill Bonner)
Social Security: The Coming Cave-in
Income Inequality on Course to Hit Record Levels Thanks to Tax Compromise
Rationing of late-stage cancer drugs to start
As Mortgage Rates Go Parabolic, Home Prices Will Soon Be Latest Shoe To Re-drop
Avalanche of "Bids Wanted" for Munis, but "Nobody's bidding"
What did I tell you? Munis are turning into wastepaper. -- RF
`More Decrepit' U.S. Buildings, Equipment Likely: Chart of the Day
'Huge' stock decline — but not yet

And finally... Chernobyl to become tourist attraction

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