Friday, December 17, 2010


News Links, December 18, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Baltic Dry Dips Below 2,000
Ireland's credit rating slashed five notches
Spain mortgages heading for wave of defaults?
Eurozone plans economic integration move
The Surge In Bond Yields Is The Bell That Should Be Warning Investors (Peter Schiff)
"Just like a junkie who requires ever-increasing doses of heroine to achieve the same high, the Fed has needed to take rates ever lower to boost the economy after its previous stimulants had faded."
Big Government, Big Business Both Evil: 'Black Swan' Taleb
John Williams Discusses The Reasons For The Upcoming Dollar Dump
New D-mark could be twice as strong
Gold to reach $1800 - probably in Q1 2011 (Mineweb)
Support Rises for "European Nanny State"
Japan new auto sales expected to fall in 2011 to lowest level in 34 years

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Japan defence review warns of China's military might
Conditions ripe for labour unrest in Canada's manufacturing sector
U.S. wants Pakistan tribal invasion, but will wait
Is China (Finally) Building an Aircraft Carrier?
Russia urges S Korea to scrap drill
France Will Give Lebanon 100 Anti-Tank Missiles
Fears growing over land grabs

-- Energy/resources --
With Peak Oil Looming, Gulf States Consider Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Russia in Africa: hunting for uranium
Europe's ITER Budget Deal Falls Through, Threatening Fusion Project
EIA: Coal will be the 'dominant fuel' for generating electricity through 2035

-- Got food? --
FarmHack celebrates 'resourceful farming with found materials'
Food prices rise sharply - and there's more to come
Florida Cane Crop Is `Severely Damaged' by Freeze, U.S. Sugar Corp. Says
US food safety bill could die

-- Environment/health --
Doctors warn of flu crisis (UK)

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
U.N. Delegates Debate Control Of Internet
Arizona holds CBRN simulation

-- UK --
UK banks 'at risk from financial woes in the eurozone'
UK home rental costs at new high, letting agents say
Heavy snow and ice cause disruption across the UK
Hate crimes in Wales double in five years
Spending cuts 'will see rise in absolute child poverty'
Firm extends life of two nuclear power stations
Tax protesters to target Vodafone and Top Shop in biggest day of action to date

-- US --
Federal Government Cuts Off Recession Relief Money To States
The Debt Countdown Begins
US To End 2010 With $13.9 Trillion In Debt, Total Debt Incurred Since Great Financial Crash: $4.4 Trillion
M&A Tops $2.2 Trillion in First Yearly Rise Since 2007
Wealth gap becomes chasm at Christmas
Chart Of The Week - Collapsing US Import Demand
Goldman Sachs Is Adding 200 Advisers To Its Private Wealth Unit Because Lloyd Loves It
Should Wall Street get bonuses? No, say most Americans.
Los Angeles public schools open doors to 'corporate brand identity'
No Economic Recovery In California
Arizona Sues Bank Of America, Alleges Loan Modification Fraud
New York's Income Inequality Worse Than In Chile: Study
Fancy Florida ATM skips the folding cash, spits out gold
99ers and the continual decline
Dr. Doom bullish on housing? Roubini buys $5.5 million Manhattan condo
CHART OF THE DAY: The Current US Debt Situation Makes The Great Depression Look Like A Joke
What Could Force More Housing Short Sales
RealtyTrac: Foreclosures Drop in November But Will Come Roaring Back in 2011
U.S. faces tough future without Build America Bonds
Bad news for infrastructure, and in that vein recall this hugely important article from the other day:
U.S. Mayors Cutting Road Repairs, Police Departments, Parks, Libraries to Cope With Economic Downturn, According to New Harris/Reader's Digest Poll
US Airways Draws 14,000 Applicants for 420 Flight-Attendant Jobs
Tipping Point: 25 Signs That The Coming Financial Collapse Is Now Closer Than Ever

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