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News Links, December 19, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
IMF Approves $3.3 Billion for Greece Amid `Impressive' Fiscal Adjustment
Newly Built Ghost Towns Haunt Banks in Spain
Like the ghost cities of China, they are a paean to unbridled expansion fueled by cheap energy and underpinned by a religious belief in everlasting economic growth. -- RF
Big changes needed for survival (New Zealand)
"To continue with growth as we have been doing is not only foolhardy but unsustainable."
Pemex Sees Debt Soaring to Record $56 Billion in 2011
Toyota facing 10%-plus drop in Japanese sales
'Stunning loss' of Canadian market share in U.S.: report
South Africa Faces Price Risk on Rising Food, Power Costs: Inflation Bonds
Euro-Zone Sovereign CDS Rise After Irish Downgrade
Peter Schiff: Real US Collapse May Happen in 2011

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Chinese Boat Capsizes in Scuffle With South Korea
This is a replay of the recent marine altercation between a Chinese fishing boat and Japanese coast guard vessel, only on a larger and deadly scale. China must feed a huge and increasingly demanding population and will likely grow more assertive throughout East Asian waters. -- RF
RAF commander: our air force will be little better than Belgium's
No. of Japanese who feel friendly toward China drop to record low 20% But...
More Japanese companies adding top-level Chinese graduates to their ranks
When all is said and done, Japanese businesses see which side their bread will be buttered on. -- RF

-- Energy/resources --
Russia, China mull joint energy projects worldwide
The oil 'juniors' set to strike gold
Iran trims petrol ration, first step in subsidy cut
Oil prices rise to nearly 92 dollars

-- Got food? --
India's food price inflation rises further to 9.46 per cent

-- Environment/health --
Heavy snow hits air travel, roads across Europe

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Amazon Outage Is Bad Omen For Cloud Computing
Your Apps Are Watching You
Another way in which personal information is being gleaned to populate databases. Your life is an open book. -- RF

-- UK --
Heating Oil Shortage in U.K.: Brits Deny Possible Rationing
Heating oil customers urged not to stockpile supplies
Desperate days for those facing a debt-fuelled Christmas
Retirement must wait as older workers struggle to pay bills
Britain's inflation problem is only going to get worse

-- US --
Food stamp data as of December 2, 2010
Central Ohio Cities Already Facing Salt Shortages
Fuel Consumption Surged 6.5% to 20 Million Barrels a Day in U.S., API Says
Ethanol Subsidy Support Running On Empty
The First Stage of Inflation Has Already Hit, Next Up Is the Currency Collapse
No More Money for `Main Street of Texas' When Build America Program Ends
Treasury Yield Curve Is Steepest Since February on Tax-Reduction Extension
Critical U.S. drug shortage worsening
The ongoing pharmaceutical shortage throughout in the US and Canada (see also: Drug shortage becoming serious in Canada) is another sign of systemic breakdown and impending collapse. -- RF
Payrolls Drop in 28 U.S. States, Joblessness Rises in 21 in Labor Setback
U.S. Bank Collapses Reach 157 This Year as Six More Lenders Are Shuttered
Trash collectors to serve as eyes and ears in the street for police
Mutual fund investors exiting bond funds
Property Taxes Keep Rising as Home Values Keep Falling
Nevada, Arizona sue Bank of America over failed mortgage aid

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