Sunday, December 19, 2010


News Links, December 20, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy promise to freeze EU spending as the Eurocrats expand their realm
Czech Doctors Prepare To Abandon The Republic
Bangladesh investors riot over stock market fall
Self-righteous Germany must accept a euro-debt union or leave EMU
Canadian Borrowing Gone Mad
Battle to contain prices being fought in China's homes

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
China's Wen Jiabao bolsters ties to Pakistan
"The trade deals are expected to bring up to $15 billion of desperately needed foreign investment."
China warns of escalating arms race in Asia
A Wave Of Illegal Immigrants Floods Greece
Somalia rebel groups 'plan merger'
Iran forces on alert as economic 'surgery' begins
Japan To Seek More Subs, Fighters
Witnesses report rioting in Tunisian town
Opec breaching production limits the most in six years
Pakistan requests gas supply from Iran
Gang attacks migrant workers in Shanghai

-- Energy/resources --
Why are Arabs Racing to Go Nuclear?
China's Henan Province faces 4 GW power shortage
Coal shortages and power cuts in many of China's provinces
SKorea at risk for power shortage due to cold weather
Mexico Pipeline Blast Kills 27, Blamed on `Criminal Gang' Stealing Fuel
Will shale gas turn out to be an energy sink?

-- Got food? --
Developing Countries Must 'Double' Food Production
Food Security Wanes as World Warms
China plans 100 bln yuan investment in next five years to improve farmland

-- Environment/health --
Heavy rain threatens Calif. with flooding
BP Oil on Gulf Floor Draws Concern
Probable carcinogen hexavalent chromium found in drinking water of 31 U.S. cities

-- UK --
University funding to be cut before increase in tuition fees
Ireland's UK property empire unwinds as it sells London assets
Snow: supermarkets struggle with online deliveries

-- US --
Retail Meat Prices Climb In November, Leading Food Inflation Trend
Where home prices are falling dangerously
Would Ron Paul Really Try To End The Fed?
Cincinnati Threatens to Outsource Entire Police Department
Insanity on the Potomac — Treasury investors recoiling in horror!

And finally... Abu Dhabi hotel regrets $11M Christmas 'overload'

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