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News Links, December 22, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Canada: Rein in deficits or risk EU-style crisis, Jim Flaherty warns provinces
Bank of Japan Pledges to Steadily Buy Assets, Provide Liquidity
New Zealand rail line in death spiral?
China frets about spreading EU debt woes
China Car Market to Extend Gains Over U.S., Automakers Say
Is The Indian Economy Overheating?
N.Z. Economy May Have Almost Stalled in Third Quarter
Greece Faces `Heightened' Probability of Debt Rating Downgrade, Fitch Says
Moody's Threatens To Downgrade Portugal, Three Weeks After Comparable Action By S&P
Where Are Jobs Going Now? Peru, Bulgaria, Bangladesh. . .

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Ivory Coast on Brink of Civil War, UN Chief Ban Says
Biden: US in Region to Prop Up Pakistan
Report: US military pushing for new Pakistan raids
Medvedev to seek to fend off West in India
Russia Backs India on Security Council
Russia is moving fast to bring India into its camp. -- RF
Japanese cities plagued by influx of crows
Argentina's president to send guards to quell capital unrest
FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Latin America
Belarus jails hundreds of activists
The next 40 years will be the most important in human history
"Don't underestimate the significance of China's rise. We are living through the biggest shift in wealth, power, and prestige since the Industrial Revolution catapulted Western Europe to global dominance 200 years ago."
Pakistan Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Missile

-- Energy/resources --
Rubber Climbs to Record in Tokyo on Tire Demand, Disruptions to Production
Fatal oil blast spotlights Mexico's fuel thieves
The higher crude goes, the more incentive thieves will have. This will accelerate the crumbling of Mexico's energy regime. --RF
Iran gasoline use drops 16.6 pct after price hike
China's State Grid buys 7 Brazilian power companies for $1 bln
China Said to Raise Gasoline Prices by 4% From Tomorrow as Oil Costs Jump
Spain May Cut Solar Subsidies, Limit Production Hours, Economista Reports
Germany May Cut Solar Power Subsidies Ahead of Schedule, Focus-Money Says
Water Shortages Could Trigger Mideast Unrest
Why Electricity Prices Are Moving Higher Across Globe
The Paradox of Efficiency (Bjørn Lomborg)
Falklands set to increase drilling for oil
New Power Source For Nuclear Plants In The Wings
Thorium again. Sounds great, except that it'll require lots of money (which is disappearing fast), and gobs of fossil fuels to build, deploy, and maintain. -- RF
South African Coal Rises to Highest in Two Years as World Supply Disrupted
Copper hits record high

-- Got food? --
Price of hot chocolate to soar
India bans onion exports

-- Environment/health --
India's Toilet Shortage Costs More Than $50 Billion, Study Says
Chinese Weather Manipulation Experiments To Increase
Highly toxic rat poisons killing owls, other wildlife

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
US Enemy No. 1: the American citizen

-- UK --
UK government borrowing hits record high
Cold weather leads to rise in fuel poverty
Time to spend more money preparing for colder winters?
Britain abandons renewable power mandates, embraces feed-in tariffs
Cut in public-sector pensions 'non-negotiable', David Cameron says
Interest rates 'will have to rise sixfold in two years' to cope with inflation

-- US --
Fed Treasury Holdings: $1,000,341,000,000
Thinking the unthinkable: Bankruptcy in Chicago
U.S. executions fall due to cost and lack of lethal drug
Employed But Struggling: Report Finds 1 in 3 Working Families Near Poverty
America to start using less gasoline for good
Ultimately it comes down to price. -- RF
System Has Been Insolvent Since 2008
US Government Falls Deeper Into Red in 2010: Treasury
Census shows slowing U.S. growth; slowest rate since Great Depression
Wave of Muni Defaults to Spur Layoffs, Social Unrest: Whitney
Despite all the criticism, she's right. It's going to be a bloodbath. -- RF
16 U.S. Cities That Could Face Bankruptcy in 2011
The end of the Build America Bond program is blamed for cutting off an important source of funds to cash-strapped cities, but that's just more debt that ultimately can't be paid back. -- RF
Student Loan Reform Puts Taxpayers On The Hook
"The dramatic rise in student debt—and in student loan defaults—could leave the American taxpayer on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars."
Latest Terror Threat in US Aimed to Poison Food (CBS News)
California City Threatens to Shut Off Street Lights Due to Budget Crunch
Why the United States of America is Broke
US corporations move to create a part-time, contingent workforce
U.S. Air Travel Woes Reflect Bigger Infrastructure Issues
$305 on gas this month - Bah! Humbug!

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