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News Links, December 23, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
ECB Will Lend European Banks $197 Billion to Meet Liquidity Over Year-End
Portugal's Downgrade May Make Default Inevitable
Vietnam Default Swaps Soar as Lenders Await $60 Million Vinashin Repayment
Will France be the next euro nation to fail?
Baltic Dry Free Fall Accelerates
Bankers Worldwide Brace for 7% Drop in Bonuses: Poll
Hong Kong may see first yuan-denominated IPO
IMF Concludes Gold Sales (IMF press release)
FOREX-Euro helped by report China will buy Portugal's debt
Japan 2011 debt issuance to reach new high
Walk down the street in Japan and things look fine, but everything is pasted together with debt. The witching hour will soon arrive. -- RF
'11 forecast to see Japan growth sag to 1.5%

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Greeks go on strike before austerity budget vote
Transport Strike Cripples Athens in Renewed Protest on Wage Cuts
Italian students march against education law
Warm Russian, Indian ties outlive Cold War
"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's warm reception in India... dispels Russian fears its former Cold War ally has turned to the West."
Hungary passes law boosting government control of media
S Korea to hold 'mega drill'
Manas Fuel Supplier Accuses Kyrgyz Authorities

-- Energy/resources --
China's Hubei rations power amid coal shortage
Korea to Improve Energy Self-Sufficiency
Buying and developing overseas projects improves self-sufficiency? -- RF
India Seeks African Coal Mines to Plug Domestic Supply Shortfall
Spain Power Debt Infects Enel With Sovereign Bond Market Woes: Euro Credit
"Europe's spreading sovereign debt crisis is making it tougher for Spain to pay electricity bills, and that's infecting corporate bonds beyond its borders."
The Looming Resource War
The Peak Oil Crisis: The Time of the Demagogues
China raises gasoline, diesel prices amid inflation pressure
Base metals trades up on tight supply

-- Got food? --
Food Prices to Surge in 2011 on Chinese Demand, Energy, Rabobank Forecasts
Indian onions crisis: Custom duty slashed to zero
Mexican violence hitting America's salad bowl
If Your Meat Prices Rise, You Can Blame Ethanol
California Storms May Rot Strawberries, Delay Vegetable Planting

-- Environment/health --
The Oil BP Tried To Hide Has Been Discovered In Thick Layers On the Sea Floor Over An Area of Several Thousand Square Miles
EIA projects climate catastrophe
"The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has projected that the United States will lead the world into catastrophic global warming over the next twenty five years."
Who Should Pay for the New 'Tomb' at Chernobyl?
California hit by flooding

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Skype suffers worldwide problems
Twitter goes down, just hours after Skype
Net Neutrality: Why the new rules don't guarantee internet equality

-- UK --
Poorest pupils '55 times less likely to go to Oxbridge'
Metropolitan Police facing most challenging period ever, Sir Paul Stephenson says
Snow: gas rationing amid fears of higher prices

-- US --
White House Drafts Executive Order for Indefinite Detention
Homeless Families In America Increase By 9 Percent
Government Liabilities Rose $2 Trillion In FY 2010: Treasury
Food safety bill passes House
Is your student loan from China, Russia, or Japan?
No Recovery Under Rule of Bankers
"So, what do you prefer – poverty, or an uprising? Those are the only choices."
House Values Have Fallen 20%, But Property Taxes Keep Rising
Muni Bond Crisis May Be Similar to Euro Zone: Strategist
Oil Hits 2-Year High After Supplies Drop More Than Forecast
Gas prices near $3 a gallon
Home loan demand drops, lowest in nearly 1 year
Rust Belt states losing people, political clout
No End In Sight To Equity Outflows As Stock Boycott Persists Despite Largest Bond Outflow Since Lehman Failure
Congress freezes federal pay
Another blow to state budgets: Build America Bonds end

And finally... Anna Chapman Joins Putin's Russian Youth Group

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