Monday, December 27, 2010


News Links, December 28, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Price of Silver Soaring
More U.S. Job-Hunters Try Australia
Asia's Bond Risk Increases, Credit-Default Swap Prices Show
AIG at 52-week high as new credit facilities arranged
Indian Banks Raise Nearly $1 Billion to Fight Cash Crunch
China invites South Africa to join BRIC group
Japan's auto production declines 6.7% in November
Japan deflation continues

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Strike called over massive Bolivia fuel price rises
Pakistan considers defense budget increase
China Is Poised To Rise - And Things Could Get Violent
On the importance of geography. -- RF
Analysis: Could North Korea be headed for collapse?
The ghost in the free market economy myth: slavery (PDF)

-- Energy/resources --
Are Canada's Oil Sands Too Dirty for the US?
Palm Oil Advances on Expectation Demand to Gain in Asia Amid Supply Drop
The touch and feel of record cotton prices
New methods urged to access global oil reserves
Former Shell Oil president sees $5 gasoline in US by 2012

-- Got food? --
The Economist Speculates on the Future of Vertical Farming
Urban farming 2.0: No soil, no sun
Lack of cheap energy will kill vertical farming. -- RF

-- Environment/health --
Why Is It So Cold? Should the Big Freeze Alter Our Approach to Climate Change?
Summer snow, floods in weird Australia weather
Panel challenges Gulf seafood safety all-clear
Is dispersant still being sprayed in the gulf?
Queensland Declares Disaster Situation in Areas as Floods Inundate State

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Service Outages: The Challenge For Facebook, Twitter, And Skype
"There is a vocal minority of scientists who believe the Internet will become so overloaded with traffic that it will have large outages, or may even collapse in some parts of the world."
Another challenge is finding the electricity to power the rapidly growing numbers of data centers and computers. Economies in the information age have become so dependent on the internet that major outages will have devastating impacts. -- RF
Germany plans news cyber-warfare defence centre
Suspect package disarmed at Greek embassy in Rome
Report Strengthens Suspicions That Stuxnet Sabotaged Iran's Nuclear Plant
Hackers Watch a World Collapsing Into Chaos
Train crash carrying gifts for Kim Jong-un crashes, sabotage suspected
India put on high-alert for terrorism
Targeted by 'Anonymous,' Bank of America website sees intermittent outages

-- China --
China makes fresh pledges to keep prices in check and ensure abundant commodities
Facing threat to food supply, China invests in water conservation

-- UK --
Chickens, the productive pet, win a role in the new good life
We'll manage without butlers or servants, say Prince William and Kate Middleton
Even the royals are getting into austerity. -- RF
Big freeze presents old problem for modern boilers
Post office closures 'growing trend', says CWU
Survey: Parents question value of degrees

-- US --
Conservative chorus calling for states' right to declare bankruptcy
The Next 442 Banks That Could Fail
Rescued Banks Teeter Towards Collapse
Your tax dollars at work. -- RF
Strapped Cities Hit Nonprofits With Fees
Desperation is mounting. They are looking for money everywhere. -- RF
What's the Real Federal Deficit?
The Coming Economic Propaganda Blitz
Bills come due for holiday shopping binge
Consumer Spending Back to Normal? Not So Fast
US public schools are going broke, yet some spend like a kid in a candy store
Baby boomers near 65 with retirements in jeopardy
Monetary Revolution Begins With Competing Currencies
Real Estate Spin Continues by Mainstream Media

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