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News Links, December 29, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
China banking goes underground on tightening
Shanghai Stocks Fall on Inflation Concerns, Extend Worst Slide Since July
Mumbai Developers to Cut Record Home Prices as Sales Decline, IIFL Says
Vinashin to Get Interest-Free Loans From Government to Fund Workers' Pay
The China syndrome -- a building bubble this way bloweth
25,000 new planes needed by 2029
Many U.S. companies are hiring ... overseas
Japan finmin Says Japan May Intervene Again on Yen
Japan CEO Leads `Best People' to China as Japan Growth Ebbs
Incredible shrinking Japan Airlines: JAL to fire about 170 pilots, flight attendants
Food, Fuel Inflation Hits India; Primary Price Index Up 15%, Credit Expansion Up 23%

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
China moving toward deploying anti-carrier missile
Overstretched Jakarta's future as Indonesia's capital is in doubt
Japan and China have also considered relocating their capitals. But everything they are trying to escape would follow. -- RF
No police in Mexico town after last officer kidnapped
U.S. dominates Middle East arms market
Vladimir Putin rewards new pro-Russian government in Kyrgyzstan
US still acts like an 'empire' with Latin America, says Brazil's President Lula
Farewell to the days when Latin America was the US backyard. Latin America is starting to march to the beat of its own drummer. -- RF
Maliki: No U.S. troops in Iraq beyond 2011
South Korea Declares North Korean Regime Enemy After Shelling
European anarchists grow more violent, coordinated
New German airports chief calls for passenger 'profiling'

-- Energy/resources --
China Further Cuts Rare Earth Export Quotas by 11% In First Round for 2011
9 Signs That The Price Of Oil Is About To Soar Beyond $100 A Barrel
Copper Hits Record High on Weaker Dollar, Supply Fears
Japan's oil imports in November up 10.8%
Russia to build 10 emergency services centers in the Arctic
Heat Wave Means Lights Out For Argentines As Demand Soars

-- Got food? --
US Food Trends: Canning, men cooking, local
B.C. ranchers frustrated by food shortages, soaring price of hay

-- Environment/health --
Australian Floods Force Evacuations, Threaten Crops

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
S.Korea schools get robot English teachers
Education in the waning days of industrial civilization. -- RD
Ten things Web users should fear in 2011
North American Integration Back on the Front Burner
But energy decline will put downward pressure on attempts at integration. Localization is the trend of the future. -- RF
They're spending $50 billion. You'll be paying.

-- China --
Skyscrapers reflect the height of success
Skyscrapers around the world will become symbols of all that was wrong with industrial civilization. -- RF
Risk looms despite good harvest
Sinopec Group 2010 Sales May Rise 41% to $296 Billion, China Daily Reports
Japan sets up preparatory body for joint cultural events with China

-- UK --
NI thaw leaves thousands without mains water supply; 'unprecedented' leaks, empty reservoirs
Fears for petrol prices as oil hits two-year high
Snowproofing rail network could spark passenger revolt because of cost
Elderly poverty: 'Living like something from Dark Ages'

-- US --
Number Of Uninsured Americans Soars To Over 50 Million
Together again: More retirees moving in with children
The New Faces of Poverty
"Families are living in motels, food pantries are emptying, and outreach agencies are running out of their funds."
Cyber Corps Enlists FSU Students To Protect National Security
Baby boomers near 65 with retirements in jeopardy
You Can Thank Transfer Payments For Boosting The U.S. GDP Recovery
"This was not a free lunch, however. The author estimates that the national debt was increased by over half a trillion dollars more than without the 'excess.'"
US Gas Prices Top $3 a Gallon in Latest Week
Report: Americans using 8% less gasoline than 2006 peak, will never go up again
Still digging out from storm, airlines facing rising fuel costs raise fares on many US routes
Food prices expected to rise in 2011: Higher commodity, energy costs are driving prices up
Consumer confidence slips as home prices decline
Police fatalities jump 37 percent in 2010
Debt at every turn: New governors attack state debt
$5 A Gallon Gas Forecast Has Ex-Shell Exec Making Headlines
Roubini: 'Housing Prices Can Only Move Down'
November home sales moved barely above the worst crash readings
Almost Everything Is A Crime In America Now: 14 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Americans Are Being Arrested For
With food safety bill, U.S. government will spend nearly $1 million per person to prevent food-borne illness deaths
"Food safety" is getting to be an oxymoron. -- RF
American Cities That Are Running Out Of People
Indiana Bill Would Allow Cities to Declare Bankruptcy; Gary, Lake Station, Georgetown Likely Candidates; Hands Tied in Rhode Island

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