Friday, December 03, 2010


News Links, December 4, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Angela Merkel warned that Germany could abandon the euro
A euro zone bond will never fly
Why Governments Will Buy Silver
China Will Shift to 'Prudent' Monetary Policy in 2011
Europe's Debt Solution: More Borrowing
Italian Banks' Costs Climb on Contagion Worry, Nation's Debts
Indonesia Keeps Benchmark Interest Rate at Record Low, Risking Credibility
Gold catches updraft, tops $1,400
Four Reasons Why Gold Will Hit $1,900 in 2011
Spain set to raise retirement age
Spain Raises Tobacco Tax, Sets Date for Pension Overhaul to Stem Contagion
Europe's heritage at risk from economic crisis
Bling dynasty: Will China force a gold standard by cornering gold?
Japan gov't reports worsening youth unemployment
Cotton Has Biggest Weekly Gain in 39 Years
Brazil Raises Bank Reserve Requirements to Remove $36 Billion From Economy

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Japan, US launch biggest ever joint military exercise
Saudi king to undergo further surgery in New York
South Korea's New Defense Chief Threatens Air Strikes on North
Russia: Medvedev visit to Poland new chapter
Controller sickout causes Spain travel chaos

-- Energy/resources --
Critical coal shortages in China and India
`Fair' Price for Crude Is $100, OPEC to Hold Output Steady, Ramirez Says
Peak oil and the end of growth: we need to start planning now
Oil Rig Explosion Near New Orleans Injured 3 Workers
U.N. body to set up atom fuel bank backed by Buffett
JP Morgan sees oil above $120 before end 2012
Saudi Arabia may boost Arab Light price to highest since august 2009
A scramble for the Arctic

-- Got food? --
In Europe, frugal food for frugal times
Food inflation at 18-month low of 8.6% (India)
Beijing tries to control public discontent on rising prices
Grow cranberries in your home garden
New threat to global food security as phosphate supplies become increasingly scarce

-- Environment/health --
North Europe freeze kills 12 in Poland, disrupts transport

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Will Netflix Kill the Internet?
WikiLeaks vanishes from web as US company removes DNS support
Ron Paul: 'What we need is more WikiLeaks'

-- UK --
Weather across UK to become "much, much colder"
Big freeze: Britain's grit reserve half the size it should be
Petrol shortage due to bad weather
Universities in Wales told to 'adapt or die'

-- US --
Government reports violations of limits on spying aimed at U.S. citizens
Monetary Policy: Fed Critic Ron Paul's Power Play
Recession-battered California keeps world economic rank
*This tells us more about how bad the rest of the world is.
For jobless '99ers,' holidays are about surviving
Foreclosure freeze coming for the holidays
*How nice of them.
Market Celebrates Just Announced Record Foodstamp Usage By Closing At 2010 Highs
Don't Be Fooled By Coin Dealers, The Government Isn't Coming For Your Gold (Peter Schiff)
*Bottom line: Stay away from numismatics.
After All the Hype, Jobs Up an Anemic 39,000; Unemployment Rises to 9.8%; Quicksand of Stimulus
Running Backwards in the US Economy (Gregor Macdonald)
Full-time unemployment rate 10.7 percent
Economy Needs To Create 235K Jobs A Month To Return To Pre-Depression Levels By End Of Obama Second Term
Jobs Outlook is Worse Than People Think: Stockman
Unemployed, and Likely to Stay That Way
Bernanke Tells CBS That QE2 Isn't Limited To $600 Billion
Hundreds line up in the cold for help heating homes
Bailout Nation: Banks Got the Goldmine, Consumers Got the Shaft
Arizona 'death panel'? State Medicaid cuts poised to let some poor patients die
Growing Conservative Calls to Cut US Military Budget

And finally... FBI warns Barbie camera 'could be used by paedophiles'

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