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News Links, December 9, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
China speeds up yuan globalization
"The renminbi's internationalization is happening much faster than expected. Offshore demand for renminbi is increasing, and more Chinese imports are likely to be redenominated to renminbi rather than being settled in other currencies."
Chinese banks told to rein in property lending
Rising prices put homes out of reach for many Chinese
US Fiscal Health Worse Than Europe's: China Official
China Purchases $3.1 Billion of Japanese Bonds as Yen Beats Dollar, Euro
Jim Rogers: 'Britain is totally insolvent'
Irish Lawmakers Back Lenihan Budget to Combat Worst Crisis
Ireland, Iceland and Letting Banks Fail
Ireland cringes as chill of austerity budget sets in
James Turk: You Should Also Take Your Silver Out Of The Banks
U.S. 10-year yields rise to highest level since June: Worst two-day selloff since just after Lehman bankruptcy

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Irish riot squads training is upped as civil unrest expected after Budget announcement
Study finds Chinese middle class 'unhappy'
Mexican cartels reaching farther into U.S. (interactive presentation)
U.S. Invites Japan to Join Korean Exercise as Tensions With North Escalate
Russian warplanes flew near U.S.-Japan drill: report
*Such flights by Russian military aircraft are not uncommon; I wouldn't read too much into this.
Why Argentina and Brazil have recognized a Palestinian state
"Chile, Paraguay, and Peru expected to follow"
Turkey, Iran battle for clout, deals in Iraq

-- Energy/resources --
Libya's Ghanem Expects OPEC Quota Rollover, Expects $100 Crude Oil `Soon'
Iran sees $100 oil price 'quite normal', crisis ahead
What will 2011 bring? Triple-digit oil (Jeff Rubin)
Mexico May Extend Oil Output Declines for 7th Year
Renewable Energy Incentives Future in Danger (US)
Big Bank Sitting On A Big Pile Of Copper
Cellulosic Ethanol Reality Begins to Set In
Canadian oil producers plagued by Enbridge woes
Billionaires Want Coal for Christmas

-- Got food? --
Nanoparticle could extend food shelf life
Wholesale Egg Prices Crack 5-Year High (Japan)

-- Environment/health --
The peasant view of Cancún talks: 'They want to turn the air into a commodity'
Green Energy: Why Hybrids Still Need Government Motors

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
It's Easier Than Ever to Spy On Your Kids (US)
Fingerprint scans raise worries (US)
Should we be worried about a cyber war? (Seymour Hersh)
Stuxnet Could Threaten U.S.

-- UK --
Gordon Brown reveals US and UK simulated bank collapse in 2007
Union says a third of universities 'at risk' from cuts
Number of people who have never worked jumps by 200,000 since Coalition was formed
Police cuts 'disastrous' for service to public

-- US --
Secret GOP plan: Push states to declare bankruptcy and smash unions
U.S. States Face `Cliff' as Federal Stimulus Ending Opens $38 Billion Hole
Plunging Home Prices Fuel Property Tax Appeals Swamping U.S. Cities, Towns
Heating oil prices at highest in two years
U.S. Military Prepares for Economic Collapse
Protest at University of Puerto Rico turns violent
You'll Never Guess Whose Taxes Are Going To Go Up Because Of The Tax Cut 'Compromise'
Wanna Buy a World-Controlling Investment Firm? Carlyle Group may go public
Nuclear summit urges wider use of atomic power
*Fuhggettaboutit. The money to fund the "nuclear renaissance" will never be found.
Informant nation: Homeland Security taps new partner in terror fight: Wal-Mart
Chicago Police Will Taser Just About Anyone (Gawker)
Retirees: Get ready to live on $190 a month
Social Security 2010 Results: Long Slide Into the Red
*Great photo at the end.
California Deficit May Reach $28 Billion, Brown Says
Sorry, If You've Been Unemployed for 99 Weeks You Are Still Getting Cut-Off
Middle class falling short on retirement funds
Tax cuts go straight to China and commodities (Bill Bonner)
The era of mega banks – 19 banks make up 50 percent of the asset base
Bank of America Muni Bid Rigging Payments May Be `Tip of the Iceberg'
31 Consecutive Outflows From Domestic Equity Funds
Department of Justice "Crackdown" On Wall Street Is Just a P.R. Stunt Targeting Small-Time Crooks
Beware $90 oil
Gasoline: $3 by Christmas and a 'Mini-Apocalypse' in Spring?

And finally... Kazakhstan's president urges scientists to find the elixir of life

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