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News Links, February 1, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
China Central Bank Advisor Urges Increase In Official Gold And Silver Reserves
Gold Bar Premiums At 17-Year High In Hong Kong
Egypt May Risk Bank Run as Uprising Against Mubarak Regime Hits Economy
Step Aside Egypt CDS.... Here Come The Saudi Contagion Vigilantes
Euro-Region Inflation Jumps More Than Estimated to Two-Year High of 2.4%
Some BRICs Are Crumbling
Support grows for lengthening Greek debt payback
As Germany rises, Europeans begin to rethink their unity project
Kabul Bank losses spark fears of huge Afghan corruption and financial crisis
"Losses at Afghanistan's largest bank due to a spree of bad loans to government cronies could be three times higher than originally feared and finally total £580 million."
Here Comes The Greek Brady Plan Together With 35% Bond Haircuts
Japan's Net Assets Decline 2nd Year Running
Kuwait December inflation at 2-year high, food costs soar

-- Egypt --
Egyptian financial crisis looms
"Economists are warning that if Egypt's turmoil continues much longer, the country will not have enough currency reserves to avoid a long term financial crisis. Currency traders said on Monday that investors have transferred hundreds of millions of dollars out of the country since the start of the protests six days ago."
Lawlessness Could Hijack Egypt's Popular Uprising
'Mega protest' planned in Egypt
"Opposition movement calls for one "million people demonstration" on Tuesday in a bid to topple president Hosni Mubarak."
Egypt's army says it won't open fire on 'our great people'
Did Egypt's Army Just Throw Mubarak Under The Bus?
Egypt protests: Did Jimmy Carter just throw Obama under the bus?
Mubarak said to be on brink of giving up
Egypt businesses hit by instability
"Food shortages reported and businesses remain shuttered as 16-hour curfew and protests continue."
Egypt Rapidly Running Out Of Food
Mobile Phone Service Restored in Egypt -- for Now

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Is Qaddafi of Libya now getting worried?
Libya Bans Soccer Matches in Fear of Anti-Government Protests
Arab Elite Say Monarchies Are Safe From Unrest
US, Europe fear Arab revolt 'contagion': analysts
Egypt is the next Tunisia. What is the next Egypt? (Forbes)
According to this writer, it could well be China. And there are plenty of reasons why. -- RF
U.N. told North Korea has more secret atomic sites: envoys
Syria's Assad says no extra access to nuclear inspectors
Russians protest against Vladimir Putin
More protests in Yemen's south
As China grows more assertive, U.S., Japan push back

-- Energy/resources --
Brent crude oil price hits $100 a barrel
After food protests, water riots are next
Instability in Algeria could have serious energy implications for Europe
Crude Oil Spikes on Egypt's Geopolitical Premium
China's CNOOC inks U.S. shale gas deal
Global coal price heading for big hike over flood
Compact Fluorescent Lamps Burn Out Faster Than Expected
Japan Dec oil imports rise to 126.81 million barrels

-- Got food? --
Never mind banks in crisis, food prices are our real worry (Ireland)
Rice Rebounds From Two-Year Drop as U.S. Crop Shrinks
How food prices can fuel revolutions like Egypt's
Egypt and Tunisia usher in the new era of global food revolutions

-- Environment/health --
Light pollution disrupting sleep and wildlife, says rural body
Blackouts won't be all bad. -- RF
Colossal U.S. storm to pound 100M people

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Razor blades and the limits of complexity
Piracy Rules the Web, Dominating 23.8% of Internet Traffic
CIA Views China's "Student Informant System"

-- China --
2.79 m people suffer from drought in China
Auto rentals accelerate into fast lane
Underground world hints at China's coming crisis
China central bank stresses price controls

-- UK --
Hundreds have died of dehydration in care homes

-- US --
Food-cost shocks ripple worldwide from Iowa
Church foreclosures: The Lord giveth and the bank taketh away
Buses fastest-growing form of intercity travel
U.S. Corporate Profits Surge
Oil Price Could Doom Obama
More college grads joining military
The Propaganda Blitzkrieg Begins (on whom to believe concerning the economy)
PopCon: The 'Economic Recovery' Lie
Cuomo calls New York budget process a "sham"
"New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the state's budget process a 'sham' that leads to runaway spending, saying it resembles some of the deceptive practices he uncovered on Wall Street."
More home owners paying down debt
Nearly 11 Percent of US Houses Empty
One in Five Mortgages Default Again After Modification
"Flip That Bond" Continues: Primary Dealers Offload 26% Of Just Acquired 3 Year Auction Back To Fed
Savings Rate Drop To 5.3%, Lowest In 10 Months

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