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News Links, January 12, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Japan to buy euro zone debt, little relief for euro
Like the blind leading the blind, one fiscal basket case helping another. Purely symbolic... and utterly futile. -- RF
Crisis 'Won't End Well' Unless EU Buys Bonds: Economist
China's Money-Printing Addiction Could Spell Disaster
Bank of China Allows US Trading of Yuan: Report
Oil at $90 a barrel too high for recovery, says think tank
Next debt domino to fall: Portugal, Italy, or the US?
Portugal, Ireland Lead Rise in Sovereign Debt Risk to Records
'Not Owning Gold is a Form of Insanity': Chartist (CNBC!)
UBS Sees Silver Hitting $35 On "Physical Interest In The Metal"
UBS does an about face on silver. Eventually, everyone gets religion. -- RF
Gulf issuers have $70bn debt due, Standard Chartered says

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Interview with Michael Ruppert, the man behind CollapseNet.
A year after earthquake, Haiti's recovery remains gridlocked
31 dead in 4 days in Mexico's Acapulco
Britain's isolation on Falklands grows with 'anti-colonial' Brazil snub
Clinton Makes Surprise Yemen Stop, First by Secretary of State in 20 Years
Only a threat of force will halt Iran nukes: Israel
Iran warns neighbors not to aid Israel
How the U.S. Wins the Coming Arctic War
U.S. sees North Korea becoming direct threat
Chinese stealth fighter makes first test flight
Can Obama cut the military in the face of a rising China?
"Secretary Gates's trip to China only revealed an emboldened Beijing on the eve of President Hu's visit to Washington, especially on the issue of Taiwan."
Unrest Over Unemployment Spreads In Tunisia
S. Korea, Japan Discuss Pacts on Military Supplies, Secrets
This is significant. It takes a lot to throw Japan and SKorea into each other's arms. -- RF
Trends analyst predicts global youth uprising, 'progressive libertarians' in 2011
Biden Vows US to Remain in Afghanistan 'Well Beyond 2014′

-- Energy/resources --
Kyrgyz capital hit by power blackout, heating supplies threatened
Power, gas load shedding irk citizens (Pakistan)
"Eight to ten hours of [electricity and gas] load shedding is being observed in various parts of the provincial metropolis."
Oil leak is latest mishap for Alaska's troubled pipelines
"ProPublica recently reported that a BP maintenance report in October found severe corrosion throughout its own system of pipelines, and workers had complained of 'Band-Aid' solutions to long-running maintenance issues."
And this isn't limited to Alaska. Matt Simmons once posted a presentation showing that corrosion of oil infrastructure is a worldwide problem. Would it be worth the cost to fix it all? -- RF
Venezuela to cut lights at late-paying state firms
Solar Lobbyist Says It Will Sue to Stop Spain's Power Rate Cuts
Rome's busiest train station in chaos after copper theft
No emergency OPEC meeting if oil at $100 - Kuwait
PetroChina to take a stake in UK oil refinery
China's nuclear power build-up moving too fast

-- Got food? --
The Great Food Crisis of 2011 (Foreign Policy)
Food riots: Algeria may be the beginning
Unrest Threatens Middle East as Food Prices Climb Amid High Unemployment
India cabinet meet to tackle food inflation
Meat producers should replace cattle with insects, scientists say
PHOTOS: Surging Food Prices Are Sparking Riots All Around The World
South Korea joins global action to boost food supply
Faced With Skyrocketing Food Prices, Indonesian Govt to Speed Up Work on Food Estate
'One poor harvest away from chaos'
Gulf needs new plan for food security as prices soar
Saudi raising wheat reserves to cover 1-year needs
Jordan king orders price cuts 'to protect poor'
Australia floods: Food prices 'to rise 30%'

-- Environment/health --
Australia flash floods threaten Brisbane
Industrial ag once again demanding free pass to crap in your backyard
Fish die-off seen in Chicago waters
Large bird kill reported in California

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
'Anonymous' Hacktivists Call For Global Protest Jan. 15 for freedom of expression
Twitter's Response to WikiLeaks Subpoena Should Be the Industry Standard
$1B NSA 'spy' center underway in Utah
"A principle reason for the center's location is the affordability of electrical power in Utah."
Gates moves to overhaul, boost military intelligence

-- China --
China overshoots 2010 lending and money supply targets
China Currency Reserves Rise to Record $2.85 Trillion
China revises up 2009 GDP growth rate to 9.2%

-- UK --
Petrol prices to hit £6 a gallon (US$9.36)
Almost 14,500 police jobs will be lost, Ed Balls says
Fall in property prices signals risky year ahead
Army's 400 tanks may be cut to 50
'Factory in a box' brings manufacturing to the kitchen table
Britain's austerity measures push activism - and funding - online

-- US --
'Before they tighten up the state laws, I'm buying more guns'
Report: Sales Of Glocks, Other Handguns, Have Surged Since Arizona Rampage
Newark Crime Is Accelerating After Major Cuts To Police Force
Foreclosure crisis hits home for all
Pension Funds Threaten Big Banks Over Foreclosures
Downturn's Ugly Trademark: Steep, Lasting Drop in Wages
Alaska Pipe Closure May Draw Oman, Russia Oil to U.S. West Coast Refiners
Should Economists Reveal Who Pays Them?
Rick Perry Faces the Biggest Drop in Texas Revenue Since Oil Bust in 1980s
California's Brown orders state-paid cell phones confiscated
Brown Seeks 10% Pay Reduction For State Employees, Unveils $12.5 Billion Spending Cuts; Suggestions to Eliminate the Gap
Could the U.S. central bank go broke? (Reuters)
Virginia Creates Subcommittee To Study Monetary Alternatives In Case Of Terminal Fed "Breakdown", Considers Gold As Option
Iced-in Atlanta almost completely shut down, another Arctic front coming
Consumers Still Struggling To Pay Back Loans
Housing Market Slips Into Depression Territory
The Fed's QE2 Traders, Buying Bonds by the Billions
Judge Sides With GATA, Orders Fed To Present Her With Its Classified Gold Records For Private Review
114 Times More Insider Selling Than Buying In First Week Of 2011

And finally... Study: If aliens exist, they probably want to destroy us

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