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News Links, January 13, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Financial Crisis Has 'Drained' the World: WEF Report
Merkel Says Germany Ready to Do `Whatever Needed' to Protect Euro Region
Will Portugal follow Greece and Ireland?
China Confirmed As Buyer Of Directly Placed Portuguese Debt
EU Said to Consider Aid for Portugal, Bond Buybacks in Deficit-Crisis Plan
Spanish Bank Debt Costs Spur Doubt on Ability to Sustain Profit
China asks for reassurances that its U.S. assets are safe ahead of Hu trip
The era of 'owned by China'
"Huge foreign reserves give emerging superpower ever tighter grip in business, finance and politics."
New Move to Make Yuan a Global Currency
Thailand Raises Rates as Prices Rise
Perth Mint reports 'unrelenting' demand for gold on dip below $1,400
India Gold Imports Hit Record As "Price Is No Longer A Factor"
Unemployment rate among Emiratis hits 13%
Costly fuel, local sponsor issues could hit UAE investment
Eventually, energy decline will return the UAE — and all other desert countries — to being areas with low population density where people ride camels. -- RF

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Chile protests turn deadly as Latin America buckles under rising energy prices
US may cut Sudan from 'terror list'
As U.S. defense chief visits, China shows off its stealth jet
Iran says talks could be West's "last chance": IRNA
Hitmen intensify attacks in Mexico's richest city
Iraq needs billions to meet growing housing shortage
After China, Gates Goes to Rally Japan
Projection: 111 new subs by 2020
U.S.-Saudi weapons deal nearing final stages
Japan Coast Guard to start developing high-performance boats
Lebanon government on brink of collapse

-- Energy/resources --
Analysis: Middle East Gas Demand Creates Supply Shortage Fear
"Growing domestic consumption of natural gas in the Middle East and a muted and delayed gas supply response has created growing concern that critical gas shortages will occur in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region."
Alaska Plans Temporary Restart Of Oil Pipeline
Syrian Fuel Subsidies Increase 10-Fold in 2010, Ath Thawra Says
"Syria's government spent more than 140 billion pounds ($3 billion) to subsidize prices for home heating oil and other petroleum products in 2010."
The Issues with Corn Ethanol
Oil Rises to 27-Month High After U.S. Supplies Decline, Equities Increase
Looming refinery outages push gasoline, gas oil premiums
The peak oil crisis: civil unrest (Tom Whipple)
The Globe's Limitations: How Peak Oil Threatens Economic Growth
If shale is a game changer, why do producers seek oil? (Jeff Rubin)

-- Got food? --
Jordan cuts taxes to offset food rises on poor
Corn, Soybeans Soar as USDA Stokes Supply Worries
US Cattle Futures Surge to Record, Hogs Rally, as Feed Costs Spur `Squeeze'
Lower US corn and soybean output sends prices surging
Queensland floods may trigger food shortages

-- Environment/health --
Cost of obesity approaching $300 billion a year (US)
In the near future, "weight-watching" and "calorie counting" will take on totally new meanings. -- RF
First dead birds, then dead fish ... now crickets
Last Year: The Warmest Year On Record (Again)
"End of Days" bird kill just a fraction of real death toll
The Antibiotics Crisis

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Two reporters a week killed in 2010, group says

-- China --
New generation of migrant workers face old problems, Shanxi survey finds
Extreme weather sets records in China
Is Inflation About to Burst the Chinese Bubble?
The Chinese auto bubble threat
More Clues Of China's Real Estate Bubble: Ghost Malls
China's Guangdong sees power shortages in 1st quarter
Emissions limit freezes residents
"Thousands of people in a Central China city may have to endure freezing weather for the rest of this winter after part of the city's heating service was stopped due to the enforced closure of a major local power plant to meet energy-saving goals."
It would be interesting to know how many people freeze to death. -- RF

-- UK --
More tenants 'struggling to pay rent'
Beekeepers fume at association's endorsement of fatal insecticides
Bentley, Jaguar Predict Sales Bounce as Wealthy End Restraint

-- US --
Snow In 49 States Right Now (MAP)
Congress readies new gun-control bills after Gabrielle Giffords shooting
GOP lawmaker: Cut 200,000 federal.workers
RI city stops paying for lights on state roads
"Johnston's mayor says his financially strapped city is no longer paying the electricity bill for streetlights on state roads that run through his community, a rebellion that may spread to other cities."
America: Violent to the Bone
'Pervasive' bedbug woes in U.S., survey finds
US Public Strongly Opposes Debt Level Increase
2011 Starts With A Bang: $4.2 Billion In OUTFLOWS From Domestic Equity Funds
Fisher Says Fed Can't Cure U.S. `Fiscal Pathology'
Illinois Governor Quinn Calls Tax Increase Crucial to State
Heating Oil Rises to 27-Month High in New York on U.S. Northeast Snowstorm
Small towns besieged by foreclosures
Brace Yourself: Our Society Is Going To The Dogs
How The Fed Spent $2 Trillion And In Exchange We Got 650,000 Temp, Leisure And Retail "Jobs"
After Brief Sabbatical, Muni Massacre Is Back
Meredith Whitney vindicated once again. -- RF
Bailouts Postponed, But Can't Prevent the "Greatest Depression," Gerald Celente Says
NEWS FLASH: Treasury says Fed deficit is EXPLODING
Drug Shortages: A Deadly Problem With No Cure in Sight
As I've pointed out before, this is a symptom of energy decline and systemic breakdown. -- RF
Census: Long-distance moves in US hit record low

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