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News Links, January 15, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
The Global Economy Won't Recover, Now or Ever (Foreign Policy)
Europe Failed to Clear 'Skepticism' on Debt Crisis, IMF Says
Singapore Tightens Housing Curbs After Prices Reach Record; Stocks Tumble
German Inflation Accelerates to Fastest in More Than Two Years
Global Unemployment Rates
China Central Bank Raises Reserve-Requirement Ratio
China Has $1.5 Trillion 'Hidden' Debt, Says Chinese Lawmaker
Europe Leans Towards Expanding Rescue Fund
`Unhealthy' Japan Debt Picture May Boost Rates, Yosano Says
"Unhealthy" is a charitable way to express it. "Impossible" would be more realistic. -- RF
Wholesale prices in '10 dipped 0.2%: BOJ
Deflation persists, even though energy costs are rising. -- RF
Greece's Long-Term Debt Ratings Are Cut to Junk by Fitch; Outlook Negative
The New Feudalism
I'm not the only one who notices creeping feudalism, a New World Order in which super-rich elites are the new aristocracy, and the rest of us are the new serfs. -- RF Runs Out Of Silver In Germany
Dubai overall debt at least $129.3bn, Credit Suisse says

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Latest Inflation Riot Tally: Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen And Jordan
Food riots: Coming soon to a venue near you. -- RF
Territory settlement [of islands north of Japan] 'impossible' now: Russia
Russia has no intention of letting Japan have the islands. Japan will have to resign itself to having Russia on its doorstep. -- RF
Smarter Somali Pirates Thwarting Navies, NATO Admits
Global piracy costs billions, says study
And it's going to get worse as governments find it increasingly difficult to fund patrols. Pirates are waiting to fill the power vacuum and take advantage of chaos. -- RF
China's military advances challenge U.S. power: Gates
Genetic Soldiers? Advisory Group Urges Pentagon To Map Genes Of All Personnel
Tunisia riots: Tunisia, 'the enemy of the internet'
Norway's $186 Billion Gas Loss Cements Russian Grip on Supply
Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali flees Tunisia as interim president takes control
Greek mayor arrested after bulldozing toll booth barriers
China and Russia won't join nuclear tour: Iran
Russia launches arms race with new intercontinental ballistic missile
Gang shootout kills 14 in Veracruz, Mexico
Anonymous urges global protests
Obama, Pakistan's Zardari to meet amid growing distrust
Iran starts work on new naval destroyers
Freedom in decline worldwide: US report
Gates touts role of U.S. forces in Japan dealing with North Korea, China

-- Energy/resources --
Valero Invests $50 Million In Cellulosic Ethanol Plant
Cellulosic ethanol is not a savior any more than corn ethanol. Without the fossil-fuel energy needed for large-scale industrial implementation, this too is dead in the water. -- RF
Sinopec buys its way into the Americas
China strikes deal with Burma to guarantee oil supply
Declining Crude Oil Production and Incorrect Energy Data
Venezuela says oil exports fell 6 pct in 2010

-- Got food? --
Global food chain stretched to the limit
Flood situation worsens, impending food shortage (Sri Lanka)
Australia Floods Boost World Commodity Prices
Indian PM unveils steps to curb food price inflation
"Experts, however, say the measures are too little, too late and a repeat of already failed steps."
"Food riots in America? You're crazy…"
Some people are waking up, and making preparations. This is worth a read. -- RF
Germany tightens fodder controls after dioxin scandal
Japan: Blockades, livestock curbs proposed against foot-and-mouth epidemic
Jim Rogers Rotates From Gold To Rice, Sets Foundation For Next Bubble
Many may blame Jim Rogers for expensive rice, but food is going up, no matter what. -- RF

-- Environment/health --
Climate A Factor In Rome's Rise And Fall: Study
USGS unveils California megastorm scenario
El Nino seen triggering next world warmth record

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Bank Of America's Website Has Been Down For Six Hours And Counting
Disappearing IP addresses — the latest panic in tech

-- China --
Local government apology for heating cutoff offers little help
China Readies 10 Million EV Parking Spots By 2020: Executive
Many will see this as progress. -- RF
Financial woes to bring down 'tallest building in Southwest China'
This both symbolizes and presages things to come. -- RF
China Overtakes U.S. as Biggest Economy When Measured by Purchasing Power
Banks Ready to Lend More for Low-Cost Housing Projects
How Beijing Plans to Turn the Chinese into Consumers

-- UK --
U.K. Producer Prices Rise Faster Than Forecast on Higher Food, Fuel Costs
Brits could be paying £650m more for heating

-- US --
Report: Doctor shortage forcing some Central New York hospitals to send patients to other facilities
Police turn to drones for domestic surveillance
Cruise lines flee Southern California ports
Postal Service raising most rates in April
Seniors may have to pay for Medicare home health
America to end its search for the 'God particle'
Inflation rate headed up? The impact of higher food, energy prices.
America's Debt Wheel Of Fortune
Obama Administration Ends High-Tech Border Fence
Do You Need a Chinese Bank Account?
From the Wall Street Journal, an interesting read. -- RF
Rising Gasoline Prices Put Consumers in Sour Mood
Gas riots will likely come before food riots in the US. -- RF
Banks Entering 'Golden Age' With 20% Profit Growth: Bove
Hooray, the Super Rich Have Totally Recovered From the Collapse!
Over 1 million Americans seen losing homes in 2011
Bad Real Estate News Ignored to Spin Bright Future
Chicago-area foreclosures soar 20% in 2010
Risk of U.S. Deflation Ebbs as Fuel Costs Climb, Economists Say
J&J Recalls More Medicines From Pennsylvania Plant
Still more pharmaceutical problems. -- RF
U.S. Inflation Set to Soar as the Country's Chief Export Boomerangs Back Home
Gasoline's prepping for a return to $4 a gallon

And finally... Fox shoots hunter with his own gun
Anna Chapman to solve world's mysteries on TV

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