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News Links, January 16, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Greece Should Restructure Debt: Slovak Finance Minister
ECB's Smaghi says Ireland triggers new stress tests: report
European dominoes continue to tip! Immediate steps to avoid losses …
The Rise of the New Global Elite
Rich People's Toys: How Many Families Could Live on What They Cost?
The above articles illustrate the march toward neo-feudalism. -- RF
Economic Outlook in "Stick Figures" that Anyone Can Understand

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
China to station troops in N. Korea: report
China's naval coming-of-age
Official: Gunmen torch 14 NATO tankers in Pakistan
JORDAN: Thousands of demonstrators protest food prices, denounce government
Army on streets amid Tunisia unrest
Students protest in Sudan's north over price rises
Thousands demonstrate against Hungary media law
At Least 24 Killed in New Karachi Violence

-- Energy/resources --
Global Oil Production Update and EIA Data Changes (Gregor Macdonald)
Russian state oil giant takes $7.8bn stake in BP
Copper Market Deficit May Climb to 600,000 Tons This Year, JPMorgan Says
Brent scales $99 before expiry, U.S. oil rises
Italy oil import from Iran up 92%
OPEC has no more spare capacity (Mother Jones)
Toyota Developing Motors Without Rare Earths for Electric Autos, Hybrids
But this will do nothing to stop the slide of industrial civilization. -- RF

-- Got food? --
Global effort to calm food prices
UAE's Agthia Group to build food complex with flour mill and silos

-- Environment/health --
Sub-tropical spell threatens floods for Britain as La Niña brings havoc around world
South Africa to declare flood disaster

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
Wikipedia Down Due to Outage Affecting Wikimedia Projects
Some readers will recall that Wikimedia suffered an outage last July.
Facing Up to Cloud's Complexity
Complex systems + energy decline = systemic breakdown -- RF

-- China --
Temperature in N China city drops to -43 C
Snow, rain to continue in southwest China over next 3 days
Chinese Bank Lending Spree Continues; $75 Billion New Loans First Week in January Alone; Inflation Gone Amuck
Yuan drives Chinese gold demand
New home supply in Shanghai drops 16%
Beijing plans to stop renting out basements
Car plate prices surge in Shanghai
At this rate, only the well-heeled will be able to own cars. There goes the proletarian revolution. -- RF

-- UK --
Neath Port Talbot Council workers accept pay drop
Leading computer expert warns of cyber attack on National Grid
Security threat warning over MoD police cuts
Northern England braced for floods as river levels rise

-- US --
N.J. cop shot dead in 'execution-style killing'
Worthless Stocks from China
U.S. bills states $1.3 billion in interest on jobless-pay loans
Municipal Bonds in Trouble
Pew Research Poll: Americans See China as World's Leading Economic Power
How Many Senators Does It Take To Screw A Taxpayer? (on the corn ethanol scam)
Regulators shut small Georgia bank; 3rd this year
Hollywood Arson: Nearly A Dozen Fires Break Out Overnight
Food stamp surge in Illinois
Treasury 2- to 30-Year Yield Curve Widens to Record on Inflation Prospects
Capitol Police Compiling Lists of 'Threats' to Congressmen; FBI Moving Against Bloggers for Criticizing Officials
Hawaii suffers shortage of propane, rationing to continue

And finally... Laughing while Rome burns: Fed Laugh Track: 'Can We Borrow from the Greeks?'

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