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News Links, January 17, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Dubai Shares Drop to Lowest in 2011, Paced by Property on Aldar Asset Sale
China's ICBC to add branches in Europe
How retirement is being reinvented worldwide
Hu: Dollar-based system from 'the past'
Accelerating Deposit Flight In Ireland Forces Irish Central Bank To Print Money Independent Of ECB
Consumption Tax Increase In The Spotlight In Japan
"While political leaders have talked of doubling the rate to 10%, business leaders and economists say a tripling or even quadrupling will be necessary to get the national finances back on track."
Obviously, retail sales would bomb. This just underscores Japan's hopeless fiscal situation. -- RF

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
More Tunisia unrest: Presidential palace gunbattle
Could 'Tunisia effect' topple more Mideast regimes?
Food runs short in Tunis but locals hail freedom
South Korea says chemical cargo seized by Somali pirates
South Korea dispatches destroyer to rescue tanker hijacked by Somali pirates
India mulls over new law to tackle sea piracy
10,000 Israelis protest to 'defend' democracy
Mexico police commander abducted in Veracruz
Southeast Asia seeks common ground on sea disputes with China
US drones shot down outside Iran airspace: army

-- Energy/resources --
Iran Says No Need for OPEC to Meet Soon Even if Crude Prices Rise to $120
Translation: "We're all a bit short on spare capacity, so suck it up." -- RF
Britain's Wind Farms are 'No Spin Zones' When Cold Hits
A very sobering read on wind power. -- RF
Venezuela Says Oil Reserves Surpass Saudi Arabia's
That is quite possible, but with energy, quality counts far more than quantity. All the junk oil in the world can't stop energy decline. -- RF
Russia warns of 'Iranian Chernobyl' because of Stuxnet virus
Oil prices rising too high, too quickly - Total CEO
Recovery of Australian coal mines need months - Report
Japan Plans To Stockpile 120 tons of Enriched Uranium

-- Got food? --
Sheep thefts in Britain likely connected to rising global food prices
"Rising prices have fueled what authorities here describe as a thriving black market for lamb and mutton."
More farms closed in Germany as dioxin scare continues
Many countries face catastrophe as inflation creeps up the food chain
In Corrupt Global Food System, Farmland Is the New Gold
Control of farmland by monied interests is a system that starves the local poor to feed distant elites. As I've said again and again, those who actually work the land should have title to it, and food production must be localized. -- RF
The Indian Food Crisis In One Simple Chart
French Bakers to Raise Baguette Prices After Wheat Costs Double

-- Environment/health --
Australia floods sweep south, trail of disaster grows

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
'Israel tested Stuxnet on Iran, with US help'
With Stuxnet, Did The U.S. And Israel Create a New Cyberwar Era?

-- China --
No relief in sight as drought hits north
China Property Prices Growth Slows as Curbs Take Effect

-- UK --
NHS Confederation says health reform 'could shut hospitals'
Fuel discounts for remote areas being considered

-- US --
Americans to avoid doctor again in coming months
CPI Rises on Higher Energy Costs
Energy, Raw Materials and Medical Costs Rise: Will Inflation Balloon in 2011?
The Battle For Your Soul (Decline of the Empire)
"Not just the U.S. economy, but the entire U.S. political system has devolved into a winner-take-all sport."
Record $14 trillion-plus debt weighs on Congress
Congress urged to raise debt limit
Camden, NJ braces for deep police, fire cuts
The Port of Anchorage: A billion-dollar mess
UN investigator accuses US of shameful neglect of homeless

And finally... Obama official: MLK would love our wars!

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