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News Links, January 18, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Irish lenders besiege central bank for emergency loans
Euro zone finance ministers to discuss changes to rescue fund
Dumpster diving for victims of Greek austerity
China in the driver's seat
Dubai World $24.9 Billion Debt Deal Is a `Template,' Moelis Says
India Facing Inflation `Surge,' Subbarao Says Before Interest-Rate Policy
Asia Stocks Fall as Anti-Inflation Policies Pose Growth Threat
Think China has big stake in U.S. business? Not yet
The US Deficit Recovery Program and Other Fallacies (Daily Reckoning)
Will $100 Oil Hurt the Economic Recovery?
The "recovery" is already being hurt at current prices. Debt keeps piling up, gazillions of people are out of work, and overall the world economy stays in the toilet. -- RF
Germany May Get Its Bundesbank Back
European Silver Shortage Spreads To UK
Economies in seven of Japan's nine regions faltering: BOJ
Tunisia unrest hits Egypt stocks, currency, debt

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Gang's terror felt far from drug war on US border (Mexico)
"The brutal Zetas cartel is quietly spreading a reign of terror virtually unchallenged, all the way to the border with Guatemala - and across it."
As energy decline proceeds, Mexico is rapidly evolving into a shell state. -- RF
Somali pirates seize Greek-owned ship, release another
Sudan opposition threatens protests over price hikes
Pressure mounts on Jordanian government to resign
Russia's Medvedev calls for crackdown on neo-Nazis
Why Tunisia's interim government may not fly with protesters
Omanis protest high cost of living, corruption
Self-burnings spread across northern Africa
The Tunisian disease starts to infect other countries. -- RF
Poll: Greeks back fence to cut migration
Niall Ferguson On Whether The Financial Crisis Will Lead To America's Decline And A Glimpse Of The "Post-Pax Americana" Dark Ages

-- Energy/resources --
Why the U.S. nuclear industry's ambitions are at risk of going up in smoke
The nuclear renaissance is dead on arrival. -- RF
U.S. Ethanol Policy Contradicting Every Principle of Sound Economics
Tin May Surge to $40,000 on Global Deficit, Malaysia Smelting's Anuar Says
$120 oil: The breaking point
BP Wins Approval for Deepwater Exploration
Deepwater projects get approved because there are fewer other places to look. -- RF
Coal Prices Reach Two-Year High as Flooding in Australia Curbs Production
More Austerity Casualties: Solar Stock Subsidies
Chinese energy needs send uranium market soaring
Iran says to be self reliant in gasoline in 2011
Northern Iraqi Governor Cuts Baghdad Electricity

-- Got food? --
Argentine farmers halt grain sales
'Explosive' Food Prices the Biggest Risk: Analyst

-- Environment/health --
Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
A Colossal CyberAttack On The World's Internet System
Swiss find signs of illegal US surveillance

-- China --
The Iron Fist Control Of China's Central Government Coming Unhinged?
China Discovers 38 `Super-Thick' Oil, Gas Deposits Offshore, Daily Reports
More junk oil. -- RF

-- UK --
Attack of the drones
Shoplifters 'take goods worth £400,000 daily'
Shoplifters target expensive items
Families need £1,800 extra a year by 2015 to pay credit cards
Tyndall Centre calls for UK shale gas moratorium

-- US --
Even With Stimulus Money, Timber Mill Struggles
Americans Are Still Overwhelmed by Excess
The Bankers Have Won Completely
Rising Oil Prices and Municipal Bond Defaults
Are The CBO's U.S. Debt Burden Projections Overly Optimistic?
Utah city may use blimp as anti-crime spy in the sky
Camden, N.J., to lose nearly half its cops
2010 Set the Foreclosure Record, But 2011 Is Bound to Top It
Perpetual War for Perpetual Employment?
National debt: The ugly facts
Senators talk tough on China currency

And finally... Cat ordered to do jury service
My cat Emma says she'll substitute if Tabby turns down the job. -- RF

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