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News Links, January 2, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Running Out of Engineers
"Shortage of engineers in both developed and developing countries is a growing concern as it threatens national progress, says a report published by UNESCO."
The shortage of engineers and technical workers is another feature of energy decline. -- RF
Estonia joins crisis-hit euro club, others wary
ScotiaMocatta Sells Out Of Silver Bars
Peak Oil, International Trade And Population
Quote of the Day: "The end of the euro would be the end of Europe"
Japan: New year begins with measures to discourage consumer spending
Sovereign debt levels 'unsustainable', double dip a possibility

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
North Korea calls for end to hostility with South
Back to the charm offensive. -- RF
PM: Civil war is under way in Ivory Coast
West African Nations Preparing Plan to Remove Ivory Coast Leader Gbagbo

-- Energy/resources --
Excellent: Happy New Year from The North Sea. Or, Secrecy By Complexity
Another great piece by Gregor Macdonald. Well worth reading. -- RF
$4 Gasoline In 2011: Oil's Surge Paves Way For Higher Prices At The Pump
Bolivia's Morales scraps fuel hike after protests
Bolivia's Morales: Fuel prices to rise 'someday'
Pakistan Raises Gasoline, Diesel Prices, Citing Subsidy Burden
All of a sudden, governments which have been subsidizing fuel and food costs for years are finding that it's unsustainable at current oil prices. -- RF
SKorea: Energy `attention` warning issued amid rising oil prices
OPEC Caught Lying: $200 Oil is Imminent
Oil Heads For Highest Annual Close Since 2007
Cotton gains record high in 2010 since 1973
China Roots Spread in Latin America with New Deals

-- Got food? --
London wheat breaks £200 a tonne mark
Global Food Prices in 2011 Face Perilous Rise
India: No onions from Rajasthan, price climbs up again

-- Environment/health --
2011: The year we'll hit 7 billion
Lots of interesting facts and figures here. I figure that at least half the 7 billion will die of starvation, freezing, or violence during the post-collapse shakedown period. I'm not laughing — I might well be among them. -- RF

-- Intelligence/security/internet --
US Judge warns of 'Orwellian state' in warrantless GPS tracking case

-- China --
Beijing launches car quota to counter gridlock
Govt reveals new-year pledge on housing prices
Students fight cold with banned devices

-- UK --
Prospect of fuel protests rises
Britons facing economic challenges
Maternity care in UK on verge of breakdown, says top midwife
Swine flu spreading faster in Britain than rest of Europe
Take action now to avoid food shortage - NFU

-- US --
U.S. not ready for 'silver tsunami'
State of Washington Might Tax Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Budget cuts loom, taxes possible as Annapolis takes on shortfall
Cuomo Takes Oath as New York Governor, Calls for Property Tax Cap in 2011
Cuomo Promises Emergency Financial Plan
States Try to Force Mortgage Workouts
Another Victim of the Great Recession: Child Support Payments

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