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News Links, January 21, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
European debt crisis: Does Obama get how serious this is?
Uncovering Spain's dirty banking secrets
Shipping industry's top challenge in 2011: Rising tide of ship deliveries
40 percent of global workforce full time
Analysis: What is Plan B if China dumps its U.S. debt?
Rising China may become more assertive as Japan stalls
The World at risk of erosion amid stalled construction (Dubai)
The Onset of Catabolic Collapse
Europe's Planned Budget Cuts Must Be Enacted `Fast,' Baltics Leaders Urge

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Arab leaders warn of more revolts amid growing anger
Protests erupt in Yemen, president offers reform
Tunisian army fires warning shots at protesters
Tunisia Central Bank Admits It Is Missing 1.5 Tons Of Gold
Tunisia arrests Ben Ali relatives amid new protests
Is Cairo the next Tunis?
BJP supporters protest petrol prices and high inflation in New Delhi
Thailand fighters raid military camp, kill soldiers, steal arms
Ivory Coast Restaurants, Markets Empty as Crisis Spurs Violence
Prices of basic commodities hit alarming levels (Lebanon)
Egypt: Activists call for day of protest
East Asia's military buildup sparks concern
'China cut off oil to stop N. Korea from retaliating against South'
Karzai visit to Russia irks US
Ireland expects another exodus of workers
The 21st Century: A New Golden Age for Pirates
France, Germany with closer defense ties?
Third Of Russian Conscripts Too Sick To Serve

-- Energy/resources --
Afghan fuel shortage spreads to Kabul
Energy Prices Will Be Much Higher in 2011
Gazprom to buy more Central Asian gas in '11
Brits Ponder Fuel Rationing
Cotton Surges on Speculation China's Use to Climb; Orange Juice Advances

-- Got food? --
Rising food prices spell trouble for Arabs
Argentine Soy, Grain Sales Fall 81% on Farmers Strike
Gleaning makes a comeback on US farms
Flood Destruction in Australia May Propel Wheat Crop to Record
We had better hope so. -- RF
India Food Inflation Slows for Second Week as Singh Moves to Curb Hoarding
As long as growth continues, this will be nothing but a stopgap measure. More Indians will want to consume more, and food inflation will ensue. -- RF
Sri Lankan floods could leave 400,000 children without enough food
Campbell, General Mills Credit-Default Swaps Advance on Higher Food Prices
"The cost to protect food companies from Campbell Soup Co. to General Mills Inc. is climbing as record global food inflation eats away at profits."
China to Purchase $1.8 Billion in Soybeans From U.S.

-- Environment/health --
Bees facing a poisoned spring
'Wall of water' swamps another Australian town
UK wild bird numbers continue to fall
Bedbugs evolving to defeat insecticides

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Are You Ready For The Universal Internet ID That Barack Obama Wants To Impose On All Of Us?

-- China --
China's economy grows 10.3 per cent
China's growth fuels overheating fears
China goes big with building of skyscrapers
People's Bank of China plans to print 1 trillion yuan in paper currency
China Builds Underground 'Great Wall' Against Nuke Attack

-- UK --
Elderly council tenants to be encouraged to downsize
Bankers gave staff £10bn as Britain's young struggled for work
Fuel Hike Will Damage Britains Freight Industry
Islamophobia 'acceptable' in UK
"British politician says prejudice against Muslims is now socially acceptable and that country is becoming less tolerant."

-- US --
State budget woes: How much will they drag down US economy?
Defaults by Cities Looming as U.S. Mayors Say Deficits Hinder Debt Payment
China-sponsored language programs in U.S. raise concerns, hopes
"Teaching Mandarin is a growing trend across schools in the United States, where the number of students enrolling in Chinese language and cultural programs has tripled in recent years."
Crackdown on Illegal Workers Grows
Cuomo Weighs More Than 10,000 Layoffs
Poll: Most say $4-a-gallon gas likely
Point of No Return; Fiscal Shell Games; Texas to Cut 8,000 Jobs; Deep Layoffs in NJ; Mayor Recall Vote in Miami; Oregon Workers' Comp Bankruptcy
Food Inflation Comes To America: General Mills, Kraft And Kellogg Hike Prices On Selected Food Products
Extreme water-rationing in Arizona within 4 years
Debt crosses $14 trillion mark
Limits to Debt (Richard Heinberg)
Home sales hit 13-year low; slow recovery ahead
What Phila. Fed survey has in common with food riots

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