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News Links, January 22, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
China buys gold and the world follows
Gold is to China as paper currency is to US
Is China's bubble close to popping?
Turkey Cuts Rate as Peers Lift Them
Rescue fund head: enough money for Portugal, Spain
"Europe's bailout fund has enough money to cover potential rescues of both Portugal and much larger Spain, while Greece doesn't need a debt restructuring as some investors fear, the head of the fund insisted Thursday."
Spain Bid to Lure Investors to Cajas May Be `Impossible'
Spain plans partial nationalization of savings banks
European Governments Weigh Bond Buybacks
Indians embrace silver jewellery as gold turns unaffordable
Acrid Smell of Inflation Starting to Spread Through Global Equity Markets
Japan May Seek Further Cuts in Corporate Tax
Stunner: Gold Standard Fully Supported By... Alan Greenspan!?
China's Runaway Chariot
"China's authorities may have lost the ability to control the increasingly complex and opaque Chinese economy."
Japan economic and fiscal policy minister proposes raising starting age for pension benefits
Japan budget woes grow worse

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Three shot dead in Albania anti-government clashes
S. Korea, U.S in talks over missiles
Oil company convoy ambushed in Pakistan
Blackwater Founder Trains Somalis To Fight Pirates
Thousands of Jordanians protest economic conditions
"Arab soul" is broken by poverty, unemployment and a regression in development indicators
In Jordan, Islamists try to spin popular protests into political uprising
Government's death knell a joyous sound for Irish voters
Mideast arms market to grow by 14 percent
G20 officer: 'This ain't Canada right now' (Canada)

-- Energy/resources --
OPEC Pressured as African, Asian Oil Tops $100: Energy Markets
Gasoline price spike due to record oil demand, industry says
Mexican Oil Chief Expects 2011 Production Increase
ONGC Shuts Wells at Biggest India Oil Field After Pipeline Leak off Mumbai
Renewable Energy and Job Creation: Everything You Have Read Up Until Now is Wrong!

-- Got food? --
Wait for the time when any amount of money can't buy a morsel

-- Environment/health --
Australia floods: Taxpayers may face one-off flood levy
Major China steel maker halts Beijing operations
Top USDA bee researcher also found Bayer pesticide harmful to honeybees
Climate Change Correlates With Fall Of Rome, Tree Ring Study Suggests
10,000 Cattle Dead In Vietnam: Cows, Buffalo Part Of Mass Die-Off Due to Harsh Winter

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Hackers Force E.U. Emissions Trading Scheme Shutdown After $38 Million Heist
Straight Talk with Paul Kedrosky: Don't Count on Technology To Save Us (Chris Martenson)
"I want to believe in innovation and its possibilities, but I am more thoroughly convinced of entropy. Most of what of what we do merely creates local upticks in organization in an overall downward sloping curve. In that regard, technology is a bag of tricks that allows us to slow and even reverse the trend; sometimes globally, sometimes only locally, but always only temporarily and at increasing aggregate energy cost."
The Companies Who Support Censoring The Internet

-- China --
Commodities Buzz: China 2010 Grain Imports Led By Corn Surge To Meet Demand
China Increases Uranium Imports
Chinese Silver Demand Surges Incredible Four Fold in Just One Year
China's 2011 Natural Gas Demand at 130B Cubic Meters

-- UK --
Number of repossessions to rise as lenders lose patience
"An estimated 40,000 home owners will have their properties repossessed in 2011, up from an estimated 36,000 last year, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders."
Leisure spending fell sharply in the past six months
Biggest monthly petrol rise in a generation

-- US --
State bankruptcy bill imminent, Gingrich says
Experts: U.S. water infrastructure in trouble
"U.S. averages 700 water main breaks daily, say experts."
South Florida repos spike 79% in 2010
Texas Schools Send Unruly Students To Campus Police Instead Of Principal's Office
California governor declares fiscal emergency
`Fiscal Meltdown' for States Exaggerated, Group Says
Two Fresh Headlines To Scare The Living Daylights Out Of Muni Investors
Officers down: What happens to Camden, N.J., now?
How the financial elite have dismantled the American middle class – top 1 percent share of wealth at levels not seen since the Great Depression. Goldman Sachs offering average bonuses of $430,000 while a record 43,200,000 Americans receive food stamps.
California And Janet Yellen Will Drive the Next Round of QE
Gulf Coast fighting for recompense (Al Jazeera)
"I've met so many people over the last three days who've had red beans and rice for Christmas while this man's firm is getting $850,000 a month for this. I saw people on their knees in these meetings begging this man. I don't know how he sleeps at night. He takes money from BP and claims to represent and care about people in the Gulf."
Commercial real estate: Beware the Shadow Office Space
Union Membership in Companies Slumps to Record Low 6.9% in 2010
Eat-What-You-Kill Brokers Starved as Banks Gorge on Bailout Cash
Why Retirements Are Going Bust, Again
Running the government on 8¢

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