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News Links, January 23, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Egypt Proactively Preparing For Tunisian-Style Rioting: Airport Intercepts 59 Outbound Gold Shipments Worth Tens Of Millions
European Rescue Fund May Buy Bonds, Recapitalize Banks, ECB's Stark Says
Don't rule out debt buy-back idea: Juncker
Ireland's Titanic Bailout at Risk, Iceland looms ahead
"The only question about Ireland today, is if they are going to stay debt slaves of their banks, or are they going to embrace a return of Sovereignty to the Emerald Island."
The costs of the EU's Galileo satellite system are still skyrocketing
Municipal Fund U.S. Investors Pull $4 Billion as Outflows Reach 10th Week
Food makers struggling with rising costs in deflationary Japan
Deflation Diminishing in Bond Market as Food Prices Increase: Japan Credit
Chinese bank ICBC signs deal to enter US market
'Gold to hit $1600; Silver to touch $40'

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Thousands of Jordanians protest economic condition
Tunisia: Even the police are joining the protests
Tunisia's Dangerous Jobs Shortage
Algeria democracy rally broken up by police
France 'should withdraw from Afghanistan'
Iraq Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr 'returns to Iran'
Saudi can produce 70% of military hardware locally — minister

-- Energy/resources --
Renewables Won't Keep the Lights On
Mini-reactors the new "big thing" in nuclear power
Nuclear too is dependent on fossil fuels and the fossil fuel-built industrial infrastructure. -- RF
The Rise (and Demise) of Earth's Eco-Cities
All this large-scale construction takes a lot of energy, not to mention maintenance. Real eco-cities will be small, and with everything built on a human scale. -- RF
U.S. okays ethanol boost for more cars
A pitifully low energy return, and a production system totally dependent on fossil fuels. -- RF
Biofuel jatropha falls from wonder-crop pedestal
No End In Sight for Rising Iron Ore Prices
OPEC to enter new age of dominance over oil market
Mexico Shuts Two Oil Export Terminals in the Gulf due to Weather

-- Got food? --
The 25 Countries Whose Governments Could Get Crushed By Food Price Inflation
Huge Margin Squeeze: Restaurants, Hotels, Cruise Lines Unable to Pass on Rising Food and Energy Prices; China's Role in Commodity Bubble
Quantitative Easing Is Causing Food Prices to Skyrocket
European Union says farm subsidies key to food security

-- Environment/health --
South African flood deaths rise to 70
The race to contain drug-resistant malaria
BP's spilled oil is washing up in people

-- Systemic breakdown --
Systemic Thinking and Big Pictures
The BP oil rig disaster — better brace yourself: there is surely more to come
Once peak energy and peak complexity are reached, systemic breakdown begins. -- RF

-- China --
Drought worsens in east China province
Hectares of arable land used illegally
China's banking assets grow 19.7% in 2010

-- UK --
Middle-classes 'being priced out of boarding schools'
Councils warn of pothole cash crisis
Banking commission will consider breaking up biggest banks
Fuel 'could rise' to £8 a gallon

-- US --
Hu's U.S. Trip May Augur Japan-Style Investment Push by Chinese Companies
How the U.S. Economy Has Been Tanking for 60 Years
Short and sweet; a good read. America has nearly maxed out its credit card. -- RF
Regulators shut banks in NC, SC, Ga, Colo; seven for the year so far
Obama goal: 'Putting the economy into overdrive'
It takes cheap and abundant energy to put an economy into "overdrive." Where does the president intend to get it? -- RF
Higher pump prices coming your way this spring
As States' Budget Woes Mount, Congress Starts Talking BANKRUPTCY
"To the extent that investors have been worried about anything this year, it's that Meredith Whitney's prediction of a municipal finance collapse will become more than just a 60 Minutes scare story."
Consumers draw on their disposable funds
China keeps paychecks coming in Michigan
U.S. mayors struggle with budget woes
Illinois Comptroller Says Stack of Unpaid Bills will Soon Double Despite Tax Increase
The Big Problem in Small Business Bank Credit
Salvation Army sees need for heating help grow

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