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News Links, January 26, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
India Raises Interest Rates to Two-Year High to Slow Inflation
Japanese interest rate unchanged
PBS: How Severe Is Europe's Intertwined Debt Crisis?
A Message From the Baltic Dry?
The Shipping Industry Faces Turbulent Seas
Debt Restructuring Will Save the Euro (CNBC)
Budget threat to Ireland's multibillion loan
Sarkozy lays out plans for 'moral' reforms of global money markets
Wall Street Partying in Davos as Bank CEOs Overcome `Angst' After Crisis
Greece Default With Ireland Breaks Euro by 2016 in Global Poll
Bank of Russia says it's buying only domestic gold
Japan To Buy 20% Of 5bn Euro Bonds In Ireland Bailout

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Lebanese 'Day of Rage' Protesters Burn News Truck
Egyptians rage against Mubarak's rule, three killed
Protests in Egypt and unrest in Middle East – live updates
Cairo erupts as Egyptian protesters demand Mubarak resign
Yemen's Saleh Scrambles to Appease Protesters
Saudi man sets himself alight in poor border region
US: Tunisia example can spur reform
Be careful what you wish for. -- RF
Somali pirates seize German ship off Seychelles
US Marines to train in mock city as big as San Diego
Japanese magazine convinced war is only way to revive the U.S. economy

-- Energy/resources --
Pacific Rim nations mull energy sharing
This is an important development, as it might involve giving up energy sovereignty. -- RF
Pakistan to face power outages for many years
Italy May Shut Up to Six Oil Refineries on Demand Slump, High Competition
Total Revamps for `Bolder' Oil Exploration as Output Lags Behind Rivals
Deep-Water Drilling in U.S. Hinges on Blowout Fleets
"More than three months after a federal moratorium on deep- water exploration was lifted, drilling permits are being withheld because 'not a single operator has demonstrated' that it has the means to adequately respond to an out-of-control well."
Worse rare earth shortages 'yet to come' (Japan)
Merrill Lynch says OPEC should boost oil production
We need freedom of action to confront peak oil (Nicole Foss)

-- Got food? --
Rising commodity prices and extreme weather events threaten global stability (Michael T. Klare)
Risk of Riots Rising as Governments Cut Food Subsidies, UN's Sheeran Says
FAO wants price curbs and warns of food crisis: report
Kenya: Drought and Food Price Increases Spark Fears of Violence
"Potato prices have doubled since January last year, wheat by 50 per cent while cabbages and tomatoes now cost about a fifth more."
Famine: The other F word!
Emerging Nations Tackle Food Costs
Why Rising Food Prices Could Hurt Stocks
BRIC Inflation Threatens Consumer Stocks as Food Bills Increase
Asians see France's G20 food push as part of solution
Food Riots and the Mass Liquidation of Foreign Exchange Reserves
The Beer Index Spikes Up: Wheat, Barley, Hops, VATs

-- Environment/health --
USDA found to be poisoning bird populations, causing mass die-offs involving millions of birds
Dwindling Rain in the Southern US
Another Japan poultry farm confirmed with highly pathogenic flu virus

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
West Africa Rising: World Bank offers Internet 'revolution' to Sierra Leone, Liberia
Internet connectivity might bring more "revolution" than bargained for. -- RF
The Doomsday Project, Deep Events, and the Shrinking of American Democracy
Twitter Blocked In Egypt

-- China --
Property prices 'will continue to increase'
Holy SHIBOR Batman, We Have A Snow Problem

-- UK --
Rubbish bags to be rationed
U.K. Economy Unexpectedly Shrinks as Cold Hits Services
Civil liberty campaigners fear 'control orders lite' regime

-- US --
Authorities Fear Cops Being Targeted After at Least 11 Officers Shot in 24 Hours (Fox News)
Dark lords of student loan debt
Many readers will recall this article from yesterday: The College Degree Scam. A college degree, traditionally billed as a passport to a lucrative career, is turning into a ticket to debt servitude. -- RF
Airlines' path for profits: Fly less, charge more
Demand destruction and downsizing rule the skies. -- RF
Inflation Is So Much Worse Than We're Told (Chris Martenson)
Sign Of The Times: Lights Going Dark On Major Area Highways
Local farmers find new funding ally (St. Louis)
The GOP Is Going To Play A Pretty Brilliant Move In The Debt Ceiling Fight
Hey, great idea... but what domestic spending would they cut? America is already falling apart. -- RF
Official: Obama to call for 5-year spending freeze
State of the Union 2011: US risks losing its global supremacy, Barack Obama to warn
Muni Bonds Face a Perfect Storm
S&P warns of more muni bond downgrades
Gun raids show cartels at work in Arizona
Home prices at lowest levels since housing bust
Home prices fall for fifth month in a row
Second wave of housing bust hammers more cities
7,400 New South Florida Condos Still Unsold From Boom Years
The Next Robo-Signing Crisis?
Most States Shed Jobs
Washington State joins movement for public banking
The downsizing of America – Oil production off 1980s peak and manufactures learn creative methods of repackaging inflation.
Christie Says He'll Lure Illinois's Jobs to New Jersey After Tax Increase
Insider Selling To Buying Ratio: 2,842 To 1
Veteran crisis: Newest war vets become homeless at alarming rate

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