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News Links, January 27, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
German December Import-Price Inflation Is Fastest in 29 Years
"Energy was 34.2 percent more expensive in December than a year earlier, the statistics office said today. Iron ore prices soared 98.4 percent, while non-iron ore metals cost 37.9 percent more."
Europe Rescue Debt `Hot' as Asia Central Banks Lead Purchases
Japan Fuels `Overwhelming' $61 Billion in Orders for EFSF Bonds
US budget deficit back to 2009 recession high, CBO says
Belgian Political Crisis Deepens as Mediator Quits, AA+ Rating Threatened
Are Gold Prices Ready to Return to Record Run?
10 Threats To Global Economic Stability That Should Be On Your Radar Right Now
More gold bar vending machines open up in Dubai
The 13 Countries That Control the World's Gold

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Egypt Revolt post Tunisia: Is a Dam breaking? What happens next?
Egypt protests continue into second day despite ban and police presence
Egypt Tightens Security in Cairo to Prevent Further Rallies
Mubarak's son, family flee to UK amid unrest
Tunisia: Arrest warrant issued for ex-president Ben Ali
FACTBOX-Europeans stage anti-austerity protests
America's Middle Eastern Puppet Regimes Are Falling Like Dominoes
Mexican government: La Familia cartel in retreat
Ships Seized by Pirates See 36-Fold Cost Rise
Will the Last Mercenary Turn Out the Lights On U.S. Empire
Chávez tackles housing crisis by urging poor to squat wealthy parts of Caracas; troops take over farms
Watch out for the Black Swans
U.S. Puts End to India Export Restrictions

-- Energy/resources --
Clean-Energy Future Looks Black, Not Green, Davos Panel Says in Outlook
Brent Oil's Record Open Interest Threatens WTI: Energy Markets
South Africa may face serious shortage of electricity supply in March
Scrap Metal Cowboys (Paul Kedrosky and Gregor Macdonald)
U.S.-built highway to Southern Sudan paved with hope
Oil. -- RF
Chinese power companies to boost coal reserves

-- Got food? --
Wheat Futures At 29 Month High As Developing Country Demand Surges In Aftermath Of Tunisia Revolution
FAO warns against food export curbs

-- Environment/health --
Bird flu epidemic spreads to more prefectures (Japan)
Streets flooded, power cut in Saudi city of Jeddah

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Even DHS Is Freaked Out by Spy Drones Over America
Toyota recalls 1.7 million autos as quality woes mount
Nothing wrong with Toyota in particular; just another huge, complex system breaking down. -- RF
Social Media Revolution Hits Saudi Arabia
The Justice Department May Force ISPs to Save Records of Your Every Move (US)
Google Comes Under Fire for 'Secret' Relationship with NSA
Government airplanes face uncertain future amid economic, maintenance troubles (Japan)
Internet 'kill switch' bill will return (US)

-- China --
China's Wen asks people to speak up
A desperate bid to defuse public discontent and future civil unrest. -- RF
Wage Inflation Rampant In China As More Provinces Plan Minimum Salary Hikes
Chinese Interbank Liquidity Collapse Leads To 45% Lending Rate Surge
George Friedman: The China "Miracle" Is a Mirage

-- UK --
Bank of England chief Mervyn King: standard of living to plunge at fastest rate since 1920s
Cameron Vows to Stick to Budget Cuts as U.K. Economy Shrinks
Soros Sees U.K. Recession If Deficit Plan Implemented
Britain's Economy Stalls, Prompting Attacks on Cameron's Strict Austerity Cure
Graduate unemployment at highest for over a decade
British women waste £1.6bn on clothes they never wear
Climate change means we will be skiing in Yorkshire rather than sunbathing under palm trees, experts warn

-- US --
From coast to coast: Cargo theft rose steadily in 2010
"Experts say two-and-a-half loads of cargo theft occur every day in the U.S. – the highest ever on record."
Bank Bailout Program to Cost $25-50 Billion: Treasury
Fed Pushes On With $600 Billion Stimulus on Slow Growth
Watchdog: Overhaul Didn't End Future Bailouts
Obama's Spending Freeze Just 'Spare Change': Roubini
CBO's Revised Budget Sees 2011 Deficit Rising By $500 Billion To $1.5 Trillion; $4 Trillion In Deficit Through 2013 Guarantees QE3+
BofA's Countrywide sued, accused of massive fraud
Ohio's Gov. Kasich: 'Put On The Seat Belt,' everything is on the chopping block
Senate leaders eye option of state bankruptcy
Muni Bondholders Left in the Dark
"A retired journalist in Chevy Chase, Md., spent $25,000 10 years ago on Maryland Health and Higher Education bonds. She said she checked regularly for updates online and didn't see anything amiss. But then in October, she says, she was stunned to get a letter from a broker offering 50 cents on the dollar."
The situation is dire. Still, there are those who will stubbornly insist that Meredith Whitney is talking through her hat. -- RF
Dead ahead: State and city pension FAILURES!
Households Continue to Deleverage
My State Presently Owes Its Pension Funds $208 Billion What About Yours?
Budget Deficit To Hit $1.48 Trillion
Consumers hit with higher food prices
"A food basket survey by The Tennessean earlier this month found a 12.5 percent spike in prices for a typical grocery basket filled with staples compared with November 2009."
Building lots of infrastructure sounds great. Paying for it won't be easy
Utah to have state gun?
Is This What The Whole Country Is Going To Look Like After The Economy Collapses?
Nevada Unemployment: The Worst Gets Worse

And finally...
Getting Into Harvard Easier Than McDonald's University in China
Jim Cramer Just Told All Of His Haters To "Shut Up"

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