Saturday, January 29, 2011


News Links, January 30, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Spanish Unemployment Rises to 20.3% as Austerity Slows Recovery
Spectre of currency war rears its head at Davos
IMF warns of new sovereign debt crisis for largest economies
James Howard Kunstler: Peak Oil and Our Financial Decline (video at The Nation)

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
New protests erupt in Yemen
Ruling party urges talks in Yemen to halt protests
Lobster in the mountains, riots on the Nile
Pro-Democracy Revolutions a Big Problem for US

-- Egypt --
Mad scene in Suez showed the depth of Egypt's anger
What the United States has at stake in Egypt
Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising
Chaos, Looting Spread as Mubarak Names Key Deputies
Egyptian capital of Cairo engulfed in chaos
Egypt's military in a quandary (Al Jazeera analysis)
Army protecting Egypt protesters from police (video)
Yesterday we saw this story about how police and protesters were fraternizing in Alexandria. Some among the police and military seem to be sympathetic to the protesters. -- RF
Egypt Stock Exchange, Banks to Close Sunday as Mubarak Protests Continue
Mohamed ElBaradei: The Egyptian people have revolted
Report: Egyptian president's son Gamal Mubarak arrives in London

-- Energy/resources --
"Cheap oil made Sweden rich," says Kjell Aleklett
Iraq's largest hydropower dam grinds to halt, aggravating power shortage
Peak Water: What Is it -- and Are We There Yet?
Exxon: Global energy demand to grow by 35%
Why Clean Energy Can't Exist on its Own
This is a point I have made over and over: You can't have renewables without fossil fuels. -- RF

-- Got food? --
Record food prices inflame poor
Tensions rise on surging food prices
China to face food supply pressures
Oil and food prices
Check out the graph. -- RF

-- Environment/health --
Ending Human Pesticide Experiments (US)
Report: Gulf oil spill was deadly time for turtles
Arctic current warmest in 2,000 years

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Internet 'Kill Switch' Legislation Back in Play (US)
Does Obama's 'Net Freedom Agenda' Hurt The U.S.?
Net-less Egypt may face economic doom Monday
Egyptians Connecting To The Internet Via Modem, Fax, Ham Radio
Anonymous: UK arrests are a 'declaration of war'
U.S. And England To Increase Security Of Global Supply Chain

-- China --
Beijing blocks searches for "Egypt" from microblogging site following protests there
Another attempt by Chinese authorities to tamp down discontent and prevent civil unrest. -- RF
Beijing faces longest wait for snow in 60 years
China's Growing Income Gap
"Billions in unreported income for the wealthy and a system that blocks health and pension benefits for migrants mean the income gap is wider than acknowledged."

-- UK --
Save Money On Energy Bills Means No Heating For Many
Shocking. One can only imagine how many people have frozen to death already. -- RF
Dark times ahead as plans to switch off more streetlights revealed
Students and unions stage protests over fees and cuts

-- US --
Medical examiner: Pentagon official died after assault
For Governors, Medicaid Looks Ripe for Slashing
California gov orders fleet reduction
Downsize, downsize, downsize. -- RF
Airlines consider capacity cuts as jet fuel prices soars
Downsize, downsize, downsize. -- RF
Army Will Shed Thousands of Vehicles From Truck Fleet
The Hidden Financial Benefits of Downsizing
There are proven ways to downsize; consider that less can be more
The CBO Smokes Crack (Automatic Earth)
The Bears Explain Banker Bailouts And The Screwing Of The American People (video)
Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Update: Week Of January 26 - $1.129 Trillion In UST Holdings
State budget cuts may mean hundreds of nursing homes close, industry warns (Texas)

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