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News Links, January 31, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Egyptian Unrest Has Repercussions in Global Economy
Saudi needs 5 million more jobs by 2030 - labour minister
Saudi exchange tumbles on Egypt protests
European Union talks on Greek debt as IMF flies in
"There is growing concern that the eurozone's weakest state will be unable to end its worst crisis in decades, without a sovereign default. Plans to buy back Greek debt at a discount – a scenario that economists call restructuring by stealth – are being given 'urgent consideration,' bankers and EU officials say."
China central bank says Fed easing ineffective and dangerous
Chinese Banks on the Prowl in Europe
China Opens a Door on Currency Swaps
"China will allow banks to trade currency swaps for corporate clients starting March 1, extending the use of the financial derivative beyond the interbank market."

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Poverty and joblessness fueling Mideast unrest
Tunisian leader returns from exile
"Rachid Ghannouchi, leader of the previously banned al-Nahda party, returns home after 21 years in the UK."
Will Obama 'lose' Saudi Arabia?
Buildings burn, death toll mounts in central Nigeria
"Youths dragged people from their cars and murdered them at illegal roadblocks in central Nigeria over the weekend, while rioters burned fuel stations and homes in the latest clashes between Christian and Muslim gangs."
Sudan police clash with protesters
"Anti-government demonstrators in Khartoum faced riot police in protests inspired by those in Egypt and Tunisia."
Thousands in Pakistan rally against American
U.S. report: Iraq's security at risk without aid
"Without more help — and quickly — Iraqi security forces may not be able to protect the fragile nation from insurgents and invaders after American troops leave at the end of the year, according to a U.S. report released Sunday."
Libya Next?

-- Egypt --
Egypt's Military Ramps Up Presence As Thousands Protest In Cairo
Al Jazeera In Cairo Being Shut Down, Press Credentials Revoked: Egypt State TV
Al Jazeera undeterred by Egypt curb
"Will continue its comprehensive coverage of landmark events there, says network chief."
Protests over Egypt's Mubarak spread to US cities
Saudi Arabia Voices Support for Mubarak
Egyptian military delegation at Pentagon for annual meeting
Locals in Sharm-el-Sheikh convinced Mubarak is holed up there
ElBaradei urges U.S. to abandon Mubarak
Mohamed ElBaradei: 'It is total chaos. Mubarak must go'
Security vacuum hits Egypt
"Streets of Cairo are tense as days of protests result in police leaving their posts."
Armed gangs free Muslim militants in Egypt
U.S. making plans to fly Americans out of Egypt
Egypt's Economic Tragedy In 3 Simple Charts
A Frightening Lawlessness Takes Hold In Egypt
Egypt crisis: Looters destroy mummies in Cairo museum
As the world falls into chaos, unfortunately nothing will be sacred. -- RF
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood eyes unity gov't without Mubarak (Haaretz)

-- Energy/resources --
Egyptian civil strife sends oil close to $100 on Suez Canal fears
Oil ETF Call Trades Soar to Record Amid Egypt Unrest
RPT-US Nov oil imports from Saudi Arabia up 32 pct-EIA

-- Got food? --
Rising Food Prices Can Topple Governments, Too
Should You Eat like a Caveman?
Like the theory of central heating (below), many people will in the near future be trying this new way of life, like it or not -- RF
An era of cheap food may be drawing to a close

-- Environment/health --
Central Heating May Be Making Us Fat
We'll have ample opportunity to test this theory in the near future. -- RF

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Some Egyptians take up arms amid security concerns
Oman says busts UAE spy network, UAE denies role
South Korea set to try captured Somali pirates
The Koreans are wasting their time. Trying and imprisoning a handful of pirates will have zero deterrent effect, especially as poverty, continuing world economic deterioration, worsening security, and increasing opportunity lure even more into piracy. The world had better adjust to the new normal. -- RF

-- China --
Millions face water shortage in China
China to take measures to ensure energy supplies in 2011: NEA
"The government will boost energy production and control consumption."
Just watch. "Control consumption" will mean more fuel shortages and power cuts. -- RF
China Steps Up Web Censorship

-- UK --
Rash of luxury bars opens across London
Are these meant to service the new aristocracy? -- RF
Young and unemployed: a generation scarred for life
Economic indicators: UK inflation

-- US --
Groton Guard detachment is heading to Egypt
"Connecticut National Guard Detachment 2, Company I, 185th Aviation Regiment of Groton has mobilized and will deploy to the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, to support the Multinational Force and Observers."
Even President Obama Is Watching Al Jazeera
Los Angeles Shows Support for Egypt with Anti-Mubarak Rally at Federal Building
House Speaker Boehner warns against debt default
Budget-Strapped States Might Prefer To Be Bankrupt
NYC Mayor Warns of Mass Teacher Layoffs

And finally...
Banker Jokes
Queen's composer demands clampdown on piped muzak
California's 'Geezer Bandit' strike for the 13th time
Pope suffers dove malfunction
If this isn't a sign of the times, I don't know what is. -- RF

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