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News Links, February 14, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Latest Trade Report a Prelude to the Dollar Collapse?
Japan economy to drop to third place behind China
Irish Debt Rating Cut to Junk by Moody's
Bridgestone to raise passenger car tire prices by 8% (Japan)
Three shocking events leading to the next phase of the debt crisis (US)
Freedom in Middle East carries cost we all might pay
PM Zenawi suggests Ethiopia's economy near "Collapse"
Japan Oct.-Dec. GDP down 1.1%, only half of forecast
Pakistan cuts Cabinet in 'austerity'

-- Egypt --
Egypt to Sell $1.1 Billion in Post-Mubarak Bill Sale
Egypt's military dissolves parliament, sets September vote
Egypt Crisis: Fears rising for prospects of protest-battered economy
Egypt's Central Bank Orders Banks Closed Feb. 14 Due to Employee Protests

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Deadly grenade attack in Mexico
Protests Expand Across Arab Nations
Yemeni police block protesters' march on palace
Iran opposition planning protests
Algeria opposition says to hold weekly rallies
Gaddafi tells Palestinians: Revolt against Israel
Maltese bulk carrier believed seized by pirates

-- Energy/resources --
Why New Nuclear Reactor Loan Guarantees are Now More Imprudent than ever
"The nuclear power industry is dead in the water today in the U.S. because nuclear power is simply too expensive."
The truth behind India's nuclear renaissance
Power outages in south Delhi
Russia should keep oil output at 2010 level of 505 million tonnes per year - Mr Putin

-- Got food? --
North Korea Feeling The Strain: Food Shortage Is Getting Serious
Rice shortage fear (Malaysia)
Rice Speculators Expect 50% Jump In Price
Severe food shortage looms nation-wide (Tanzania)

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Central Asia: Decay and Decline
"Almost two decades after independence, Central Asian countries have nearly run down the schools, clinics, hospitals, roads and power plants built in Soviet times. The region is entering a period when systemic collapse of infrastructure for education, healthcare, transportation and energy is becoming increasingly likely. The risk is particularly high in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan."
"In five to ten years there will be no teachers to lead classes, no doctors to treat the sick and the absence of electricity will become a norm."

-- China --
Car plates a prize asset as new rules take effect (Shanghai)
China faces arduous task of fighting drought despite snowfall, irrigation
CPPCC delegation leaves for African visit

-- UK --
Bank bonuses 'offensive' says Vince Cable
Vince Cable: Big banks should be split up

-- US --
Pentagon seeks $553 billion
"Despite calls on Capitol Hill for major defense budget cuts, the Pentagon this week will unveil the largest budget in its history -- driven by an expanding list of what defines national security."
The Budget Carnage Begins (Decline of the Empire)
Canada pipeline deal too costly, officials in Kansas say
Texas (really, Texas) considering tax on gas guzzlers
Katrina's ruins home to thousands of homeless
Fannie, Freddie bailout: $153 billion ... and counting
Economic collapse is already in progress
Nevada's leaders face yet more budget austerity

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