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News Links, February 15, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Asia's Inflation Could Spread, IMF Official Warns
Analysts: By Spring, Clothes Will Be 10 Percent More Expensive
The final liberalization of the Renminbi
"Analysts predict that next month Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will announce a plan to achieve the full convertibility of the renminbi within five years."
"Get Ready For Margin Collapse" Goes Mainstream
Airline trade body says 3.3 bln passengers by 2014
Won't happen. -- RF
India Inflation Eases, But Rate Rise Looms
The Economic Recovery Is Sparking Inflation Fears Around The World

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
New protests as Arab unrest spreads
Egypt's new military regime to effectively outlaw strikes
Egypt crisis: Protests switch to demands on pay
In Iran, Bahrain and Yemen, protesters take to streets
Protesters, police clash in Bahrain on "Day of Rage"
Iran opposition protests, agency reports shooting
Police chief killed in Mexico's richest city
Mexicans protest over surge in drug war violence
In the end, this will prove to be about as effective as calling for an end to marine piracy. -- RF
Brazil aims to expand arms industry market in S. America
Russia: Foreign Power May Have Disabled Satellite

-- Energy/resources --
Copper Advances as China Unexpectedly Boosts Imports; Tin Gains to Record
How new paint job aims to cut Easyjet's fuel bills
Too little, too late. -- RF
Rubber Hits An All Time High
Japan Plans To Build Newest World's Fastest Train
This maglev plan has been ballyhooed for years, but it will never happen. -- RF
The Yamal-Europe Natural Gas Pipeline
Peak Oil: Low Quality is What is Killing Us, Not Low Quantity
A very good essay. It's important to understand that when it comes to energy and resources, quality is everything. -- RF
Asian Thermal Coal Contracts May Rise 36% to Record After Rains
Obama Seeks to Cut Clean-Diesel, Fuel-Cell Funding
Indian power cos may shift focus to African continent for coal
The coming misery that Big Oil discusses behind closed doors (Foreign Policy)

-- Got food? --
Wheat Rises to Highest Since 2008 on Demand, China Drought
Roubini's Next Crisis Is Scary Food for Thought
Rising Milk Prices Are `New Normal,' Head of Largest Dairy Exporter Says

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Social Security Administration's data center nearing 'catastrophic failure' (US)

-- China --
According To Its National Bureau Of Statistics, Chinese Food Prices Have Increased By 4.6% In Ten Days!
China goes on the rails to rival Panama canal
Massive Population Lifts Nation's Growth
Under the energy-expansion phase of industrial civilization, a large and growing population was an asset, but as energy decline bites, large populations will become screaming liabilities. -- RF

-- UK --
House prices 'set to fall in 2011'
Revealed: how energy firms spy on environmental activists

-- US --
Obama proposes $3.73 trillion 2012 budget, pledging $1.1 trillion in deficit cuts over decade
Geithner Quietly Tells Obama Debt-to-GDP Cost Poised to Increase to Record
Rural post offices put on notice in face of DIY digital age
A Policy Dilemma: Budget Deficit vs. Infrastructure Deficit
States Aim Ax at Health Cost of Retirement
South Carolina Politico Wants to Create State Currency
"State Sen. Lee Bright introduced legislation to create a new state currency in the event of a breakdown of the Federal Reserve System."
Congressman Ron Paul booted from conservative group for anti-war views
"The conservative group Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) announced Saturday that Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) would be expelled from the group's National Advisory Board because of his 'delusional and disturbing alliance with the fringe Anti-War movement.'"
You can't make this stuff up. -- RF
Anger rising as Gulf spill claims process drags
Grand Theft USA – Prices Go Parabolic
Goldman Sachs Cannot Stop Taking Over the Government
Housing Crash Is Hitting Cities Once Thought to Be Stable
Seniors 'Near Poverty' at Risk in Deficit Cuts
Economy Flight 666 - Our One-Way Ticket To Zimbabwe
At $1.3 Billion, Insider Sales Surge To Highest Of 2011, Double Last Week's Total

And finally... When Sausages Fly

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