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News Links, February 16, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Eurozone agrees bail-out fund of 500bn euros
The First Bondholders In Europe Have Faced A Haircut And It May Not Be The Last
China Sells Treasurys for Second Month
France wants new global finance system
Egypt Calls on Nations to Provide Economic Assistance
Silver 12 Cents Away From Post Hunt Brothers Closing High
China's Economic "Hard Landing" Will Cause a Commodity Crash, Says Gary Shilling
World Auto Sales: Record Year Expected
As Japan's economy slips to No. 3, further decline possible
Earth's Limits: Why Growth Won't Return (Richard Heinberg)

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Saudi king needs to step up reforms to curb dissent
Muslim Brotherhood: Wild Card In Egypt Power Game
Egypt's opposition fights itself as army tightens control
UAE most likely destination for Mubarak's billions
Tear gas used on Iran protesters
Iran unrest: MPs call for death of Mousavi and Karroubi
Morocco fears Algeria may stir Western Sahara unrest
Bahrain police 'fire' at protesters
Bahrain: protesters threaten Egypt-style permanent demonstration
Bahrain rioters to target Formula One with fresh protests
Protesters and loyalists clash in Yemen
Clinton expresses US support for Iran protesters
When protesters take to the streets in the US, will Clinton express her support for them? -- RF
Argentina accuses US of trying to smuggle weapons into country
"Relations between the US and Argentina have deteriorated after Buenos Aires lodged a formal complaint over a US military plane that landed late last week carrying guns, drugs and satellite phones."
Iraq protesters demand jobs in countrywide rallies
Mexico drug violence kills 18 in Tamaulipas state
Mexican drug gangsters menace natural gas drillers, demand protection money
Russia may deploy rockets on disputed islands: report
Russia is moving quickly to solidify its position on Japan's doorstep, as the Japanese leadership sputters and looks on helplessly. -- RF
Deadly clashes rock Russian region
Japan formin rebuffs Russia's warning over isle dispute
U.S. admiral: China's carrier killer won't stop U.S. Navy

-- Energy/resources --
Financiers Bullish on Geothermal, But Industry Must Address Drilling Risks
Green Energy Sector Weekly Update: The Enormous Potential of Waste to Biofuels
The huge blind spot in waste-to-energy schemes is that the waste stream is generated and maintained by the oil-powered economy. Even the large amount of plastic waste is made from oil. -- RF
Rise in copper prices lead to more thefts in Washington state (US)
Russia Embraces Risky Offshore Arctic Drilling
Genetically Modified Prairie Grass Yields Cheaper, More Abundant Ethanol
Harvested with machines that are built and powered with fossil fuels. Sounds like a winner. -- RF
Trillions for biomass projects fruitless (Japan)
BHP Billiton profits up 72% on surging demand

-- Got food? --
Climate Change May Cause `Massive' Food Supply Disruptions, Verghese Says
The Global Pain of Rising Food Prices
China hoards grain as food prices rise
The world is one poor harvest away from chaos (Lester Brown)
"Everything now depends on this year's harvest. "
Food prices at dangerous levels: Robert Zoellick
West Africa Rising: Could rising food prices spark Egypt-style revolt in Africa?

-- Environment/health --
Gulf coast residents: "We're Poisoned. We're Sick."
China Orders Film And TV Producers To Limit Smoking On Screen

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Clinton Pledges $25 Million for Net Freedom Fighters
Clinton: Dictators Will Pay A Price If They Try To Shut Off The Web
Prediction: When the internet is shut down in the US, we won't hear Clinton protesting. -- RF
Israel video shows Stuxnet as one of its successes

-- China --
China: Monetary Statistics for January
China's Inflation Exceeds Target, Adding Rates Pressure

-- UK --
U.K. Clean Energy Goals Seen Threatened by Engineer Shortage, FT Says
Another indication of the growing worldwide shortage of engineers and skilled workers. -- RF
33,000 homes set for repossession
UK inflation rate rises to 4% in January

-- US --
Neither US Party Serious About Cutting Deficit: Roubini
Federal budget cuts could hit hard in Washington state
House Extends Key Patriot Act Provisions
Ariz. may require hospitals to check citizenship
Brown Orders Freeze on Hiring for California State Workers to Trim Deficit
Obama's Budget is a Fantastic Comedy (Chris Martenson)
Gas Prices Hit Record Levels for February
America's Skilled Worker Shortage
Delta, American boost some air fares by up to $120
Tax Supported Munis May Be Riskier Than You Think
The Muni Debt Crisis in 4 Paragraphs
Calling Meredith Whitney! -- RF
Homeland security: New York City a big winner in FY 2012 budget proposal
Wisconsin National Guard Preps For Worker Unrest After Governor Unveils Emergency Budget
Possible Mexican Military Incursion On U.S. Soil
Fed dictator Bernanke needs to be toppled: Fed reign of terror must end (Paul B. Farrell)
"Fed boss Ben Bernanke is the most dangerous human on earth, far more dangerous than Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's 30-year dictator, ever was. Bernanke rules a monetary dictatorship that will trigger the coming third meltdown of the 21st century."
Option ARM Time Bomb Blows Early, Easing Damage to U.S. Housing
Number Of New Yorkers Receiving Food Stamps Reaches 3 Million
Congressman Ron Paul slams Obama: 'He's a warmonger'

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