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News Links, February 18, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Global Petrol Subsidies
Window Open for More PBOC Liquidity Tightening
For Germany's Banks, a Grim Future
South Korea suspends two savings banks
Ivory Coast crisis intensifies as largest bank shuts its doors
Nigerian Inflation Accelerates on Higher Food, Energy Prices
Asia's burning hot... from Bernanke's fuel?
Japan-China Trade Up 30% To Top $300bn In 2010
China is richer, but most Chinese are still poor
Portugal Bond Yield Hits Another All Time High
Tips to Protect Yourself From a Worthless Dollar
India's Gold Demand Beggars Belief

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Saudi prince calls for reform amid regional unrest
"A Saudi Arabian prince has said that the protests and unrest in Arab countries may be dangerous for his country if King Abdullah does not step up the pace of reform."
Bahrain military moves in after police storm protest camp
Bahrain: terror as protesters shot. Live updates
Gaddafi sweats as wave of Arab unrest reaches Libya
Deadly 'day of rage' in Libya
"Reports of more than a dozen deaths as protesters heed calls for mass protests against government, despite a crackdown."
Libya protests: Colonel Muammar Gaddafi turns helicopter gunships on own people
Yemeni president tries to avert revolution as antigovernment voices grow louder
Yemen unrest: Dozens injured in Sanaa clashes
Egypt: Iran asks for warships to pass Suez Canal
As Egypt Decides Whether To Allow Iran Warships To Pass Suez, Here Is An Update Of US Naval Deployments
Confiscated U.S. Military Cargo in Argentina Was For A South American Black Op; CIA Operatives Under Investigation
North Korea completes second missile site
U.N: Iran nuke plant recovered from attack
Iraq war: why US military withdrawal might not happen in 2011
Territory talks 'meaningless' if Japan takes radical stance: Russia
"Radical stance" = demand for return of islands. The best Japan can hope for now is a little piece of the action by providing some development capital. -- RF
In dramatic turnaround, US to censure Israel in Security Council
The US has noticed which way the wind is blowing in the Middle East. -- RF

-- Energy/resources --
Saudi to start storing crude in Japan as scheduled
"Darkness Inc" means power cuts to weary Senegalese
Is shale Oil the Answer to Peak Oil?
Progress Energy Won't Build New Reactors Before 2020 (US)
The nuclear renaissance keeps receding into the future. -- RF
Total Joins BP, Exxon in Rush for Offshore Oil Riches
Because offshore is where the action is. -- RF
LNG-Tanker Rates Doubling as Ship Glut Erodes: Freight Markets

-- Got food? --
Wheat in China Drought Area May Recover, Official Says
We had all better hope so, but this sounds more like a lame attempt to allay fears. -- RF
Egyptians face food hardship after protests
Can US farmers beat the heat?

-- Environment/health --
Frog hunt ends: Most still absent
Preparing For Sea Level Rise, Islanders Leave Home
Solar flare eruptions set to reach Earth

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Canada hit by cyberattack from China computers: report
Tiny 'Hummingbird' May Someday Fly Spy Missions For The Military
Judging by the video, it's nearly ready for prime time. -- RF
The real challenge for Internet freedom? US hypocrisy. And there's no app for that.
Report: Less Than Half Of The U.S.-Mexico Border Is Secure
Former CIA analyst accosted during Clinton speech about tolerating free expression
Republicans seek to quash 'net neutrality' rules

-- China --
Non-locals have to pay income tax for 5 years before purchasing home
China Reports $75.5 Billion in 'Hot Money' Inflows
China's Jiangsu sees 10 GW summer power shortage-paper

-- UK --
NHS hospitals begin axing frontline staff despite government pledge
UK house-building at lowest level since 1923

-- US --
Budget Meltdown, San Jose Says Public Safety At Risk
"In a worst-case scenario, the city says 349 police officers and 145 firefighters would be let go. The city would also have to think about shutting off neighborhood streetlights and eliminating some gang prevention programs."
U.S. close to punishing banks over foreclosures
Derailed? Third GOP governor rejects Obama high-speed rail plan.
Rail is badly needed, but not high-speed rail. -- RF
Patriot Act Extension Lands on Obama's Desk
Consumer prices show inflation turning up
U.S. Economy: Consumer Prices Rise More Than Forecast
Democrats flee Wisconsin Senate to slow anti-union bill
Public Employee Union Protests Spread From Wisconsin to Ohio
The Revolt Spreads to America
The Collapse of America's Labor Force
Jobless face rising discrimination
State Pension Plans Scramble to Avoid Bankruptcy
Memo to Homebuilders: Please Stop Building!
Once the heart of the suburbs, many strip malls are struggling
Obama Administration calls for 5% royalty on gross proceeds of mines

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