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News Links, February 20, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Fear of 'Catastrophic' Crash Rising Despite Bull Market
South Korea Suspends Four Savings Banks for Six Months in Liquidity Crunch
India, Brazil to Press China on Yuan
Morgan Stanley lays out China doomsday scenario
China's bubble will burst - and take Asia with it, says Jim Chanos
Chinese buying of gold, silver exploding
Russian Finance Minister Kudrin Says China Failing to Drive Global Growth
Kudrin: Russia strugging to control prices
Irish deposit sales cause ECB borrowing spike: source
Trichet Declines to Comment on Reports Irish Bank Borrowing Raised Costs
World Bank's Zoellick Calls For Overhaul Of Monetary System, Says Yuan Should Get Prominent Role
Hedge Funds May Pose Systemic Risk in Crisis, U.S. Report Says

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Next stop: The House of Saud
"It's wishful thinking to bet on the House of Saud reforming itself - not while enjoying extraordinary oil wealth and maintaining a vast repression apparatus, more than enough to buy or intimidate any form of dissent."
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah expected back home within days
"Analysts say Abdullah might announce some reforms to address dissent in the Gulf Arab state. Diplomats do not expect unrest like that in Egypt or Tunisia but the kingdom faces challenges such as high youth unemployment and a massive housing shortage."
Thousands protest in Bolivia over food prices
Tens of thousands hold new protest in Albania seeking government's resignation
Report: Scores killed in Libya protests
Al Jazeera says signal jammed, Libya blocks website
Egyptians celebrate but military starts talking tough, says won't tolerate strikes
Protesters In Algeria Plan Second Pro-Democracy Rally
Algerian police break up protest
30 wounded in Kuwait protests on Friday - sources
Oman protesters call for political reform, pay rise
Bahrain protesters swarm square, police flee
Bahrain orders military off streets of capital
Bahrain: Key U.S. Military Hub
Yemen security forces kill protester
Ivory Coast police fire live rounds to disperse protest as African Union ponders mediation
Iran naval ships to cross Suez Canal on Monday
Iran warns opposition against staging fresh rallies
Latin America calls for boosting ties with the Middle East
Egypt's Suez Now Faces Labor Unrest
US In Secret Talks With Taliban
Arab League sees grave situation and wants summit
Russia warns US against permanent Afghan bases
'Day of rage' called by Palestinians to protest US veto
Roundup: Cote d'Ivoire faces fuel shortage after closure of major banks

-- Energy/resources --
Russia coal shipments hit by worst ice since 2003
Ontarians fear skyrocketing energy bills, poll shows
Outlook for Exxon includes growing production costs
"In some cases, production costs increase so much that it makes sense not to proceed with oil field development, which in turn impacts total oil production globally."

-- Got food? --
Major portion of China's wheat crop remains at risk
Soaring Feed Prices Pit Poultry Producers Against Chicken Catchers
World Feeding Itself Spurs Search for Answers

-- Environment/health --
Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily
"Oil from the BP spill remains stuck on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a top scientist's video and slides that she says demonstrate the oil isn't degrading as hoped and has decimated life on parts of the seafloor."
'Significant flooding' likely in central U.S. by spring
U.K. Gangs May Be Dumping Toxic Waste in West Africa, Asia, FT Reports

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Libya Internet Shut Down Amid Protests, Per Multiple Reports
Night Dragon attacks target technology in energy industry
What would you do if nothing works?
This article posits cyberattacks, but general systemic failure will certainly be another major cause of internet and other system outages. -- RF

-- China --
China cracks down on call for 'Jasmine Revolution'
US and Canadian log and lumber exports to China up over 150 percent in 2010
China Increases Gas, Diesel Prices

-- UK --
Pensioners £80bn 'out of pocket' from underestimated inflation rate
The price of pork could rise due to production costs
House prices 'to fall by 20%'

-- US --
Wisconsin: Ground zero in battle over clout of labor unions in US
40,000 at Wisconsin Capitol to Protest Elimination of Labor Rights
Could Minnesota See Similar Union Fights As Wisconsin?
Report: Mass. cities face $20B health care burden
Retiring Boomers Find 401(k) Plans Fall Short
"Facing shortfalls, many people are postponing retirement, moving to cheaper housing, buying less-expensive food, cutting back on travel, taking bigger risks with their investments and making other sacrifices they never imagined."
National Grid plans to downsize by 1,200 US jobs
U.S. House Votes to Cut $61 Billion in Government Spending
Prepare To Give Up All Private Data For Any Gold Purchase Over $100
Gasoline hits a high for February
U.S. Loans in Foreclosure Tie Record as Lenders Delay Seizures
Kids In California School Tracked By GPS If They Cut Class

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