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News Links, February 22, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Vietnam Takes Aim at Curbing Inflation
"The proposed policy changes to combat price pressures come as the government Monday announced plans to raise retail electricity prices by an average 15.3% on March 1—more than double last year's increase."
Egypt to Raise $936 Million in T-Bill Auctions as Mideast Unrest Spreads
Iceland's President Vetoes Icesave Deal
Middle East Unrest And European Contagion
"Tripoli is not very far from Lisbon and the distance gets closer every day."
South Africa to cut unemployment to 15% by 2020 in Asian-inspired plan (currently 24.5%)
Abu Dhabi, Qatar Lead Rise in Mideast Debt Risk on Oil Concern
Chavez Currency Market Takeover Spurs Bank Lines for Dollar
ECB Emergency Overnight Borrowings Near Record For Third Day In A Row
Spain's Cajas Have $137 Billion of Potential Bad Loans, Central Bank Says
As Korean Bank Run Accelerates, Financial Services Chairman Deposits $17,864 To Demonstrate All Is Well
Japan Long-Term Jobless Swelled To Record 1.21mn In '10
Silver Prices Hit 31-Year High
Gold futures rally above $1,400 an ounce
Europe's Debt Crisis Rumbles On

-- Libya --
Libya warplanes bombing Tripoli: resident
Two Libyan pilots defect, say ordered to bomb protesters
Gadhafi's Son Says Father In Libya, Will Fight 'Until The Last Bullet'
William Hague on Gaddafi Venezuela flight rumours
Venezuela denies reports Gaddafi on his way there
Gadhafi says he is in Tripoli, not Venezuela
Europe plans for Libya evacuation
Libya protests spread as barrier of fear crumbles
Libya: up to a million refugees could pour into Europe
Oil Majors Stall Libya Drilling, Evacuate Staff
Oil industry's US-Libya business group sees website go dark amid violent uprising

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Canada U.S. agree to use each other's troops in civil emergencies (Daily Paul)
Bahrain protesters seek to overthrow royal family
Increased U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan killing few high-value militants
Ivory Coast protesters killed calling for Laurent Gbagbo to step down
Deadly attack on Somali police base
Ciudad Juarez sees 40 killed in violent weekend
Arrested US official Raymond Allen Davis is actually CIA contractor
Tunisia asks Saudi Arabia: Is Ben Ali dead?
Army Special Ops Continues to Grow, Increase Optempo
'Unrecognisable' world by 2050 without production changes
Morocco to China: A Hemisphere in Revolt

-- Energy/resources --
Why Saudi is now in play
Oil Rises to Highest Since 2008 as Libya Unrest Stokes Concern
Brent Crude Jumps to Two-Year High Above $108, Gold Rises on Libya Unrest
Spare Capacity Theory (another reality check from Gregor Macdonald)
Why are WTI and Brent Oil Prices so Different?
Brazil's Oil Reserves Believed to Be Close to 30 Billion Barrels
"But reaching those deposits will be very costly and pose an enormous technical challenge because they are located at depths of between 5,000-7,000 meters (16,400-22,950 feet). Drastic changes in temperature as the oil is brought to the surface also add to the technical complexity of developing those fields."
Petrobras CEO Says Brazil Oil Refining At Limit
Petrobras seeking $17 bn from investors
Gazprom ready for regular gas deliveries to USA
U.S. oil prices don't matter at the pump

-- Got food? --
Record U.S. Cattle, Hog Prices Seen on Shrinking Herds, China
Nations May Expand Food Stockpiles, Subsidies, Traders Say
The Population Bomb Echoes
If You Still Don't Think The Weather Is To Blame For Grain Prices, See This Chart
A Look Behind Rising Food Prices: Population Growth; Rising Oil Prices; Weather Events
Hungry for a solution to rising food prices
Iraq trades F-16s for food for poor

-- Environment/health --
GoM: Infant dolphins dying in high numbers

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Telecom outage affects 5000 customers (NZ)
Japan rebuilds foreign intelligence service to spy on neighbours
ICE Agent's Murder In Mexico Could Become a Cold Case

-- China --
China Jan. jet fuel import price up 3.5 pct on month to 6,780 yuan/t
China May Force Banks to Plan in Case of Financial Crisis
Drought leaves 190,000 short of water in SW China county
Nation to be world's top grocery market

-- UK --
PM paves way for privatisation of public services
More towns lose their last bank as lenders renege on promises

-- US --
Illinois may seek federal guarantee of pension bonds
No pensions keeping older workers on job
Gas Prices Soar 20% In A Year
Uncle Sam Wants You. . .to Buy Treasury Bonds
The Union Fight in Wisconsin Means Trouble for Munis
Wisconsin labor unrest spills across Lake Michigan
Troopers would 'absolutely' use force on Wisc. protesters if ordered
"Almost no chance" Obama budget adopted: Moody's
Some schools cut lunch options for kids who struggle to pay
Luxury spending begins to rise
Imported Inflation Hits US Consumer Prices

And finally...
National Institute For Civil Discourse To Open At University of Arizona
"Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush will serve as honorary chairmen." Fantastic. When the gas and food riots start, we'll see how well they do. -- RF
Man shot dead for eating popcorn too loudly during Black Swan

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