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News Links, February 28, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Saudi Stocks Drop to Nine-Month Low, Leading Mideast, on Region's Unrest
Mexico Could End Up as a Failed State
"Money transfers from expats now represent Mexico's no. 2 source of revenue after proceeds from oil exports. Many Mexican households depend on remittances to meet normal living expenses. Unfortunately for Mexico, however, there has been no U.S. economic recovery that has shown up in the external dinero import numbers."
Egypt Bans Export Of Gold "In Any Form"

## Libya ##
US neo-cons urge Libya intervention
Libyan rebels say they don't want foreign intervention
Libya rescue: UK forces to continue mission
We must stand ready to intervene in Libya
"Britain and its allies must explore how armed humanitarian intervention could take place in Libya, says Sir Richard Dalton, former British ambassador to Libya."
UK businesses fear collapse of £1.5bn trade links with Libya
Libyan rebels take control of city close to capital
Lebanese protest against sectarian political system
Gaddafi forces abandon Tripoli neighborhoods

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
North Korea threatens to fire at South Korea
Decapitated bodies displayed in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
Oman clashes: Two killed during protests in Gulf state
Saudi king orders more state jobs and faces reforms calls
Saudi King Orders Permanent State Jobs for Citizens

## Energy/resources ##
South Korea Raises Energy Alert Level as Crude Prices Jump
"Under the 'yellow' level, the government will limit power use in public buildings, apartments and shops, while turning off unnecessary lights in streets, according to the statement."
South Korea has become a bellwether showing how the power crisis will unfold as industrial civilization declines. -- RF
Oil price set to double if production is cut off (David Strahan at The Independent)
Dar on brink of darkness as power crisis deepens (Tanzania)
Power crisis in Mindanao looms
"Members of the Mindanao bloc in the House of Representatives expressed alarm over the looming power crisis in Mindanao due to the breakdown of some power plant facilities."
Massachusetts company makes diesel simply with sun, water, carbon dioxide; skeptics leery
'Sanctions-Hit' Iran Sells More Oil As Libyan Exports Dwindle
When the believers stop believing: Chesapeake dumps shale gas assets
Egypt may not resume gas deliveries to Israel - report
Cotton Prices Hit Record Levels

## Got food? ##
Tips to attract bees to your yard
"First, learn to live with dandelions."
America's Future Farmers Already Dropping Away
Soon, many people will become instant farmers. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
30 people freeze to death in Poland

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
12km Traffic Jam Highlights Woes in Infrastructure (Indonesia)
"For several days, hundreds of frustrated truck drivers have had to eat and sleep on the road to the port city of Merak, Banten... The damage has been done, though. Perishable goods like fruit and vegetables have rotted. Reports say the prices of chili and tofu in some markets in Lampung have already increased as a result. Some of the drivers reportedly resorted to selling some of their cargo to buy food and drink."

## China ##
China's Wen Vows to Contain Food, Home Prices Amid `Jasmine' Protest Calls
China Police Blanket Planned `Jasmine' Protest Sites in Beijing, Shanghai
China's jasmine revolution: police but no protesters line streets of Beijing
Freezing weather returns to Central, East China
Wen Says China to Lower Growth Target
"'We'll never seek economic growth rate and big size at the price of environment,' Mr. Wen told Chinese Internet users in an online chat Sunday in which he disclosed the new target. 'That would result in unsustainable growth featuring industrial overcapacity and intensive resource consumption.'"
They've already got "unsustainable growth featuring industrial overcapacity and intensive resource consumption"! -- RF

## UK ##
Liam Fox: Libya will send strategic shock waves through Arab world
"Dr Liam Fox has pledged to strengthen Britain's Special Forces in response to the turmoil sweeping through the Arab world."
Fears for UK infrastructure as copper thefts reach all-time high
"The epidemic, fuelled by the soaring cost of copper, is only expected to get worse, affecting gas supplies, electricity companies and telecoms cables."

## US ##
Wisconsin National Guard has toured multiple prisons
Governors To Feds: Help Us Avoid Financial Disaster
Wisconsin governor says won't back down in union battle
Downtown LA Rally Brings Out Thousands In Support Of Wisconsin Protesters
Around the US, rallies lend moral support to Wisconsin public workers
When Government Debt Gets in the Way of the American Dream
Even if protesters win the battle, they have already lost the war. -- RF
Medicare wipes out Social Security COLA
On Wall Street, Nobody Goes To Jail
Governors Meet As Pro-Union Protests Spread
Risk of Widespread Municipal Bond Defaults Near `Zero,' Moody's Zandi Says
Keep on dreaming! -- RF
Prices are rising with the money supply (on food inflation)
Marc Faber: "I Think We Are All Doomed"
Budget 'Catastrophe' Means DoD Cuts

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