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News Links, February 3, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Oil price threatens to erase airline profit, IATA
As noted previously, in the future only the rich will fly. -- RF
More Investors Position for Possibility of U.S. Default (Wall Street Journal)
China to raise interest rates within month - report
Arab rich mull moving wealth on Egypt concerns
Euro zone closer to new anti-crisis package
Central Bankers Strike 'Devils Bargain'; US 'Heart Transplant': Gross
Rising Singapore Wealth Means Family Dinner Becomes Bali Break
I'm afraid Singapore is going to suffer a very hard landing. -- RF
Euro Declines From Almost Three-Month High After S&P Cuts Ireland's Rating
€40 Billion Deposit Flight In December Brings Total Irish Bank Run To €110 Billion For 2010
Stiglitz Says Europe Faces 'Disastrous' Budget Austerity Drive
U.S. to Sell $72 Billion in Debt as Limit Nears
The Super Rich at Davos: 40 years of disaster
As rich get richer, we head for inflationary doom (Caixin)

-- Egypt --
Mubarak pledge to step down dismissed as too slow
Mubarak Wants One Last Crackdown for The Road
"Most defiantly, [Mubarak] rejected calls from foreign dignitaries (and forecasting models) to flee Egypt, vowing, 'I will die on its soil.' Many in the streets seem to want to oblige him."
Signal disruptions hit Al Jazeera
Egypt's undercover police behind museum looting, group claims
Leading Egyptian Facebook Activist Arrested, Friends Say
Egypt Returns to the Internet
Pro-Mubarak mob attacks protesters with stones, fire-bombs
Petrol shortage hits Cairo as turmoil disrupts supply

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Yemen opposition party says protests to go on
Get Ready, Yemen's About To Have Its Own "Day Of Rage" Tomorrow
Four police killed in Russia's Muslim North Caucasus
Capital Leaving Middle East Looking For Safe Havens In Hard Assets and Oil
"Only One Nation, Iran, Comes Out of This With a Win/Win."
Egypt's neighbors share catalysts for unrest
How revolt in Egypt, Tunisia plays in South Africa
After Egypt's protests, Jordan's king faces more assertive public
Six countries in the Arab world where 'winds of change' are blowing
The Arab Nationalist Reawakening in Egypt and Beyond

-- Energy/resources --
Is West Texas Intermediate still the global benchmark for oil prices? (Jeff Rubin)
Oil firm after spiking above $102
Power shortage linked to unaffordable fuel cost (Pakistan)
Alternative Energy, Fossil Fuels and the Importance of Middle East Oil (in charts and graphs)
Cotton Rises to Record as Adverse Weather Cuts World Supply
Daily Adventures In 'Limit Up' Zimbabwefication: Cotton Explodes As Asian Mills Panic
Supply and demand gap for natural gas widening in Middle East
S.Africa says coal for power a priority

-- Got food? --
Bangladesh institutes food rationing system for the poor
How U.S. Income Groups Get Squeezed By Food Prices
"Almost one third of the households in the U.S. spend close to or more than 20 percent of their annual income on food."
Gulf Arab governments tackle higher food prices
High Cost of Food Hits Businesses and Consumers
Could orange juice become a luxury?
Cyclone Yasi Hits Australian Sugar Crops, Price Advances to 30-Year High
Best way to beat food shortages: grow your own (Australia)

-- Environment/health --
Cyclone Yasi strikes North Queensland
Bedbugs' Bite on Hotels Spurs Call for Better Pesticides, U.S. Regulation

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
`Minority Report' May Come to Real World With Iris Recognition
Follow the Texting Teens for the Next Mideast Revolt
Digital Darkness: U.S., U.K. Companies Help Egyptian Regime Shut Down Telecommunications and Identify Dissident Voices
Canadian Internet usage caps under review
Internet usage will be rationed around the world, just like everything else. -- RF
EU asked to halt information clampdown
A Shortage of Power in Data Centers?

-- China --
Local chiefs set GDP targets too high for nation's good
"A rough calculation shows that to double the GDP in five years, an annual growth of 14.87 percent would be needed."

-- UK --
Children hit by rise in homeless in Wales
MPs hold crisis talks as Pfizer closes Sandwich plant
Unused public land to be freed for local use
Now here's a good idea! -- RF
Public services 'should share buildings to save costs'

-- US --
Dow Closes Above 12,000 For First Time Since 2008, but...
Stocks Up, Houses Down: Why Most Americans Continue to Lose Ground (Robert Reich)
How long can the party in stocks last? (Chris Martenson)
Joe Sixpack inhabits a different world from the rich who own most of the stocks. -- RF
Walking Away: Inside The Nevada Foreclosure Crisis
Economic Outlook: Those gilded golf carts
On Wall Street, Pay Vaults to Record Altitude
There you have it. The economy is in full recovery mode! -- RF
The Meredith Whitney Effect Has Its Most Violent Week Yet
Muni bonds get pounded. It appears that people are gettin' out while the gettin's good. -- RF
How the U.S. Government Manipulates Inflation Data
December Construction: Continuing Decline
America's Invisible Poor
Blizzard cuts power as deep freeze hits Midwest
Check Out The Incredible Spike In The Price Of Electricity In Texas Today
TARP Makes Future Bailouts More Likely: Top Official
Four Years of College Isn't for Everyone, Harvard Study Says
THE PERFECT BAILOUT: Fannie And Freddie Now Send Taxpayer Cash Directly To Wall Street
Teacher Tenure Under Attack by GOP Governors
Marc Faber Calls Bernanke A Liar, Thinks US Inflation Is Running Up To 8%
There's a black market for o.b. tampons (for reals)
Drug shortages trigger healthcare worries, rationing

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