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News Links, February 4, 2010

-- Global economic meltdown --
Free food and free money for Kuwaitis
The Youth Unemployment Bomb
Even Donald Trump Is Warning That An Economic Collapse Is Coming
"In a shocking new interview, Donald Trump has gone farther than he ever has before in discussing a potential economic collapse in America."
The BRIC Debate: Drop Russia, Add Indonesia?
Qantas Adds to Fuel Surcharge as Oil Price Rises
Raising debt ceiling raises roof for silver and gold
"Demand for silver is intense. After just one week, Canada's biggest bullion bank sold out its limited stock of 100-ounce silver bars. Now ScotiaMocatta has no silver bars to sell in any size. One ounce, 5 ounces, 100 ounces and the kilobars, all gone."
Cruel Irony: Dollar's Reserve Status Enables U.S. Debt Addiction
More Social Unrest, Currencies Turmoil: Jim Rogers
India's `Hamptons' Lures Rich, Famous as Economy Booms
The Next Crisis Most Likely a Run on European Banks, Michael Lewis Says
3 Japan Megabanks' Combined Net Profit Rose 150% In April-December
Gold buying spree grips Chinese households

-- Egypt --
Gunfire in Cairo as Mubarak Allies Battle Protesters
Cash-starved Egyptians turn on each other
Egyptian shipping shows signs of strain
Will the Egyptian Army Remove Mubarak?
What's Behind Egypt's Problems? (Analysis from The Oil Drum)
Peak Oil & Poverty - More Background on the Egyptian Popular Uprising
Journalists targeted, beaten, detained by Mubarak supporters
Journalists threatened, attacked, or detained (list)
Mubarak says he 'wants to go'
'If I Resign Today, There Will Be Chaos': Mubarak
Egypt crisis: the generals may not be open to Washington's persuasion
Shippers Concerned Over Possible Suez Canal Disruptions

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Taleb says Saudi Arabia is 'unstable' like Egypt
"The cost of insuring the sovereign debt of Saudi Arabia has soared 56 percent since January 27 to 117.4, according to CMA prices for credit-default swaps."
Over 20,000 take to streets in Yemen "Day of Rage"
U.S. Shadow War Will Go On, Whoever Runs Yemen
'Day of rage' protest urged in Syria
Could Syria see an uprising like Egypt's? Not likely.
"In Syria, opposition activists are organizing their own 'day of rage' – but longstanding intimidation tactics and repression make it unlikely significant numbers will be out on the streets."
Anti-government protests in 3 Arab states
Zardari stresses friendship with China
Algeria's 19-Year State Of Emergency To End, but demonstrations not allowed
Morocco government plays down call for protests
Angry Iraqis protest power and food shortages, three shot
U.N. maritime body launches anti-piracy drive
Go ahead. Launch your drive. See how much good it does. -- RF
Mexico Parents May Have Been Kidnapped En Masse, Leaving Dozens Of Children Homeless
Is Mexico at war? Conflict prompts linguistic debate

-- Energy/resources --
Mexico supplies electricity to wintry Texas
Punk US Oil Demand and Export Confusion
Bets on $250 Oil Rise as Traders See Saudi, Suez Risk
Brent Crude Tops $103 as Egypt Violence Escalates
Oil Climbs as Egypt Protests Turn Violent; Copper Rises to Record $10,000
How is an oil shortage like a missing cup of flour?
India says no solution on Iran oil payment issue
India's 2011/12 coal imports to jump 70 pct - minister
Coal prices may rise as Indonesia govt. blocks coal shipping

-- Got food? --
World food prices seen at record high in January
U.N. Food Price Index Hits Record High
Bad weather set to push record food prices higher
Experts Debate Limits of Fish Farming
CHART OF THE DAY: If You Think Wheat Prices Have Gotten Expensive...
Rice Takes Out December 2009 Highs, Next Stop: $20, As China Distributes Fake Plastic Rice

-- Environment/health --
Climate change will bring more monster winter storms (US)
Gulf of Mexico 'to recover from BP spill by end 2012', says administrator
Somalia drought 'threatens two million people'
Malaysian forests destroyed for palm oil
Hot Water Bottles and Other Old-Fashioned Ways to Keep Warm on the Cheap

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Mice trained for airport security
Dubai's artificial islands "sinking"
Dilemma For U.S.: Does Net Freedom Trump Security?
Can GridEye save America's power grid?
Egypt Hacked Vodafone to Send Pro-Regime Texts
Communications block cost Egypt $90 mln - OECD
Verizon to slow speeds for data hogs
Internet rationing — coming right up! -- RF

-- China --
Niels Jensen Asks If Plunging Chinese Power Output Is Indicative Of A "Dramatic Economic Slowdown"
Beijing, Shanghai power growth
China property bubble to pop this year, says analyst

-- UK --
46 deaths linked to Cumbria's freezing weather
Bus service axe 'will hit most needy'
Wealthy Britons Planning to Increase Spending in 2011, HSBC Says
The question is: How many un-wealthy Britons are planning to increase their spending? -- RF
EDF Energy puts up its prices
Average energy bills £65 higher than last year

-- US --
Bernanke: Economic Recovery Still Needs Fed's Help
Drug shortages forcing some risky alternatives
Cause of power shortage in Texas still unclear
Companies Stock Up as Commodities Prices Rise
"Companies contending with rising commodity prices are stockpiling rubber tires, cotton clothing and other goods."
Unemployment Will Prevent Fed From Rate Hike: Gross
House Republicans seek $32 billion in spending cuts
Pacifica Radio Broadcasting News from Al Jazeera English
Smell a rat? Then buy some gold.
Food stamp usage up 14 percent from last year
Now A Congressional Committee Wants Meredith Whitney To Testify And "Come Clean"
I hope Whitney sticks by her guns. Under energy decline, ultimately there is only one way for munis to go. -- RF
Ready for 'Splash Crash,' the Ultimate Market Meltdown?
"With memories of last May's "Flash Crash" still fresh in investors' minds, now comes warning of a market meltdown that could extend beyond stocks—a possible "Splash Crash" that also would affect currencies, commodities and bonds."
Credit Card Interest Rates Near 60% as Banks Return to Risky Borrowers
Is Egypt A Preview of 2015 America?
Housing Armageddon: 12 Facts Which Show That We Are In The Midst Of The Worst Housing Collapse In U.S. History
The Incredible Shrinking Social Security Fund
Many PA Gas Wells Go Unreported for Months

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