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News Links, February 5, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
Newmont CEO Expects up to $1500 Gold This Year
Franco-German Divide on Debt Crisis May Mark Europe Summit
France and Germany propose EU 'competitiveness pact'

-- Egypt --
Mass protests in city of Alexandria
Khamenei hails 'Islamic' uprisings
"Iranian supreme leader urges Egyptians to follow in the footsteps of Iran's 1979 revolution."
Troops in riot gear patrol Cairo as demonstrators plan mass protests
Lively community takes shape behind Cairo barricades
Egypt crisis: US 'negotiates Mubarak exit strategy'
Europe ups pressure on Mubarak, calling for immediate transition in Egypt
Mubarak's Hired Thugs: Rural Poor Paid to Attack Opposition Supporters
In battle dress, post-prayer crowd calls for Mubarak to go
World losing patience with Mubarak
Al Jazeera's Cairo office burned down by pro-Mubarak 'thugs'

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Police beat Sudanese at short-lived protest: witnesses
Hundreds Join Antigovernment Protests in Jordan
Facebook-Powered Protesters Take Aim at Bahrain
Mexican city police chief killed
Minimize violence: Prepare for collapse and "new" culture
German Shipowners Turn to Mercenaries to Protect against Pirates
Russian defense chief visits isles claimed by Japan
Algeria Promises Reforms in Hope of Curbing Protests

-- Energy/resources --
Massive blackout in Chile; energy rationing considered
Massive blackout in Brazil's northeast states
System overload causes blackout in Sydney
Power cuts cripple suburbs as heatwave continues (Sydney)
Frigid weather forces power cuts in north Mexico; power exports to Texas halted
More Mexican power plants shut down by cold snap
Major power outage in Punjab after thermal plant failure (India)
Ivory Coast May Soon Face Fuel Shortages, Industry Group Warns Its Members
Could Excess Supply Foil Aluminum Prices in 2011?
Global energy consumption to increase 44 percent
It seems highly unlikely now that such a consumption increase will be realized. -- RF
The Price Crisis: A Special Report (on the high price of tires)
British Airways raises fuel surcharge by £12
EU wants joint energy market by 2014
The peak oil chronicles, Part I: When the giants run dry

-- Got food? --
Puerto Rican farmers warn of coming food shortages
Bernanke: Federal Reserve not to blame for food price inflation
FAO warns about rising food prices
Australian Sugar Area May Lose 50% of Output Potential
Oysters disappearing worldwide: study
Kellogg says it will raise prices
Why Global Food Price Inflation Really Matters

-- Environment/health --
No, robot: Japan's elderly fail to welcome their robot overlords

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
Could the U.S. shut down the internet?
Hacktivists target Egypt and Yemen regimes
UK foreign secretary bid to prevent 'cyber war'

-- China --
China's Largest Energy Users Boost Efficiency 20%, Xinhua Says
China's Enormous Appetite for Coal Causing Environmental Concerns

-- UK --
English Land Prices May Drop 10% This Year, Knight Frank Says
Insolvency figures tipped to hit record high
Rich-poor pupil gap 'not closing'
Chinese cyber-spies penetrate Foreign Office computers
New car sales plummet by 11.5%
Scotland facing housing shortage

-- US --
Bernanke gives sunny view of U.S. economic recovery
Bernanke Warns Of Catastrophe If Debt Limit Not Raised
Fed Balance Sheet Grows to Record Size in Week
Tucson gas outage could last until Tuesday
Thin natural gas supplies force local conservation (California)
Natural gas shortage cuts heat for 25,000 (New Mexico)
"Some 25,000 New Mexicans were without natural gas after a freeze in west Texas led to rolling power outages that interrupted electricity to natural-gas compressor stations."
Here we can see how the power shortage in Texas cascaded into a natural gas shortage in other states. Everything is connected. When the power goes out, so does everything else. -- RF
US Needs To Generate 246,600 Jobs A Month To Get To Pre-Depression Employment By End Of Obama Second Term
FCC Net Neutrality is a Regulatory 'Trojan Horse,' EFF Says
America's FIRE Economy
America's prisoners: Should we shoot them with a giant ray gun?
Military hit hard by housing crisis
Persons Not In Labor Force Who Want Job Now Jumps To All Time Record; Real Unemployment Rate At 12.8%
State Budgets a "Potentially Explosive Problem"
Labor Force Participation Plunges To Fresh 26 Year Low

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