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News Links, February 6, 2011

-- Global economic meltdown --
The Great Global Debt Prison
Germany, France Face Opposition on Strategy to Tackle Europe's Debt Crisis
Joe Saluzzi on High-Frequency Trading: The Equity Market Is Now Controlled By The Machines
Future Money Trends On Why Gold Is The Money Of Kings, And Debt Is The Money Of Slaves
Indian PM says food inflation serious threat to growth

-- Egypt --
Egypt Authorities, Opposition Start Talks on Sidelining President Mubarak
Top leadership in Egypt's ruling party resigns
Witness: Egypt police keep firm grip in Cairo's slums
Saboteurs attack Egypt gas pipeline
'Day of departure' ends with Mubarak still in power
Egypt protesters consolidate gains
Egypt unrest: US disowns envoy comment on Hosni Mubarak
U.S. Backs Egypt Transition Led by Suleiman
Egypt has a population crisis as well as a democracy crisis

-- Fault lines/flashpoints/military --
Chechen rebel threatens Russia with more attacks
Sudan shootout kills 20, army warns of more clashes
Iraq PM Nouri Maliki 'will not seek third term'
Hillary Clinton: Middle East facing 'perfect storm'
Blast at gas terminal in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula
Two dead after Tunisian police fire at protesters
It Ain't Just Mubarak -- 7 of the Worst Dictators the U.S. Is Backing to the Hilt
Russia 'disappointed' at Japan's protest over island visits

-- Energy/resources --
BMC dims streetlights post midnight to cut costs (India)
In the Head of Energy Secretary Chu
Critical Thinking (on the availability of elements for industry)
Pipeline attack cuts gas to Jordan
Gas firm blames Sinai pipeline blast on leak, not sabotage
Egyptian Gas Exports to Israel, Jordan May Be Halted Two Weeks
Gulf Oil Products Strengthen as Refinery Disruptions Persist
Ethanol Surges to 30-Month High on Higher Production Costs

-- Got food? --
Egypt chaos hikes food prices in Saudi Arabia
"Egyptian protests in its second week has triggered a severe price hike on vegetables and fruits coming from that country to Saudi Arabia's market. With Egyptian ports shut, no exports are arriving in Saudi Arabia and prices have almost doubled."
Bahrain's King Hamad increases food subsidies amid Egypt turmoil
Food Riots in China: It Could Happen in the Center of Global Manufacturing
Farmers in US northeast watch harsh winter crush their livelihoods
Rising food and energy prices could be here to stay
"If people don't have enough to eat they only have three options: they can revolt, they can migrate or they can die."

-- Environment/health --
Cold snap cripples states in northern Mexico
Northern Mexico cold snap paralyzes Ciudad Juarez
"Units at 17 power stations -- with 6,792 megawatts of generating capacity -- in northern Mexico shut down due to the unusually cold weather."
Simple life changes could stop millions of cancers
Frigid U.S., warm Arctic — what gives?
Chernobyl birds are small brained
Malaysia Deforestation Is Three Times Faster Than Rest Of Asia Combined

-- Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown --
White House, Un-Wired: Obama's Office Suffers Internet Outage
America's Super Bowl Police-State
Hackers Breach Nasdaq's Computers

-- China --
Chinese government steps up assistance to drought-stricken areas

-- UK --
Police bodyguards to be issued with stun guns to protect the Royals from protesters
High Speed Rail: Rural unrest grows
Low energy lightbulbs 'could harm 40,000'
David Cameron: Sorry, but we can't afford tax cuts
10,000 police officers face jobs axe in next two years

-- US --
Winter blast prompts boil water notice in Donna
Power Failure Causes Wastewater Overflow
The above two news stories illustrate some of the havoc awaiting us when power failures become the norm. Everything we've taken for granted until now will start melting away like the last snows on a warm spring day. -- RF
Day 3: Power losses acutely felt by El Pasoans
"By Wednesday morning, El Paso Electric was limping along with only a small generator churning out 63 of the about 925 megawatts needed by the system locally."
Western says El Paso refinery power cut
Power outages also shut down oil refineries. Some readers will recall that recently a mere voltage fluctuation in Japan completely shut down an oil refinery and chip factory. -- RF
Winter not bad enough? How about exploding manholes
Florida city may repossess trash bins from people who haven't paid trash collection bills
Three U.S. banks failed in week
California cities top most miserable list
Seniors Fear Spending Retirement Income
The BLS: A History Of (Downward) Revisions, Or How The Department Of Truth Goosed Markets With Half A Million Fake Jobs In Two Years
Labor Force and Unemployment Statistical BS
A Little US Government Shut Down

And finally... Malawi Government Proposes Fart Ban

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