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News Links, March 1, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Economists list U.S. budget deficit as No. 1 worry
'Global Credit Warfare': China Preparing for a Treasury Bond Sell-Off?
Currency Wars Lose to Inflation, Emerging Markets to Win
Madoff: 'Whole government is a Ponzi scheme'
Election no quick cure for Ireland's ills: more debt, fewer jobs
High Oil Prices and Recessions
Another Bailout Looms, But This Time It's For Kabul
Global Recovery Is 'Here to Stay': Citi M&A Head
Social Mood Turns Negative: Markets Will Soon Follow, Robert Prechter Says
Timing the China Property Crash
Social Unrest Setting the Stage for Sovereign Defaults!
Vietnam eyes ban on unofficial gold bullion trade
Simon Black: "The Market Is Telling Us That The Dollar Is Finished"
Japan Passes Record Budget, But Major Challenges Remain
"The government of beleaguered Prime Minister Naoto Kan could face a fiscal crunch in July or later if opposition parties continue to block measures such as a bond issuance to cover the budget deficit."
China's holdings of US debt jump 30 percent

## Libya ##
U.S. Engaging Libyan Opposition, Moving Military Assets Nearby
Libya, NATO's fresh prey (Tehran Times)
US prepares for military intervention in Libya (Dong-A Ilbo)
U.S. says in talks with NATO about options for Libya (Reuters)
Turkish premier rules out NATO intervention in Libya
Rebels in Libya's east say they're not ready to take Tripoli
Gaddafi unflinching as rebel city fears counter-attack
Libya: RAF special forces come under fire during rescue of stranded civilians
World's message to Libyan leader Gaddafi: time to end your regime
"Muammar Gaddafi is running out of options and friends as international action to pressure him into surrendering gathers momentum, withRussia and China joining the west in backing calls to prosecute him for war crimes."
East Libya could face food shortages soon: source
Libya protests: Gaddafi says 'all my people love me'
Gaddafi's sons tried to get Saudi cleric help: TV
Libya crisis: neighbors brace as tide of refugees rises
Pro-Gadhafi Forces Attempt Raids on East
Pro-Gadhafi forces fight rebels in 2 cities
Rebels down Libyan aircraft as world leaders discuss next move

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
The Extraordinary Events in the Middle East and the Coming Global Tsunami
Police: 52 remain in custody after anti-government clashes in Croatia
Oil price rises again on Saudi Arabia unrest fears, Brent hits $114
"Meanwhile a Facebook site calling for a "day of rage" in Saudi Arabia on 11 March has seen its number of subscribers increase from 400 to 12,000 in recent days."
Saudi activists eye protests, wait for new cabinet
"Activists have set up Facebook pages calling for protests on March 11 and 20, with over 17,000 supporters combined, but police managed to stymie two attempts to stage protests in the Red Sea city of Jeddah last month."
Saudi king chairs cabinet, no sign of reshuffle
"Saudi King Abdullah chaired the first cabinet meeting on Monday after returning home from three months abroad for health treatment, with no signs of any government reshuffle or reforms demanded by activists."
South Korea-US drills begin despite North Korean threat
Omani protesters block road to port after 6 die
"Hundreds of protesters blocked the entrance to the industrial area of the northern coastal town of Sohar, which includes a port, refinery and aluminum factory. They pushed back four army vehicles that had been observing the scene."
The Middle East in crisis: Looters take control of Oman's streets
Omanis loot half-burnt supermarket, police stay away
Sultan of Oman: Hire 50,000 citizens
Thousands of Yemenis protest as unrest high in south
The Middle East in crisis: Tens of thousands protest in Yemen
Yemen 'to declare unity government' within 24 hours
Arab protesters blockade Bahrain parliament
Demonstrations turn violent as riot police fire tear gas (Panama)
Iran arrests two opposition leaders: opposition website
Sadr says Iraq PM Maliki must address mass demands
Report: U.S. shuns Pakistan prisoner swap
With Russia's $650 billion rearmament plan, the bear sharpens its teeth
Russia proceeds with missile sale to Syria
Middle East in Crisis: a Worst-Case Scenario

## Energy/resources ##
S.Korea orders lights off as oil price soars, stiff fines for offenders
Instead of the North developing and catching up to the South, the decline of industrial civilization will bring the South down to the North's level. -- RF
Aramco Says Ready to Make Up for Shortfall in Libyan Crude
Jim Rogers: "Saudi Arabia Is Lying About Being Able To Increase Its Oil Production"
A dirty little oil market secret -- Have the Saudis really boosted oil output?
Did Saudi Arabia really raise its oil production? (Foreign Policy)
Saudi Aramco to use CO2 to boost Ghawar oil field output by 2013
Iron ore prices weigh on steelmakers
Oil Will Go Down to as Little as $70 a Barrel: CEO (CNBC)
"The only thing that would change McCaughan's opinion is if Saudi Arabia has unrest. 'I think that is very unlikely. The king is popular in Saudi Arabia. He's just unveiled a stimulus package of social measures of $36 billion.'"
Solar 'Gold Rush' in U.K. May Die With Incentive Roll-Back

## Got food? ##
The price of food is at the heart of this wave of revolutions
No Inflation? That's Not What Food Prices Are Saying

## Environment/health ##
Amur tigers in population crisis
More tiny dolphins wash ashore in Mississippi and Alabama
Arctic sea ice extent lowest in recorded history

## China ##
Jasmine revolutions throw China's Africa strategy into limbo
Insight into China's overseas investments
China uses whistles, water, police on protests
Is The China Auto Boom Headed For A Bust?

## UK ##
North Wales heating fuel thefts on the rise
Britain may scrap Tornadoes to save $1.6B
House prices: All property types 'dip in value'

## US ##
Police Won't Boot Protesters From Wis. Capitol
Rioting anarchists attack Seattle police, destroy property
Drones Set to Invade U.S. National Parks
Luxury makes a comeback for the well-heeled
U.S. Consumer Spending Cools as Food, Fuel Costs Climb
Walker Gives Ultimatum to Wisconsin Democrats Stalling Vote
Insider Report: US Government Will Confiscate Gold When It Touches $2000
Ethanol Soars to 31-Month High on More Expensive Corn, Mideast
Oil Prices Pose Challenge to Airline Traffic

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