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News Links, March 12, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
A Chinese "Black Swan"
Euro Zone Debt Crisis Intensifies Ahead of Summit
Pimco Move Could Send More Investors Out of US Treasurys (CNBC)
"Pimco's decision to dump Treasury bonds from its biggest bond fund is being called a smart move by investment pros—and one that individual investors might want to follow."
Will The Japanese Earthquake Be The Straw That Breaks Europe's Back?
Irish Banks Seek to Delay 'Evil Day' of Reckoning as Mortgage Losses Mount
Reinsurers Decline as Japan Quake, Tsunami May Cause $10 Billion in Claims
Chinese take to Tokyo property market
ECB Stuck in Sovereign Debt Garbage, Seeks German Help to Unload It
A Comeback for Gold-Backed Money?

## Libya ##
U.S. intel chief says Gadhafi will prevail
Witness: Broken, Zawiyah back in Gaddafi hands
Obama: End of Gadhafi regime a 'goal'
Australia asks refiners to avoid Libyan oil

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Tokyo Leader Calls For Japanese Nuclear Deterrent
Saudi King Counters Protests With $36 Billion as Tension Mounts
"Rather than promises of democracy, they got a $36 billion handout and a slap down from Islamic clerics."
Saudi Arabian security forces quell 'day of rage' protests
Arab world witnesses more protests
Sudan, Yemen Ranked Near Top of Bloomberg Combustibility Index
Ivory Coast 'on the brink of a bloodbath'
Ivory Coast crisis: 'Nearly 450,000 refugees'
French police clear oil depot after fuel protest
United States Confronted With a New Awareness of its Military and Political Constraints
US DoD May See Extra $1.5B in Fuel Costs

## Energy/resources ##
Top 10 most nuclear-dependent nations
"Japan's earthquake and tsunami has pushed 11 of its 52 nuclear reactors offline. If they don't power up soon, Japan will be hard-pressed to provide power to its people, since the reactors provide 30 percent of its electricity."
Ethanol and Corrosion: What Are We Not Being Told?
United May Ground Some Jets to Cut $25,000-a-Minute Fuel Burn
China oil demand on the rise

## Got food? ##
Urban gardens take root in unconventional places
Yes! Grow food anywhere you can! -- RF

## Environment/health ##
Bee Deaths May Signal Wider Pollination Threat: U.N.
Honeybee End?

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
U.S. Intelligence Chief Alarms Senators By Calling China, Russia 'Mortal Threats'
China cyber-warfare capability a 'formidable concern'
NATO Defense Ministers Shape Cyber Defense Policy
Key Army radio system has a 72 percent failure rate

## Japan ##
Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake
Coming on top of a failing economy, this is a great blow. As a tiller of the soil, it has hurt me to watch the images of the tsunami washing away whole fields of crops. My heart goes out to Japan's hardworking farmers, who toil long hours for small returns. And now this. -- RF
Sony, Toyota Shutter Plants as Japanese Companies Assess Earthquake Damage
Tokyo Narita Airport Cancels All Flights Today After Quake
Oil Plunges as Japan's Refiners Shut Plants After Earthquake
Japan's quake toll set to exceed 1,000, world offers help
Japan earthquake: Production halted at factories
Quake Brings Car, Materials Output To Screeching Halt
Tokyo at a standstill in wake of largest quake
"Japan's huge earthquake brought super-modern Tokyo to a standstill today, paralysing trains that normally run like clockwork and stranding hordes of commuters carrying mobile phones rendered largely useless by widespread outages."
Japan earthquake shuts nuclear power plants, leaves residents in dark
Japan nuclear plant in state of emergency, as cooling power runs low
NUKE PLANT: Japan PM Orders Wider Evacuation, As Radiation Levels Hit 1000X Normal
Risk of nuclear catastrophe escalates in Japan — 'Worse than Chernobyl' (Forbes)
Radiation could already have leaked at nuke plant
Japan considers emergency quake budget, BOJ meets
Powerful quake hits Japan's Nagano Prefecture (a different region)
According To Goldman, Tsunami Puts 2011/2012 Japanese Rice Crop At Risk, Sees Vicious Snapback In Crude Prices

## China ##
Chinese Inflation Comes In Hot, As PBOC Announces New Push To Globalize The Yuan
Record harvest expected despite drought
Food Prices Rise 11% in China, Overall Prices Rises 4.9%
Rescue under way after huge quake in China

## UK ##
U.K. Producer Prices Climb for Fifth Month on Rising Costs of Energy, Food
Ark Royal is just one of the victims of Government defence cuts

## US ##
Approved, Gold and Silver Money Bill Goes to Utah's Governor
Nuclear Power Industry Sues U.S. Over Fee For Waste
After Tumultuous Day, Wisconsin Farmers Plan A Tractorcade
US Fed's Balance Sheet Grows to Record Size
Sheeple: Government Handouts = 35 Percent Of U.S. Wages But For Michael Moore That Is Not Nearly Enough
Sahara Hotel Casino, Oldest on Las Vegas Strip, to Close May 16
Obama Says U.S. Ready to Tap Oil Reserve If Needed, Warns on Price Gouging
Airfares are going up, and not just because of oil
James Howard Kunstler: The old American dream is a nightmare

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