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News Links, March 13, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Euro zone leaders agree to strengthen bailout fund
European Leaders Back Merkel's Economy Pact as Debt-Crisis Endgame Nears
Revolution tide may go deeper into Africa
Has The Tsunami In Japan Destroyed The Japanese Economy?
Japan Faces 'Another Leg Down' in Fiscal Health as Earthquake Toll Mounts
Earthquake in Japan Shutters Plants at Honda, Toshiba; Damages Nissan Cars
BOE's King Says Growing Global Imbalances Should Spur Leaders Into Action

## Libya ##
Europe and U.S. press Gaddafi, rebels want no-fly zone
Obama cools to US military intervention in Libya
In Europe, plenty of talk about a no-fly zone in Libya but little consensus
Arab League calls on U.N. to impose Libya no-fly zone

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Yemen police storm sit-in site; 1 killed
Yemen protest violence seen as start of more intense confrontation

## Energy/resources ##
Analysis: Nuclear power growth at risk if Japan plant leaks
Factbox: What happens when a reactor loses coolant
French shale ban extended
Japan nuclear plant, Libya show challenge of 'energy security'
Japan Will Need to Boost Energy Imports
Lights go off at landmarks in Japan as electricity concern spreading
Sinopec to Shut Luoyang Plant in September for Maintenance, Reducing Sales

## Got food? ##
Earth's Limits: Why Growth Won't Return - Food (Richard Heinberg)

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Japan quake may hit flash memory chip supply hard
Here's complexity again, as seen in the interlocking globalized economy. This is one way in which the earthquake will cascade through the system and send shock waves around the world. -- RF

## Japan ##
Vast devastation, search for survivors after Japan quake
Japan battles to stave off possible nuclear meltdown
Tokyo Electric Tries to Cool Unstable Reactors, Avert `Three Mile Island'
Japan quake: Huge explosion at Fukushima nuclear plant
RBC: We Can 'Easily' See Economic Losses Exceeding $100 BILLION In Japan
Explosion Destroys Walls of Japan Reactor Building, NHK Says
SDF in full disaster deployment; U.S. military pitches in
Explosion blows cover off reactor building
It was caused by a buildup of hydrogen gas resulting from chemical reaction with coolant.
Tepco warns of blackouts, urges energy cut
Rolling Blackouts, Tsunami Damage Try Japanese Companies
Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant faces new reactor problem
Post-Earthquake Japanese Reactors Face Meltdown, 3 Exposed to Radiation
Concern about food, fuel shortages in wake of Japan disasters
Scary article. Here's a view of collapse. -- RF
In an instant, vibrant Tokyo was crippled
Japan may hand out iodine near nuclear plants: IAEA

## US ##
Rivers flood across East, forcing evacuations
Wisconsin Union-Busting Drive Feeds Off Towns That Are Shrinking
Wisconsin labor protesters refuse to quit
We're Nearly At A 50% Fall In Nationwide Real Estate Prices
Michael Moore talks class warfare (Forbes)

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