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News Links, March 21, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Bud Conrad: Japan Is Forcing Us Out of the Eye and Into the Storm
"Bud Conrad, Casey Research's chief economist, believes that our historic paradigm of continuous economic growth has reached an end. In his view, we have been funding growth in recent decades via first issuing an unsustainable amount of public and private debt, and more recently by runaway money printing."
As Japan's power grid weakens, local suppliers assemble contingency plans
Downstream Effects From The Fukushima Catastrophe
Just another indication of the fact than when big systems fail, they fail big. And the globalized economy is a really, really big system. -- RF
India growth outlook clouded by oil price, inflation
Does hike in minimum wage cut poverty? Findings say no (Canada)
Payouts Seen Reaching ¥1 trillion On Earthquake Policies (Japan)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Dozens of Saudis gather at protest in Riyadh
What would you do if rebels attacked US cities, Gaddafi asks Obama
Russia, China and Arab League condemn Libya attacks because of "mission creep"
Libyan military calls for cease-fire amid allied successes
US sending more warships to Mediterranean
Pirates keep Indian Coast Guard busy
Unrest in Syria as thousands march
Here Are The 11 Countries At Risk Of Becoming The Next Libya
Thousands in Morocco march for rights, end to graft
Saudi Arabia needs 1.65m new homes by 2015 - study
Workers at Oman oil refineries stage demonstrations

## Energy/resources ##
Fuel shortage looms for oil-rich Libya
Is this the end of the nuclear revival?
Governments Have Been Covering Up Nuclear Meltdowns for Fifty Years to Protect the Nuclear Power Industry
IEA Urges Norway To Increase Energy Production
Do I detect a note of desperation here? Everyone knows that Norway is in decline, despite its technology and expertise in finding and pumping oil. -- RF
The oil of the Arctic is not worth the risks (Kjell Aleklett)
Western Norway faces electricity shortage
Libya, Mid East in focus, seen driving up oil risks
Half the oil we need by 2020 still needs to be found
Germany Sees Need For Huge Push To Widen Power Grid
"The scale of the challenge is comparable with the requirement for infrastructure construction after reunification."
"Hydro-Diplomacy" Needed To Avert Arab Water Wars

## Got food? ##
Wheat Rises as Dry Weather in Kansas, Russia May Cut Supplies
Delays plague Brazil harvest
Chinese farmers prepare for spring farming amid rising costs

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Pro and con on residential landlines
A word to the wise: After the recent Japan earthquake, cellphones were worthless. I got in contact with everyone whose safety I was concerned about by landline or internet. Think twice before you dump your landline. -- RF
Mizuho glitch nixes salary payments
Stress Test for the Global Supply Chain
Google accuses China of interfering with Gmail email system
Mizuho Bank Computer Malfunctions To Last Until At Least Tuesday

## Japan ##
Peak oil experts assess Japan crisis
Japan could face jet fuel shortage
Radiation and rationing on road to Japan's quake zone
Status of Fukushima nuclear power plants Sunday evening
Transcript for Nuclear Expert's Step-By-Step Assessment of the Fukushima Disaster & What You Need to Know (long)
Electricity returns to 2 Fukushima reactors, but tension remains
Fukushima nuclear plant to be decommissioned: Gov't

Post Fukushima– burn more coal and oil, and hire more engineers not regulators

Post Fukushima — burn more coal and oil
Japan earthquake: victims struggling as they still live off rations
Quake Is New Blow for Japanese Towns
"Many towns hit by last week's quake and tsunami were already in a steady decline. Now, local leaders are facing the reality that instead of rebuilding their communities, they may just fade away."
Some Coal-Fired Plants Brought Back Online
"In the longer term, permanent damage caused to Japan's Pacific coast nuclear reactors—and the likely lengthy delays in upgrading its aging fleet of reactors—means the country will have little option but to use much more gas, oil and coal for power generation."

## China ##
Unwelcome Scent of Jasmine: Chinese Leadership Fears Its Own People

## UK ##
Chris Huhne: Nuclear power may become less attractive option for UK

## US ##
A Boom Behind Bars
U.S.-Canadian border to get military-grade radar
Unemployment adds 9 million uninsured in U.S.
Is Meredith Whitney right about municipal bonds? (Forbes)
Anti-War Protesters Arrested Near White House
Why California should quit the 'dollar zone'
US Cost of Living Hits Record, Passing Pre-Crisis High
Companies raise prices on food, shoes, diapers

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