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News Links, March 23, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
14 Reasons Why The Economic Collapse Of Japan Has Begun
Could Japan's crisis prompt a global economic collapse?
Business travel to Japan is shutting down
Japan Cash at Central Bank to Hit Record on Emergency Measures
Is This It? Collapse and a New Dawn Triggered from Japan
India gold imports to hit record high in 2011
China eager to buy silver at over $30 per ounce
James Turk - Panic Selling of US Dollar Could Happen Quickly

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
U.S. Reacts to Fear of Iran's Rising Clout (WSJ)
Putin Announces Doubling of Missile Production
Yemen showdown looms as army loyalties divide
"Defence minister vows to stand by president after 12 senior military commanders defect from regime"
Saudi Shi'ite protests simmer as Bahrain conflict rages
Putin slams West for 'medieval crusade'
China 'opposes force' in Libya, urges ceasefire

## Energy/resources ##
Sharjah ruler demands action to prevent summer power cuts
Power crunch looms for South Africa
"The gap between supply and demand during peak hours in 2012 was expected to amount to a year's power supply to Cape Town, or nine terrawatt hours."
Libya oil faces steep hurdles before return to global markets
"Caught between Libyan rebels, outside forces and Moammar Gadhafi, it could take years before much of Libya's oil flows to world markets, energy analysts cautioned Monday."
China rare earth prices explode as export volumes collapse

## Got food? ##
Wheat Seen Rebounding 11% as Global Stockpiles Decline the Most Since 2007
Days Of (Inflationary) Rage Are Here: Man Goes On Shooting Rampage After Learning Taco Bell Hikes Prices On Beefy Crunch Burrito By 50% (US)

## Environment/health ##
Nuclear crisis: How safe is Japan's food and water?
Website Reveals Foods That Foil Radiation Sickness

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Communication failure paralyzes Argentina airports
System failure blamed for increasing data breach costs (UK)

## Japan ##
Panic buying continues apace in Tokyo
The Japanese fuel crisis
World Bank: Quake damage may hit $235B
Crises in Japan Ripple Across the Global Economy
"Container ships sit in the Pacific or at docks in Japan, wary of unloading tons of pork and steak because of that nation's fractured electric grid. Any break in the "cold chain" of refrigeration can spoil meat."
This is perhaps the most important part of the whole article. I have been warning about the fragility of the cold chain for a long time. -- RF
Sony to suspend operations at 5 plants due to parts shortage
Radiation 1,600 times normal level 20 km from Fukushima plant: IAEA

## China ##
Retirement age will be pushed back: minister
Rocketing world oil price fuels up China's price-hike momentum

## UK ##
Royal Mail to cut 1,700 jobs and close two mail centres

## US ##
CA nuke plant's emergency cooling system failure went unnoticed
In rural areas, gas, food price hikes are double trouble
United, Continental raise many US fares by $10
How many more fare hikes before YOU can no longer afford to fly? -- RF
Who Will Buy Our Treasuries?
Mind-Boggling Political Cowardice!
"Bottom line: The federal deficit is blowing up like a Fukushima nuclear reactor, and virtually no one in power has the guts to touch it — let alone expose themselves to the political fallout of actually fixing it."
Jim Rogers: Close the Federal Reserve
Supreme Court Gives Fed 5 Days to Release Emergency Bank Loan Details

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