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News Links, March 24, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Portugal facing £61 billion bail-out as government loses confidence vote
The Federal Reserve Is Selling Paper Gold and Buying Physical Gold
Finance ministers commit 700 bn euro to future bailouts
Toyota tells U.S. plants 'prepare to shut down'
Here's how globalization is affected by collapse. -- RF
Precious Metals Portend Dollar Trouble (Daily Reckoning)
Gold hits record, rising on oil's gain
"Markets Are Terrified" as Middle East Turmoil Continues to Flare, Says Expert
Gold, Silver And Oil As Market Yet To Price In Armageddon
Qantas to raise fares on high fuel prices

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Nato to take control in Libya after US, UK and France reach agreement
Libya No-Fly Zone Could Cost Coalition Over $1 Billion If Operation Continues For Months
Gaddafi's stored 150 t of gold in Tripoli could pay mercenaries for years: Banking experts
Syrian forces kill 6 at protest site, residents say
Gazan rockets hit deep in Israel, minister sees war
Israel Update: War Next?
Global crises overshadow Obama's 2011 agenda
Yemen passes emergency laws to quell protests
"MPs back president's move to suspend constitution, ban street protests and give security agencies greater powers of arrest"
Yemeni protesters call for march on palace
Algerian police clash with rioters in housing row
Burkina government calls for calm after overnight gunfire
Russia and Kyrgyzstan in dispute over airbase
Global Cost of Piracy is now $12 Billion Per Year: Oil Industry No.1 Target
Turk Satellite on Track Despite Israeli Objection
$105 oil: 'It's the perfect storm'

## Energy/resources ##
Are we ready for power rationing? (Australia)
Tajikistan Reimposes Electricity Rationing
Electricity may be rationed (Norway)
Safe nuclear does exist, and China is leading the way with thorium
Though normally I agree with Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, he's taken a wrong turn here. Even if there's lots of thorium and even if thorium reactors are safe, building and running such megatechnologies still require fossil fuels and the industrial infrastructure. Collapse, expensive oil, and systemic failure will kill the thorium reactor just as surely as they are now killing conventional nuclear and fusion. -- RF
$120 Oil: The Breaking Point for Consumers?
At first oil producers were cool with oil in the $70-80 range, but as oil prices marched upward, they have kept raising their comfort range to keep up with it — while saying that $__ (insert double- or triple-digit price) oil won't harm the world economy. Truth be told, we are past the point where oil producers can do anything about price. -- RF
Green energy subsidies fade as austerity kicks in
But it seems there is still unlimited money to waste on nukes. -- RF
Obama administration announces massive coal mining expansion
Because when all is said and done, they see that their only hope for keeping industrial society functioning is fossil fuels, not wind and solar. -- RF
OPEC: Beginning of The End?
Fukushima shows us the real cost of nuclear power
Spain to 'Redouble' Investment in Clean Energy Projects, Sebastian Says
SocGen raises Brent oil forecast to $109 a barrel for 2011
Russia to double oil supply to quake-hit Japan in 2011 - Sechin
And once that is done, it will be impossible for Japan to wean itself off that supply. -- RF
Iraq to increase oil production to 6.5 million bpd by 2014

## Got food? ##
Biofuel policy is causing starvation, says Nestlé boss
Thailand Planning Fewer Rice Crops in Pest Fight May Cut Supply
Can the United States feed China? (Lester Brown)
A Story of Choosing to Live Simply and Grow One's own Food in Rural Japan
Warms my heart. -- RF

## Environment/health ##
Tokyo Disneyland's Parking Lot Shows Risk of Reclaimed Land

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Critical U.S. Infrastructure at Risk of Cyber Attack, Experts Warn
'Serious' cyber attack on EU bodies before summit

## Japan ##
Toyota, Honda assembly lines face long stretch in idle
Japan's airports have fuel for just 10 days – says IATA
Japan's massive power struggle: Grappling with a damaged electrical grid
"It will take weeks or months to rebuild the damaged power plants or bring old ones out of retirement. It will take years to build new ones, even those that can be thrown together quickly, such as oil- or natural gas-fired 'peaker' units designed to run during hours of peak electricity demand. Construction of baseload plants, such as coal-fired or nuclear units designed to run 24-7, takes far longer."
My take is that Japan will never regain its former power production capacity. -- RF
Industry minister considers adding more Tokyo wards to blackout program
TEPCO: Rolling power cuts to last at least a year
Summer is going to be the real test. -- RF
Japan: First supplies of oil, gasoline reach Sendai port
Millions of Japanese in Tsunami-Hit Region Face Cold Weather, Lack Water
Tokyo's tapwater not safe for infants
Food problems worsen due to radiation
Infant radiation dose over 30 km from plant may be over 100 millisieverts
Japan May Consider Daylight Saving to Curb Power Use After Quake
Atomic Cleanup Cost Goes to Japan's Taxpayers, May Spur Liability Shift
"Japan's taxpayer, not the nuclear industry, will cover most of the cleanup cost from the worst accident since Chernobyl, a financial rescue that may spur moves by other nations to make companies assume more liability."
Shifting the costs and risks is a last-ditch effort to save a doomed industry. -- RF
Nuclear plant utility may get huge bank loans
Towns near nuke plant empty as residents flee shortages, anxiety
Seawater radioactivity high / Sample shows large iodine concentrations near nuclear plant
Yakuza tone down events, step up relief efforts in quake-stricken areas
Japan says quake rebuilding to cost as much as 25tn yen
Japan nuclear crisis: What's in the smoke emerging from Fukushima I?
Run-Rated Fukushima Radiation Release On Par With, And In Some Cases Greater Than, Chernobyl
No Slowing Seen in Japan Nuclear Expansion
New Problems Arise at Japanese Nuclear Plant
Pictures: A Rare Look Inside Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant (National Geographic)
Tokyo to Distribute Bottled Water After Radiation Levels Climb
Over a year's worth of radiation measured in a week in city of Fukushima
Neutron beam observed 13 times at crippled Fukushima nuke plant

## China ##
China Demand for Gold Might Drive Consumption to Match India, World No. 1

## UK ##
Budget fuel price call by Welsh Tories and Lib Dems
Libya: Navy running short of Tomahawk missiles

## US ##
New Civil War erupts, led by super rich, GOP: 'Shock Doctrine,' Reaganomics trigger explosive class war (Paul Farrell at MarketWatch)
Detroit's Population Crashes
The Incredible Shrinking City: Detroit Is Becoming a Ghost Town
Oil Washing Up on Shores Came From Gulf
One Gulf Oil Spill Source Found But Slicks May Be Spreading
Current Decade of Job Losses vs. Great Depression
Disability Fund Is Running Out of Money—Fast
U.S. municipal bonds sales down 44% in 2011
Cross-burning in prosperous US town
Sales of luxe doomsday bunkers up 1,000%
Do I detect a note of nihilism? This is just the survivalist bunker mentality for rich folk. The future will be built by people who till the soil, build communities, and sing in the rain. -- RF
New home sales plumb record lows, prices stumble
Theft of copper, other recyclables rising
Oil hits 30-month high. Natural gas prices also rise.
The Cost Of Living Just Goes Up And Up
If TARP is So Profitable, Why Not Bail Out Everyone?
Fed and Inflation (Ron Paul at Financial Sense)
How to Pay Down the Federal Deficit: Sell America's Icons, Assets and Gold?

And finally... Cow manure fetish man is jailed by Cornwall court

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