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News Links, March 25, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Moody's Cuts Ratings on 30 Spanish Banks After Country Downgrade
Nissan CEO Says Supply Shortage 'Serious' as Toyota Delays Model
European Carmakers May Be Forced to Idle Plants as Japan Supplies Dry Up
IMF Prepares For "Threat To International Monetary System"
A Look At The Margin Squeeze And Inflation Risk That's Threatening The Economy
Euro's Collapse Is Not Unthinkable: Warren Buffett
Portugal Is Said to Require as Much as $99 Billion in Any European Bailout
"Hard Choices" for Policymakers as Europe's Debt Crisis Flares Up … Again
The Dollar Will Collapse Within 3-4 Months (Phoenix Capital Research via Zero Hedge)

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Russia To Revamp Air Defense With S-400, Pantsir-S Systems
Pakistan suicide bomber targets police station
Taliban stop cell phone signals in key Afghan province
Syria moves to crush growing protests
Gaza Rocket Attacks Strike Deeper Inside Israel
Rocket strikes paralyze part of Israel
"Rocket attacks on Israel by Gaza militants persisted on Thursday, with 16 projectiles in all fired until late noon. Later in the day, a few Grad rockets struck the central Israeli town of Yavne, some 25 km south of Tel Aviv."
NATO Will Take Over Libya War 'On The Fly'
Turkey backs NATO command of Libya operations
US: No Timeline for Libya War
Riot erupts at Iraq detention centre
Mexican cartels move to Central America
European states finally agree to space station extension
Just watch. There's going to be progressively less enthusiasm for funding the ISS. -- RF
Russia's military space activity increases
For the Satellite Industry, Lines Blur Between Military and Commercial Markets
Meanwhile — just as I have predicted — space will increasingly become the province of the military. -- RF

## Energy/resources ##
Worst energy shortage expected in Pakistan this summer
Blackout hits thousands (Australia)
Iraq buys 50 diesel plants to ease power shortages
Venezuela's Guri Dam Reduces Capacity, El Universal Says
Malaysia faces looming water crisis
Obama administration can't wait to sell China all the coal it can burn
Saudi to boost crude burn for power generation in 2011
And that means less for exports. -- RF
OPEC may raise supply in June amid Libya crisis, PFC says
WTI is currently $105, and they are waiting until June? -- RF
BHP to invest billions in Australian iron ore, coal
The problems with Smart Grids
This is a good read, and should be very sobering to those people who believe that smart grids and windmills will prolong the lifetime of industrial civilization. -- RF

## Got food? ##
Worst Texas Drought in 44 Years Damaging Wheat Crop, Reducing Cattle Herds
Radiation could boost Japan's food imports
Global food scare widens from Japan nuclear plant
China as America's banker, America as China's farmer: Malthus was right
Corn consumption pace remains strong
Distribution of food stalls as Zimbabwe grain board lacks cash
Pakistan 'crop shortage' warning
India Food Inflation Returns to Double Digits
Sovereign wealth funds give support to silver price

## Environment/health ##
Pacific salmon run helps shape Canada's ecosystems
For at least a decade, anadromous fish researchers have been calling attention to this mechanism for returning nutrients to land. It's good to see it in the mainstream media. -- RF
For sheer deadliness, nuclear can't hold a candle to coal
So you thought coal was clean? -- RF
Factbox: Radioactive substances and their impact on health
Deadly 'Superbug' Infections on the Rise in L.A. County

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Anonymous' Operation Empire State Rebellion Releases "Civil Disobedience" Video #2
Controller fatigue an ongoing concern

## Japan ##
Japan's Power Supply Crisis: An Assessment – Analysis
A good overview of the situation. -- RF
Bottled water scarce after Japan's tap water shown unsafe for infants
Japan Mineral-Water Plants Run at Full Capacity
Radiation-contaminated tap water spreads to other states
Tokyo shoppers clean store shelves of basic goods
Three Japanese Refineries Remain Offline, an Industrial Info News Alert
Manufacturers left in limbo by rolling power outages
Japanese airports watching fuel stocks
Fukushima workers in hospital after radiation exposure
Dr. Helen Caldicott Says Japan Crisis Can Dwarf Chernobyl Disaster
Why is no one talking about how bad the Japan nuke disaster could be?
Imagine a large chunk of Japan made uninhabitable for thousands of hears. Is the electricity worth it? -- RF
More Fukushima workers hospitalized—what's next?
Troubled Plant Had High Rate of Problems, Records Show
Ship carrying MOX fuel headed for Japan in April: Greenpeace
Government considers widening evacuation zone
Kyushu Electric defers booting up 2 nuclear reactors
Japan detects radioactivity 30 km off coast

## China ##
China vows to ensure bumper grain harvest in 2011
Fast reactor readied for commercial use
China Official Hints at Strained Food Resources
Chinese view gold as real money and demand is exploding (Mineweb)
World's Biggest Property Bubble: China's Ghost Cities Revisited; 64 Million Vacant Properties
Farmland being lost to road, rail projects
China to speed up shale gas development

## UK ##
Price rises keep the shoppers away
State pension age 'rises' to 70 for anyone under 30
Another step on the road toward no "retirement." -- RF
Budget 2011: Cuts will be even deeper as inflation bites

## US ##
Property Taxes Reach the Breaking Point
US Family Income Down 18% Post-Crisis: Fed
Chu touts small module reactors as answer to nuclear hazards
Public Employees Rush to Retire
How the U.S. narrowly avoided its own Fukushima-style disaster in 1992
Camp Lejeune Marines To Libya To Strike At Qadhafi Forces
Two-thirds of alcohol wipes contaminated with bacteria
Yet another indication of the deteriorating pharmaceutical supply system. -- RF
Meredith Whitney Cuts Forecast for Morgan Stanley; Shares Lower
Federal Reserve to Begin Holding Press Conferences
For the Struggling U.S. Economy, the Hits Just Keep on Coming
Commercial Real Estate on Borrowed Time?
Yes, that time bomb is still ticking. -- RF
Postal Service: 7,500 workers, $20,000 buyouts
Federal budget pain taking a toll
House Lawmakers Draft Legislation To Defund Libya Operations

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