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News Links, March 28, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
Automakers face paint shortage after Japan quake
As Japan Shutdowns Drag On, Auto Crisis Worsens (CNBC)
Japan car output likely to be halved in March
Portugal nearer bailout as sovereign debt yield escalates
A Nation of Dropouts Shakes Europe
Superyacht owners trade up amid industry recovery
The rich get richer... you get what Patty shot at. -- RF
Airlines cut capacity as Arab unrest takes toll
Chinese inflation goes global
Daily Austerity Watch — 3.25.11 Portugal, NYC Pensions

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Syria: feared militia kills up to 21 people as protests continue
Hillary Clinton hints at strained US ties with Pakistan
Pentagon spends billions to fight roadside bombs, with little success
Taliban insurgents abduct police recruits in eastern Afghanistan
Yemeni Militants Seize Weapons Factory
Yemen Is 'Time Bomb' Nearing Tribal Civil War, Four-Way Split, Saleh Says
Sarkozy warns Arab rulers about Libya precedent
"French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warned all Arab rulers that they risk Libya-type intervention if they cross a certain line of violence against their own people. The president told press at an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday (24 March) that UN Security Council resolution 1973 authorising air strikes on Libya has created a legal and political precedent on the 'responsibility to protect.'"
Libyans queue for petrol as oil shortage fears rise

## Energy/resources ##
How the "Peaceful Atom" Became a Serial Killer
Rebels say Qatar ready to market east Libyan oil
Iran minister says OPEC oil output not to be increased yet
Indonesia Unlikely to Meet Oil Production Target -Executive
India's elusive $150 billion nuclear-energy market
Taiwan will expand water rationing to more areas

## Got food? ##
Meat Inflation Accelerates as Demand Grows for U.S. Beef, Pork

## Environment/health ##
Radiation in six U.S. states likely from Japan

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
Microsoft Shuts off HTTPS in Hotmail for Over a Dozen Countries

## Japan ##
Radiation spike inside Japan nuclear plant 'inaccurate'; 100,000, not 10 million
What a relief! I can sleep soundly tonight. -- RF
Radiation-contaminated water likely came from reactor core
Fukushima International Emergency: What Is The Solution?
More Obstacles Impede Crews In Japan Nuclear Crisis
Fukushima crisis could stretch into 'months, years'
Anxiety grows over Japan's food and water supply
Food Contamination Set to Rise as Japan Fights Radiation Crisis at Reactor
Tsunami-hit rice farmers face challenges in Japan
Fukushima agriculture put on hold (link in Japanese)
All farmers in the state of Fukushima have been told to put off planting anything, and even to refrain from plowing, because that could disturb and spread radioactive debris on the soil. The implications for agricultural production are big. Since I myself grow rice and vegetables, I know that you can wait only so long before it's too late. Farmers are tightly bound to nature's cycle, and if you miss your planting window, there's a reduced harvest, or none at all. -- RF
Japan Cows Barred From Grazing as Damaged Plant Leaks Radiation
Govt to urge shorter work days / Longer holidays, production moves also considered to save power
Hoarding and Panic Buying Grip Japan

## China ##
China's workforce 'dries up'
Sinopec to Cut Costs, Expand Overseas Operations as Refining Profit Drops
China Construction Bank's 2010 Profit Rises 26% as Interest Margins Widen
Urbanization 'threatens food security'
Peking University clamps down on radical thought

## UK ##
Government will not change deficit-cutting strategy because of Saturday's march

## US ##
Drug shortages alarm, perplex medical staff
Unpaid jobs: The new normal?
"Ten years from now, this is going to be the norm."
Parties again approach brink of government shutdown
Meredith Whitney: US towns and cities are still too indebted
"Controversial US investor Meredith Whitney is sticking by her claim that cash-strapped local authorities in America will default on 'hundreds of billions of dollars' of their debt."
And she's absolutely right. Another "meltdown" is in the works. -- RF
Bonds: A future of lousy returns?
If you don't lose your shirt. -- RF
Americans Begin To Admit Social Security Trouble
The Life Span of U.S. Reactors

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