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News Links, March 30, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
European Banks Challenged by Basel III Versus Solvency II
Air-Traffic Growth Slows on Political Turmoil, Japan Quake
Global Shipping Industry the Latest Casualty of Japans Nuclear Disaster
Thailand Plans More Rate Moves as Risk 'Tilted' to Inflation, Prasarn Says
Filthy rich and getting richer
Could Peru Threaten Global Economic Recovery?
Toyota restricts orders from US dealers to preserve supply of some parts; Honda to cut output
Honda To Begin Cutting N American Production Wednesday
Meltdown: Devastating Demand Destruction (Automatic Earth)
Irish Stress Tests May Leave Government in Control of All Country's Banks
Daily Austerity Watch 3.29.11 — Government Shutdown Looms, Portugal, NY
Massive Raw Gold Shortage in China - Supply and Demand Crunch Looms

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
President: Yemen is "a ticking time bomb"
Gaddafi's Army, Libyan Rebels, Square Off For Showdown
NATO Allies Look to Tripoli to Topple Qaddafi in Libyan Endgame
US To Purchase Oil From Libyan Rebels, Thereby Funding "Flickers" Of Al Qaeda
Dire food, medicine shortages in Libya conflict zone
Syrian government resigns: state television
Syria mobilizes thousands for pro-Assad marches
Is China Militarizing the Silk Road?
Saudi Women Inspired by Fall of Mubarak Step Up Equality Demand
Saudi prints 1.5 million copies of anti-demo edict
Poll: Mexicans think cartels are winning drug war
The World's Largest Arms Importer is Now India, not China

## Energy/resources ##
As Canadian Oil Moves South, Americans Push Back
The pipelines feeding China's burgeoning economy
Was a Nuclear Renaissance Possible Before the Japan Disaster?
Short answer: No. -- RF
AP IMPACT: Long blackouts pose risk to US reactors
MUST READ: Excellent companion piece to this article from yesterday. As the risk of grid failure spreads across the globe, operating nuke plants and their hot spent fuel are time bombs waiting to trash the planet. -- RF
High oil prices not a panacea for Gulf economic woes
"A high oil price is of course good for the Gulf economies, but anyone who thinks it is a cure-all for all economic problems there is mistaken. The cost of oil is factored into everything. Fuel is used to import foodstuffs and building materials. The higher the oil price, the higher those fuel costs, the higher the prices at market."
Petrobras Sees Oil Price Rising in Coming Years Amid Middle East Unrest
Oil price in China surpasses US, reaches world medium level
The Peak Oil Crisis: Edging Towards Recession (Tom Whipple)
Billion-plus people to lack water in 2050: study

## Got food? ##
Number of the Week: Food Inflation Foments Political Unrest
"100%: The increase in antigovernment protests associated with a 10% rise in global food prices"
Bumper U.S. crop planting may tame high food prices
Farmers may plant a lot, but what happens after that will have more to do with determining the harvest. Can insect pests and disease be controlled? Will the weather cooperate? Will fuel prices stay within an affordable range? -- RF
Rising Corn Acreage Failing to Meet U.S. Feed, Ethanol Use
"U.S. corn planting will expand to cover the second-largest area since World War II this year and still fail to meet demand for feed and ethanol, driving prices to their highest in at least 34 years."
Organic farming just as productive as conventional, and better at building soil, Rodale finds
Study: Organic chicken carries significantly lower salmonella risk
North Korea 'on a knife edge' as aid agencies appeal for food donations

## Environment/health ##
Traces of Japanese radiation detected in 13 US states
US Government Responds to Nuclear Accident by Trying to Raise Acceptable Radiation Levels and Pretending that Radiation is Good For Us
US government tightens lid on GoM dolphin death probe

## Japan ##
Tokyo Electric nationalization eyed by some in Japan govt: media
This will help speed both the government and Tepco on their way to bankruptcy. -- RF
Plant workers scramble to prevent radioactive water from leaking
Japan may have lost race to save nuclear reactor
TEPCO says damage possible to reactor pressure containers
Japan Electricity Losses: Summer Without Air Conditioning?
Japan to Expand West-East Power Grid Links to Reduce Shortages After Quake
"The ministry wants the conversion capacity to be added within two years, while utilities have said in discussions it may take longer."
Kan eyes Y2-3 tril extra budget for post-quake reconstruction
"In the face of deteriorating public finances, some cabinet members, including Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda, have shown reluctance to fund the envisaged extra budget only through government debt issuance, and the situation has intensified talk of a possible tax hike."
Radiation scare hits steel sales

## China ##
Men 'donned telecom uniforms to steal cable'
"Thieves wore telecom company uniforms to avoid suspicion while stealing kilometers of cable across the city, police said yesterday."

## UK ##
Disposable income falls for first time in 30 years
Seven out of 10 voters fear that Libya 'will become another Iraq'
Budget cuts hit police with more than 2,000 officers forced to retire
Japan radioactivity found in UK

## US ##
Tax the Super Rich now or face a revolution (Paul Farrell)
Utah: Forget dollars. How about gold?
Student Loan Defaults On The Rise
Students Allegedly Swear at, Threaten, and Physically Assault Teachers
Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty, Inspiring a Movement
Strong corporate profits amid weak economy - What's up with that?
Home prices falling in most major U.S. cities
Treasury Places $35 Billion in 5 Year Notes; US Now $64 Billion Away ($35 Billion Tomorrow) From Debt Ceiling Breach
Indiana Subaru plant slowing output due to shortage
Postal Service Proposes Easier Path to Closing U.S. Offices
34,000 Tylenol bottles recalled for musty smell
ERCOT details February power outages

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