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News Links, March 7, 2011

## Global economic meltdown ##
People Of Earth: Prepare For Economic Disaster
China's coming collapse
"The Middle Kingdom's prosperity is an illusion. And when China finally falls, we'll all feel the pain."
Ireland aims to woo Europe with fiscal obedience
Some Japanese companies have better credit ratings than their government
China Alters Measure of Credit Growth
The 18 Countries Most Likely To Default
Egypt Sells Fewer Treasury Bills Than Planned as Yields Hit Two-Year High
MENA bourses lost $140bn amid unrest

## Libya ##
Pressure mounts for no-fly zone in Libya
Libya goes dark as internet shut down
Libya Appears to Be Headed for Protracted Civil War
Gunfire heard in Tripoli after eastern rebels make a push toward capital
U.S. Prepares to Make Its Lunge at Libya's Oil Fields
Heavy machinegun fire rocks Libyan capital Tripoli
Libyan Rebels Capture British SAS Unit
Muammar Gaddafi's opposition: How Libya's revolt has stalled
Video: Brzezinski On The Use Of Naval Ships To Make Libya's Military Think Twice About Gaddafi
Kerry denies Libyan no-fly zone would be 'military intervention'

## Fault lines/flashpoints/military ##
Cuts take Greece to the edge of anarchy as people cry for change
"We are close to the limit of what people can bear, and if the government tries to take more from us I believe there will be a revolution."
Saudi Arabia detains Shi'ites as clerics ban protests
Knives and petrol bombs return to Cairo streets
Government supporters attack protesters in Yemen
Thousands protest against Lebanon's sectarian system
Ivorian rebels claim capture of another town
Two killed in attacks in Thailand's restive south
Thousands gather outside Bahrain palace
"Thousands of demonstrators massed on Sunday at Manama's Al-Qudaibiya Palace, where Bahrain's cabinet meets, chanting slogans against the Gulf state's government."

## Energy/resources ##
Iraq: Rumaila faces output challenges
"Production at Iraq's supergiant Rumaila oilfield, developed by BP and China's CNPC, has fallen from peaks hit in December and early January, official figures showed, in what could be a sign of challenges ahead."
Indonesia thermal coal export ban proposal worries India
Wall Street Journal poll: Most popular spending cut is subsidies for new nuclear plants (US)
No money for the nuclear renaissance. -- RF
Where Is U.S. Oil Production Going? (Decline of the Empire)
"If we had all the oil produced by wishful thinking, we'd be in pretty good shape."
Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline Project Still Alive, Algeria Says
Sakhalin-1 drills 7.67-mile extended-reach well
"ExxonMobil said the project involves 'one of the most challenging sub-arctic environments in the world.'"

## Got food? ##
As food prices soar, Japan braces for pain
Stagnant wages and rising food prices: a recipe for disaster. -- RF
20 percent of Californians had a tough time affording food in 2010

## Intelligence/security/internet/systemic breakdown ##
US Air Force launches unmanned spacecraft
Power failure knocks out Radio France

## China ##
China must clarify sovereignty over South China Sea, Chinese general says
China's hike in defense spending aimed at bolstering its naval might
China Overseas Land Plans $500 Million Real-Estate Fund In Wager on Demand
"China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd. (688), the Hong Kong-listed developer controlled by the nation's construction ministry, plans to set up a real-estate fund of $300 million to $500 million as it bets that government measures won't curb property demand."

## UK ##
Climate change 'will wreak havoc on Britain's coastline by 2050'
Darling predicts fuel tax rise will be shelved

## US ##
U.S. Considering Tapping Oil Reserves As Gas Prices Rise
I'm not the first to point out what a stupid idea this is. But it's perhaps a good indicator of how desperate the US leadership is getting. Remember, if there's one thing that will drive Americans to riot, it's gasoline prices and unavailability. -- RF
Gas up 33 cents — second biggest two-week jump ever
Bubble worries as stocks continue to puff up
Wis. layoffs could happen in April
Trends: Consumer Corner: Consumers taking a page from grandparents
Gas prices hurt those who drive for living
Who would have thought? -- RF

And finally...
Things people try to deduct from their taxes
Excuses given for being late to work

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